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  1. I forget, he’s from Daingerfield. That should explain it.
  2. Context clues doofus. That’s Gladewater’s schedule.
  3. So me saying that we have more than 1 place to get scores as a reply to someone is complaining about scores? I have seen a lot of people complaining about a lot of stuff but nobody complaining about scores. A game hasn’t been played yet so there has been no complaints of the scores. I did say I was still having a few issues and left it at that. I really don’t like the new set up as much but haven’t complained and won’t as long as we can keep up with scores on the weekends.
  4. Are you insinuating that I’m complaining about scores?
  5. If only we had “anywhere else” to get scores and updates. Your point is only valid if said service works.
  6. I had to reinstall 1 time but it still has a few issues. The first time I can’t get scores it’s going in the trash.
  7. If Tatum scores 27, that averages 1 TD per quarter. With Tatum’s offense with your missed XP figured in, the score would look more like … Tatum 27 Center 0
  8. Heard same thing. Mayflower unis. I won’t spoil it by telling colors and which game it will be done.
  9. If they ever replace their grass, it will be with water. They need a practice “field” for their fishing team.
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