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  1. wouldnt it b fun to see what ss could do in 3a tho lol
  2. jus wondering....ss jus barely has an enrollment over 1000 if im thinking correctly. Is there any possibility that the bottom 4A numbers could surpass SS' enrollment and drop them down to 3A??
  3. I understand the supporting SS thing, but that was just a bunch of jibba jabba. i never knew we had Mr. T supporting us
  4. :hmm: that was interesting..... :sleeping: ok...now back to football talk..
  5. Hopefully he will keep his head up and keep workin at it..he will be one great qb at this level and possibly the next if he works at it
  6. whatever team wins or loses, theres gunna be ALOT of crow being served up saturday night lol.
  7. WOOOOO!!!! LETS GET FIRED UP BABY!!!! YEAH!!!!! :happy65:
  8. Yeah, dont feed into injuries until u see them on the sidelines with their pads off. just need to study film and practice practice practice. Lets get that win Cats!!! I honestly think if ss defense can limit the big play we can pull it out! ALL 4 QUARTERS GUYS!!! The sacrifices you make will pay off in the end! GO SHOW THE STATE WE DONT NEED TYRIK AND RYAN JUST TO BE THAT TEAM!! GO SHOW EM WHAT SST IS MADE OF BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rock:
  9. This is a BIG test for ss this year. Denison is a great team and the victory over Marshall shows it. However, ss seems to be gaining steam and finding themselves at the right time. If this game would have been back during regular season i would say denison hands down, but now i think ss has a legitimate chance. If the offense can hold on to the ball and get the deep pass going, and the defense holds the big play i say ss can take this one. If denison can work in the big plays and get momentum on their side i think we will b in for a long night. Rootin for my wildcats
  10. congrats on one heck of a season marshall. i was kinda hoping for a rematch next week, but oh well. proud of u guys
  11. wow! great game!! keep on rollin longview! congrats on the win
  12. this game is going exactly how i thought it would. an on the edge of ur seat game!! wish i was there. Come on Lobos!
  13. LETS GO MAVS!!! Just keep doin ur thing for 2 more quarters!!
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