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  1. Looks to me like their wins were against weak teams.
  2. Quite possible that we play down to y’all yet again.
  3. And White Oak joined the war in an effort to keep their school colors.
  4. 3rd spot gonna get Potts then Malakoff. 2nd spot gonna get Minny then Grandview. 1st spot gonna get Bonham then West.
  5. Yeah that offense can really mess teams up.
  6. Yeah because we’ve never ever made a thread going into bye week no matter who was the opponent. They think they special. Smh
  7. Again? Y’all make more stuff up than CNN.
  8. That happened only this year because me and one of our fans made threads at exact same time. That’s the only time it’s happened but y’all get so excited about yalls Super Bowl y’all get confused and remember stuff that never happened.
  9. We didn’t say that, y’all did. Y’all good at making stuff up.
  10. Yeah y’all was and when we called y’all on it y’all decided to keep your mouths closed about rankings until your boy called them “Mickey Mouse”.
  11. Imagine if GW was as excited about the playoffs as y’all are about District. DC is nice but we got bigger things in mind. But just think, when Bonham knocks y’all out in the first round, at least y’all beat Tatum.
  12. Well you sure weren’t on here saying y’all was ranked too high which y’all were.
  13. Hey but they did beat a better team than them.
  14. What’s funny is y’all crying about rankings. Rankings were fine early in the year but now that y’all ain’t ranked in top ten, “they Mickey Mouse “ rankings. Us Tatum guys said we was ranked too high but y’all crying because we are ranked above y’all now. Y’all too worried about rankings and before you say you ain’t, you’re the one calling the rankings “Mickey Mouse”.
  15. 1 and 2 seed gonna catch GV and West in 2nd round. 3rd seed gonna get Malakoff 2nd round.
  16. Bonham already beat Winny and has Howe and Rains left while Winny has Commerce and Potts left.
  17. I don’t know how to gauge their District. Not sure if it’s a weak district or if Potts has gotten that much better because they struggled with some weak teams early in the season.
  18. New Boston gone shock the world and we pull off the sweep in the first round.
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