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  1. His other accolades include 2nd team deck hand and 3rd team grounds keeper at the 19th hole.
  2. It all really depends on all the details. If dude had shot Kinne in the head, it’s attempted murder. Obviously his intent woulda been to kill. If the kids asked the other kid if peanuts could kill him and he said “ if I eat them, they can be kill me”, then obviously it’s just assault. If the kid was vague and just said “yeah peanuts can kill me” then I could see attempted murder charges. But intent is often times hard to prove. Who knows, those kids may have intended to kill him or they may have just thought it would be funny to see him break out in a rash. Bottom line is if they indeed did ask him if peanuts could kill him and all he said was yes, then it’s attempted murder whether that charge is brought or not.
  3. That’s what Ludlow gonna ask after scheduling those 6 man teams and still getting beat.
  4. The good news is with the 6 man teams Ludlow scheduled, y’all should win 2 or 3 this year before getting crushed in District. Lol
  5. Hard to prove but easy to defend. If he wanted to kill Kinne he woulda shot Kinne in the head. Defense probably proved defendant could hit a target so if he wanted he coulda shot Kinne wherever he wanted.
  6. Only folks eating a lot of calories in WO is the women.
  7. I keep forgetting WO is a fishing school. Maybe those times are how fast their trolling motors run.
  8. Them WO players shouldn’t be on a football field. They belong on a drag strip.
  9. Don’t worry. Maintenance man rigged the speedometer. It says they doing 60 but really only going 35
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