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  1. Well the trophies made it to see next year. Lol
  2. 13 3/4” junk rack because of an injured back hoof but he’ll eat just the same.
  3. Some teams have had partial schedules filled out for a month or better now.
  4. Seriously? Show me where any one of us said anything like you are referring to. Playing with a QB starting his 2 varsity gave ever was an uphill climb especially against a solid team.
  5. Every single year without fail, I have at least 1 really nice trophy that comes through one time and I never get pic of him again.
  6. I’m selective. Looking for the open receiver.
  7. Gonna be tough but if we play like we did last week we will have a shot to pull it off. I may be wrong.
  8. Tatum and Whitney may be a very good game. Whitney is pass heavy and Tatum is run heavy.
  9. Boy we ain’t even got but 4 kids in basketball right now and we gone wipe the floor wit y’all
  10. Only table we running is the dinner table.
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