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  1. Yup. This season is bringing to an end a streak of something like 33 or 34 straight trips to the playoffs, and most of those were district titles, and obviously some of those teams were necessarily led by underclassmen; you can't be "old" every year for that long. Talent has been declining and as you say the pool it's drawn from keeps getting smaller. It happens. Hell of a run though.
  2. Head basketball coach is also open at Clarksville.
  3. Oh, I'm sure the players and coaches would be keen to play given the opportunity. I'm just giving my opinion, after two months of rust it would be a joke to suddenly play out those final games. I do not think the season can be completed in any credible way now.
  4. I think that would be a farce, playing it after no games for two months and minimal practice. Would rather they just call it.
  5. Honestly, I'm shocked it ever even started. You can agree or disagree with the need to cancel things, I'm not going to wade into that, but the "policy" that the UIL had announced this morning was CYA without the actual C. Either let everyone in and hold it as normal or cancel it. Kind of it doing it halfway isn't limiting your liability.
  6. She was a regular over at texashoops before that place went defunct, as I recall. Very sorry to hear about this. Rest in peace, BRF.
  7. Plano, Lewisville, Rockwall, Commerce, and Cooper(?!). Now that's a hell of a district.
  8. The Duncanville backup was dealt a better hand. He knew he was going to play all week and sounds like he actually managed to get on the field occasionally in mop up time this season. Looks like the Guyer kid's whole varsity career was a couple snaps in a single game in October.
  9. Bears score again to go up 27-7 with 9:24 left. Not much doubt left in this 'un.
  10. Yeah, Winny's unconventional punt formation came back to haunt them.
  11. There was some bad clock management by Sabine at the end of the first half leading to that long field goal into the teeth of the wind.
  12. Think you're mistaken and both those teams lost in the state semis last week. I don't blame you though, the brackets as represented on maxpreps look pretty weird. Looks like the Nevada's class 3A only has 20 schools in it. Must be a trip to know you only have to beat out 19 others to win state.
  13. Oh yeah, the penalties were legit. Kind of hard to screw up motion penalties or offsides or a receiver stepping out of bounds. The delay of game before the first play of the game was classic. I'll never understand how that one happens.
  14. If I remember right, the story is that their first football unis back in the day were somehow hand-me-downs from North Texas State. Although I may be thinking of someone else.
  15. I was sitting in the Cumby stands and the fans were all but convinced that all of the officials were JB alums. Their groans every time another flag flew were amusing. Good team though.
  16. I don't know, doesn't have to be anything strange. Presumably they lost whatever playmakers they had that made their offense tick and allowed them to win a bunch of shootouts last year. Now the offense is bad, the already terrible defense is stuck on the field getting gashed even more and the record craters. ie, they weren't actually very good last year (38 points per game? lol) but had just enough talent to paper over that fact.
  17. They have a couple really big dudes on the offensive line, but yeah, they were down 52-8 to Clarksville at one point. Doesn't really bode well for their post-Miller future.
  18. Integrity is playing by the rules ... and the rules as they exist allow for an 0-10 playoff team. Huh. Looks like Iraan's district was just four teams from the start. Crazy thing is they went 11-3 last year. Graduation must've really kicked their rears.
  19. Just got to accept it as a foreseeable consequence of the two division system. It's ultra-fair, but it means more travel and in some cases smaller districts vulnerable to some school suddenly dropping football or, especially in 2A D2, just not being able to field a team anymore. It's a self-correcting problem; one week of playoff football fixes it.
  20. Title suggests that the ex-coach reporting them is established fact when it looks like it's just speculation on the superintendent's part. Regardless, the best way not to get caught cheating is to not cheat.
  21. Don't curse at the refs, bro. When they decide to hang 'em up because they can't take the abuse, you know who ain't gonna be replacing 'em? Anyone better.
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