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  1. Man oh man. She fiery. I love it. I got a new slogan/catch phrase. STAY DANGEROUS !!!
  2. Yall know why the media can get away with contradicting themselves right? BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHO THEIR LISTENERS ARE !!! Duh
  3. Is the Left trying to manufacture a Civil War so they can stay in power?
  4. Yeah we all thinking the same thing. Less children will live in poverty because there will be less children to live in poverty.
  5. The bottom video also has a house or shed in the back yard.
  6. I mean yeah, that’s absolutely how they appear to normal folks.
  7. It’s not as much low IQ as it is too prideful to admit they are wrong.
  8. Don’t think it’s all her fault. Sounds like the alcohol talking. Just listen.
  9. Yeah and I’m getting a whiff of BS on the whole “I voted for Camel Hump.” Or maybe you did which is even sadder
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