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  1. You would think so. We are graduating more kids than the number of Gladewater fans.
  2. With yalls talent and Tatum learning a new offense, y’all should roll right through us. Should be an easy win for y’all.
  3. After the thumping Tatum put on Center last year and he wants to talk noise? 68-26
  4. If it takes us all the way to December to have a losing record, I’ll take it. Lol
  5. Well ain’t neither one of them getting there this coming season.
  6. I think they’re tied with Wet Rust and Gladewater?
  7. I’m wondering what he was thinking not putting New Diana on the schedule.
  8. Is PNG gonna contend for a title? Asking for a friend.
  9. At least they get another game. I’m sure the boys would rather play one more and get beat than be done tonight.
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