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  1. You wish. Look here ole gal, we take smack for what it is, just smack.
  2. Their coaches kids be like, “ Nah dad, I’d rather stay here and play in Podunk, USA”.
  3. Why do you have to stop anybody when you can outscore them. Lol
  4. That Ned E Williams Elementary team was pretty good just couldn’t quite beat WO. 21-20
  5. Probably below average from what I’ve seen but y’all play hard.
  6. They beat a highly ranked West Rusk team. Does that count?
  7. Hmmm, still scored in the 40s when we were able to slow teams down. But yeah, when we start district against lesser teams than we played in pre-district we will probably score way less.
  8. I’m thinking Jeffy Atlanta Tatum/GW GW/Tatum
  9. Winner of this game could very likely get a playoff spot.
  10. Flip that over and you should have a pretty accurate list of how the district will finish.
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