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  1. No Earl? Come on!! Kyler Murray back to back state (and “national“) champion and not on the list? Nope
  2. Thank you for the continued updates. We will keep praying.
  3. In 4A D2 region 2, Carthage and Gilmer will again be the top 2 teams. I already predicted a 3rd round playoff repeat.
  4. Looking at the Carthage team, I see a lot of familiar last names. Ingram, Pipkins, etc. One thing I love about small town schools. Lots of brothers, cousins, and 2nd generation kids all play through the years. Think of all the Mims in Daingerfield, or Fluellens in Gilmer. There seems to be at least one on the team every year.
  5. My final 4A D2 Rankings: 1. Carthage 2. Gilmer 3. Glen Rose 4. Pleasant Grove 5. Wimberly My reasoning for Gilmer over Glen Rose: Football is all about matchups. The strength of the Glen Rose team was its offense. The defense was good but not great. Carthage scored on every possession without a fumble or interception, and the Carthage offense pulled away from Glen Rose defenders in space. With the speed of the Gilmer skill possession players, I think Gilmer would have been able to score on them as well. Which means the key matchup of the game would have been the Gilmer defense Vs Glen Rose offense. And I think the Gilmer D line led by Ward would have made enough stops for Gilmer to win. enough of my rant. Congratulations Carthage on championship #9. I would LOVE to see a Carthage / China Spring battle royal for all of 4A
  6. Gonna go with De la Salle in Concord, CA. A 12 year, 151 game winning streak with multiple “national championships “. But Carthage, Aledo, & Katy have to be on the very short list of greatest program in Texas.
  7. Carthage, PG, Gilmer, Longview… winning programs are going to attract parents and kids. Nice facilities do as well. These schools don’t “recruit.” They create a winning culture that attracts kids. This is nothing new. I remember a kid at Pine Tree 30 years ago who moved to Longview to play baseball. Thought it would give him a better chance at a scholarship. Some folks are always going to be upset with programs like Aledo & Carthage. But most fans would sell a kidney to have the same type of success, culture, & tradition at their own school.
  8. This Glen Rose team reminded me a lot of China Spring. The China Spring defense was better, but offensive philosophy of both teams was the same. The thing I love about high school football is how one or two plays can change a game. If the throwback to the QB doesn’t get called back for the blind side block, this game is 35-14 and Glen Rose has to start throwing the ball more to try and get back in the game. In that scenario, I could see a 42-21 or even a 49-21 type game. But if 13 doesn’t fumble, I can just as easily see a Glen Rose W. Just a couple of plays either way. really impressed with #3 tonight for Carthage. Don’t know why they didn’t get him the ball more often. Also don’t know why They didn’t throw the ball more. I think Carthage had a distinct advantage in the passing game they didn’t exploit enough. first time to be in the Star. It is an echo chamber. Nice facility, but no where for the noise to go.
  9. #3 been the best kid on the field on offense for Carthage tonight
  10. Carthage has imploded. Not trying to take anything away from Glen Rose, but that’s a Carthage fumble on 3 straight possessions.
  11. Why couldn’t Carthage have played like this against Gilmer? I do believe we would have beaten them.
  12. You would think Carthage has never seen the zone read before. Where is the assignment football?
  13. Glen Rose reminds me a lot of China Spring last year. Tough nosed QB. They ain’t scared.
  14. Saw 1 similarly b/t this game and the Gilmer game last week. PG & Gilmer had players going both ways, and that starts to matter in the 4th quarter. I would be interested to see Carthage rushing yards in the 4th quarter these last 2 games. They have the depth and talent to keep kids fresh the entire game. I know Carthage hasn’t been challenged much in the 2nd half this year, but these last two weeks have proven they can win by overwhelming a team and by wearing them down. Pretty potent combination.
  15. PG has some good athletes. But a lot of their best athletes play both ways. They can get gassed. Biggest issue as I see it is PG can't throw the ball. Or at least they couldn't against Gilmer. If that hasn't changed, I don't see this being competitive. PG defense is good, but I don't think it's Gilmer good. And I think they will be gassed in the second half. But that's why they play the game. We'll know Friday night.
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