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  1. Yeah, Nichole asked for her account to be deleted before we even played and wanted to fight me. That girl just couldn’t take the smoke. She’s still around though.
  2. Good game Mount V. I was worried about how we would look this year after losing so many players and then learning a whole new system. I feel like we overachieved and I can live with #2 seed and a playoff birth. Great job Tatum Eagles. Gonna lose some really good talent and return quite a bit. Future looks pretty good.
  3. Rain may possibly only last for first hour of game.
  4. Radar shows rain for about first hour of game and then moving out. We’ll see.
  5. I’ll be sitting in it. Wouldn’t miss it.
  6. Can you drive to Mt. Pleasant and check the weather for me?
  7. We are just lucky that our district is almost as weak as Malakoff’s.
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