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  1. Nah, we still gone be slow. Gone be LOOOOOOONGGGGGG year.
  2. We told everyone all last year that we slow. Y’all thought we was kidding?
  3. Yeah you can’t control folks hating but that’s what success brings.
  4. You’re obviously in your feels because you feel like your Dawgs are under attack. I for one wasn’t talking about Carthage. Once again in case you missed it, I’m talking about teams in general. I’m talking about the situation. I’m not talking about Carthage.
  5. You forgot Marshall. You also forgot that they served their time on JV and middle school teams.
  6. Sit down. I’m not even talking about Carthage. I’m talking all places and all kids. “Maybe kids and parents just want to win and be exposed to good coaches”. You realize that is for athletic reasons right?
  7. Is there any coach that would play a kid that has already been deemed ineligible? No coach would take that chance would they? What happens is all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s crossed only to find out later that the i’s are crossed and the t’s are dotted and end up having to forfeit games.
  8. Yes I realize that most of the time it is within the rules, just stating that most people will think it looks suspicious. And let’s just be honest, within the rules don’t always mean it’s actually within the rules, it’s just a way to break the rules and get away with it.
  9. Well let’s see. Tatum’s head coach left for his hometown and Tatum had to make a hire. Tatum didn’t want to make a hire, we had to make a hire. It’s worth mentioning that those same kids would have been in Tatum when they were 10 years old had our previous Supt let Keeling bring is coaches with him 7 years ago. Get out of your feelings. It’s not about your Dawgs. It looks suspicious no matter where it happens when a single coach/teacher is hired and just happens to have a highly recruited kid.
  10. My response wasn’t about the kid you mentioned in particular, just kids in general.
  11. Yeah I was just agreeing that’s how it should be handled. I’m sure there are parents moving for legitimate reasons other than sports but it has become way to common and it’s too easy to get away with it if it’s for athletic reason. I really hate it for the few kids that have to move for reasons other than sports and get ruled ineligible.
  12. After a kid attempts to enroll at a school and then finds out that he’s not eligible to play, go back to his former school is for athletic reason therefore he shouldn’t be allowed to play at either.
  13. Ehh, I would rather not see coaches and/or parents teaching kids to bend or break rules to actually win a few games.
  14. See my above quote. No matter the situation, if son is on social media spilling beans, it could result in disqualification.
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