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  1. Crosby by 14. Too much offensive firepower. Defense will stop the Hornets....
  2. Usually happens when your butt is getting handed to you....
  3. Nederland is well coached and has a trifecta (QB,RB,WR). They also have a good defense. Nederland by 21
  4. Nederland has a good defense plus a good QB/RB/WR. Well-coached and prepared. Will be tough to beat.
  5. Crosby is way better than any team THigh played in district. Crosby has athletes and a very physical defense. Yes.... I know THigh does as well
  6. Not sleeping on Crosby. Crosby by 14
  7. Does the DUB still talk trash during game and taunt in pregame
  8. Confused..... Coaches setting things up to lock up playoff sites. Gonna be different since 5A/6A still have 6 weeks to go in regular season. Their fields won’t be available.
  9. Win and the Eagles are in the playoffs!!!
  10. The BUDDY FACTOR. I told you!!!!!
  11. It’s called the Buddy Factor. Dekalb has the BUDDY FACTOR
  12. Dekalb dominates this one. No need for REF help
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