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  1. Dude, this buck is nice. Best I can tell, he’s a 10 main frame with 2 kickers on each one of his G2s. Looks like he may go 18” wide.
  2. I see ya Gladewater. Very nice win last week. This may be the year. Good luck to the Bears and all y’all GW fans. Haven’t been on because I’m chasing a monster. Best I can tell, he’s a 14 point.
  3. Which one of y’all got a NFHS account so I can watch the game tonight?
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I hope we’re right. Lol
  5. Going with Gladewater but Bonham could win this thing, if Gladewater forfeits.
  6. Man I been holding my breath. Now I know Jefferson has a chance. Lol
  7. What’s the point? Not a single Potts fan on here to argue with. Lol
  8. Man that aggs me to death. Try watching a game and they stay zoomed out all game. It’ll make me sin every time.
  9. Not just a possibility, Atlanta will win tonight.
  10. I didn’t even say them only scoring 7-14 was my opinion, I just said it was possible for it to happen. It’s high school football after all.
  11. I’m just saying, you think your opinion is valid and dismiss our opinion. That tells me all I need to know about you.
  12. So your opinion about scoring 42 on us is valid but our opinion isn’t. Boy you better be worried about going 1 and done, AGAIN with all that “talent” y’all got.
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