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  1. Honestly I don’t even know if we have a fishing team. How do you go watch that? Do you tie a tube behind someone’s boat and let them pull you wherever they go?
  2. Easy to ignore when you’re not in your feelings. Dang, probably 95% of our comments are just to get folks talking and it works every time. Lol
  3. Baseball is about the only sport we struggle at except for a couple of year but we are trending upward for now.
  4. Hey Scooter, if you don’t want people taking digs at you, then you should put the shovel down yourself. The difference is we can take anything y’all bring. We just here to talk but a lot of y’all assume y’all know what we mean and how we mean it when we say something.
  5. We’ve seen the Semis. I’d like to see them again and win some more titles. Sometimes it just don’t work out.
  6. What’s Mally’s best bet since y’all obviously have figured out how to win State Titles.
  7. They got spoiled by being on the other side of the bracket. You saw what happened to them on this side of the bracket.
  8. District 5 and 6 knocking each other out early helps GV’s and Malakoff’s chance to reach the semis.
  9. And I know a woman that got the “vaccine” and died within a few days.
  10. “I’ll hang up and listen to the comments about the 2010Brownwood game now.” Well to be fair, you lured someone to talk about the Brownwood game. Lol
  11. The people that want the “vaccine” can get it so why would they be worried about the people that don’t get it? If you’re “vaccinated”, you have nothing to worry about right?
  12. Well then we should go ahead and permanently shut the country down. It’s just like the flu, there’s going to be a new variant every year. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, THIS. IS. NOT. GOING. AWAY.
  13. You don’t know who you’re dealing with do you?
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