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  1. If PG has a lot of kids playing both ways, as one post stated, that should help Gilmer. Gilmer rotates a lot of players on defense, which often makes a big difference in the 4th quarter. Gilmer D has certainly played better against PG the last two games. Don’t know if that was players or scheme. I think Gilmer should win, but I haven’t seen PG this year. After being off for 2 straight Friday nights, I’m just looking forward to a great game!
  2. Crazy how a game like this could have gone either way. Longview could have won by 21-28 points if they had capitalized on all their opportunities, but they could just as easily have lost if Lancaster doesn’t throw the INT in the end zone. Both teams made mistakes. Both teams can improve. But Longview has to find more ways to get the football into Hale’s hands.
  3. Longview is seriously underutilizing their offensive talent. They don’t give Hale enough touches. Run flanker screen, quick slants, jet sweeps, anything to get his hands on the football
  4. 13-7 halftime. Longview D has dropped 2 pick sixes, and offense threw a bad INT. Lancaster came to play, but Longview shooting them selves in the foot
  5. Badly under thrown. That pass should either be a TD or out of the end zone
  6. Lancaster looks good. Longview D will need to make some adjustments
  7. Thank you for the update. I’m sure there are many prayer groups Cooper is in. The Smoaky family will continue to pray as well
  8. Okay, a few quick observations: 1. A very nice, moving tribute to Cooper before the game. Kudos to the Lindale PA announcer for giving the moment of silent prayer the gravity and dignity it deserved. I don't know if other games around East Texas did this, but it was very nice. 2. Speed kills, and no one in 4A has more speed than Will Henderson. On both of his touchdowns, several Lindale players had the angle on him, and he just blew right past them. Gilmer will have to find a way to give him more touches. Ashton Haynes is a great back, but Lindale completely shut down the inside running game in the second half. Henderson's speed on the edge was the difference in the game. 3. Gilmer decided to kick deep the entire 2nd half. I understand the concept behind the directional kick. Kick it high and let your defenders get downfield, and force the other team to fair catch it around the 30. But when they are getting runbacks of 10-30 yards, it's defeating the purpose. Gilmer has the athletes to kick it deep and get downfield to stop a big return. kick it deep. 4. Lindale had a good offensive game plan. Run the ball, get 4-5 yards a chunk, and use the run to draw the defense in and hit them with the pass. But it didn't work for the most part. Gilmer stopped just enough of the running game to keep Lindale from totally controlling the clock, and when they tried to hit Gilmer deep, Gilmer did pretty good most of the night stopping the pass. Which makes the 2 biggest plays of the game so frustrating. The big TD pass in the 3rd Quarter and the Pass that almost tied up the game in the 4th quarter were both on obvious passing downs where there was just a horrible blown coverage. Gilmer will have to clean that up. Best cornerback tonight was #10 for Gilmer. He was in iso the entire night and held up well. 5. Gilmer could never get an inside running game going tonight. Lindale also completely shut down the screen came for Gilmer. Their best passing plays were the quick outs into the flat. Lindale corners were giving such a cushion that a Gilmer receiver could get a big play if he could just make one defender miss. But Gilmer went away from that after about the first two possessions. Not sure why. Really good game all around. Neither team made many mistakes, and there were few penalties. Henderson was the difference for the Buckeyes.
  9. 31-23 final. It got really hairy in the last few minutes
  10. 16-16 halftime. Gilmer has to improve kicking game. This is the 3rd game in a row where they have given up a long kickoff return. You can’t give the other team the ball on the 40 after every TD. I’ve seen three Gilmer players throw up on the sidelines. Don’t know if a stomach bug is going around or what. evenly matched teams. First team to make a mistake probably loses.
  11. There was a moment of silent prayer for Cooper before the Gilmer Lindale game. Very moving
  12. In 2020, Lindale was up huge, and Gilmer played the best 2nd half of their entire season and came back and won the game. They just made huge plays on both sides off the ball. in 2021, Gilmer jumped out big, and then got really sloppy, and Lindale got back in the football game and almost won it. Both games could have gone either way. I imagine this one is the same. If Gilmer can establish a running game, I think they win easily. They have too many athletes at receiver. If the Lindale safeties have to start creeping closer and closer to the line of scrimmage to stop the run, Gilmer will go over the top and burn them. But if Lindale can control the Line of Scrimmage and not have to commit their safeties to stopping the run, they have a chance. The good news for Gilmer is TCU44 picked Lindale to win. That almost assures a Gilmer victory
  13. Thank you for the continued updates. We will continue to pray for Cooper’s healing. We serve a Mighty God.
  14. 50-7 Final. Okay, a few quick observations 1. Paris is really down. Only score came on a kick return for a touchdown late in the 4th. Paris offense probably averaged less than 2 yards a carry rushing and about the same passing. Outside of penalties, Paris only got 2-3 first downs the entire game. 2. Gilmer defense was bigger, stronger, and faster than Paris. I was surprised at the talent disparity. The last two games Gilmer played against Paris, Gilmer was physically pushed all over the field. The reverse happened tonight. 3. Gilmer offense didn’t play well and still put up 48 pts (2 points on a safety). Passing game wasn’t crisp at times. But running game was best it’s been this season. Just hope Tennison wasn’t seriously injured on that play out of bounds. 4. Not much else to say about this game. It was a rather ho-hum blowout. I hate they didn’t get the shutout, b/c the defense deserved it the way they played. But coaches can still get after the kids this week. Too many personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for a Gilmer team. I’m sure coaches will address that this week. There is a fine line of playing on the edge but not going over it.
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