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  1. Me saying it was hearsay. I didn’t and still don’t know it as fact. I try my best not to mislead people. Well, that’s not absolutely true all the time.
  2. A better question would be why haven’t I heard @Racer55’s name on the radio yet? I though WO was World Class fishermen?
  3. Somebody said his son is already enrolled in GW. Just hearsay.
  4. Word on the street is it is Castles.
  5. I bet I know one too. Maybe even 2.
  6. So who’s going to be the first school to start flying their team to games?
  7. I’ve ran with tail wind before, and while it came out with pressure, it didn’t speed me up, BUTT, a couple people behind me were disqualified for stepping outta their lane.
  8. Yeah, you stick with Barnes. SA can’t afford Surratt. Lol
  9. The mods here have enough sense to know when someone is just being facetious.
  10. Got to make as many people as possible happy to hopefully keep sales up.
  11. All the ciphers say Lucky Gamble.
  12. What time does Tatum play Madison tomorrow?
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