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  1. Turned out that it wasn’t Cole that got slammed.
  2. By your comments, it doesn’t sound like you’ve seen much 7 on 7. Our safety went up to defend a pass and there was some contact which is normal and the MV player went to the ground. He got up and grabbed the smallest guy on the field, not even the guy that contacted him and picked him up and slammed him on his head and got on top of him and started pummeling him is what I’m being told. Seeing that, our players went to defend him. As far as our players “sandwiching” someone, that happens when 2 players go up to defend a pass to a WR. I’ve seen that several times. I’ve seen several times where the defense gives a shove or even 2 hand slaps a ball carrier. What I haven’t seen a lot of is the player that ends up on the ground loosing his cool and starting a fight. That is rare. How this kid gonna deal with real football with full contact when he gets flattened by a head hunter. Maybe he should stick to a less physical sport.
  3. I said at the conclusion of last season that I thought Jeffy could be a team to watch out for this coming season.
  4. I think intent should be measured. It’s full speed and you are trying to hurry up and get your hands on the ball carrier so it ends in a bit of a shove but just with intent to end the play. If you conclude that the shove was excessive, then it should be called. Same with defending a ball in the air. If defender is going up for the ball at same time as WR and their is contact, it sometimes results in a player or both players going to the ground. Again, intent should be measured.
  5. I wasn’t there but I’ve seen enough 7 on 7 to know that even though it’s “touch football”, most all teams are physical with each other. Almost every time I’ve seen someone catch the ball, the defense pushes them to “touch” them. I’m the games I’ve seen it’s very rare for someone to just touch a player down. It all depends on the physicality of it all. I’ve never had a problem with teams being physical if it was part of the play and not 3 seconds after the play. Theirs a difference in physical and dirty. But like I said, I wasn’t there.
  6. Our NG/OT CJ Fite is going to be an absolute nightmare for folks.
  7. I agree for now about your top 3 but not sure I would put them in that order. 4, 5, and 6 are hard for me to pick right now.
  8. Man it was too dang early for me to read this initially I thought you had the teams in order of how you thought they would finish District. I was about to call a rehab center for you.
  9. The guy I talked to said none of our players retaliated. He said our kids our loving Keeling and that the culture has already changed in the short time Keeling has been in Tatum.
  10. I was told that a MV player slammed our newly arrived QB Cole Watson. I can’t say for sure what happened after that but was told we didn’t retaliate. Was told MV parents were cussing our kids and even went as far as to call our QB’s mom a ***** and I don’t mean Fullback. Lol I don’t know how accurate this is but it is what I was told.
  11. You would think so. We are graduating more kids than the number of Gladewater fans.
  12. With yalls talent and Tatum learning a new offense, y’all should roll right through us. Should be an easy win for y’all.
  13. After the thumping Tatum put on Center last year and he wants to talk noise? 68-26
  14. If it takes us all the way to December to have a losing record, I’ll take it. Lol
  15. Well ain’t neither one of them getting there this coming season.
  16. I think they’re tied with Wet Rust and Gladewater?
  17. I’m wondering what he was thinking not putting New Diana on the schedule.
  18. Is PNG gonna contend for a title? Asking for a friend.
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