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  1. Congratulations to the Buckeyes on a great season. Playing in the State Championship is nothing to be ashamed of. Great season and a great 1st year for Coach Metzel. The day UIL announced realignment, every person in the state of Texas who knew anything about HS football knew who was going to win 4A DII. Carthage is just an all together different monster. Really, Aledo and Carthage are the two best programs in the entire state. The players graduate and move on, but the program just keeps rolling along. Congratulations to Carthage and coach Surratt. Again. For the 8th time.
  2. Congratulations Lindale from the Army of Buckeyes!! Jenkins is definitely the best back we saw all year. Would LOVE for you guys to win it all by knocking off Argyle!!
  3. Okay, a few quick observations: 1. Give credit to Graham. A lot of teams would have rolled over at halftime, but they didn’t. They made some great defensive adjustments and played with a lot of heart and soul. They came up short, but they never quit. 2. Give credit to the Gilmer defense also. They were on the field most of the second half, and they were in horrible field position, but only gave up 14 points. They bent, but they came up big inside the 30 on several occasions. 3. Gilmer did not play well in the second half offensively. Any score would have put the game a
  4. Congratulations to Coach Lane and the Pine Tree Pirates!! For me, as an alumnus and a “loved the game but was never good enough to start”former player, this was a long time coming. I heard Coach Lane speak a couple of years ago, and he credited Alan Metzel for becoming a football coach. He talked about the impact Coach Metzel had in his life as a player and as a man. It reminded me of what is so great about high school football. Coaches have an AMAZING impact on the young people they coach. Again, congratulations to the Pirates!!
  5. 35-7 Gilmer at the half. Without a doubt the best half of football Gilmer has played this year. Tennison has killed them with his legs and the deep pass, and both Fluellen’s are dominating the game.
  6. Ok, a few quick observations: 1. Gilmer had a great defensive scheme for this game. They were in a nickel package almost all night (maybe a couple of times in a dime). They forced the corner with Matthew Burton and had Jett Jones as the QB spy. There were no passing lanes, and for the most part they forced the QB to scramble laterally without being able to turn it up field. Great game plan and great execution. 2. Gilmer also cut down on the penalties. A bad holding penalty in the second quarter probably took a TD away, but they didn’t shoot them selves in the foot all night long
  7. The Gilmer secondary has really struggled these last two weeks. Maybe the return of Smith at safety will help. If Gilmer’s D line can get some pressure, that would also help. But Gilmer has to clean up the mistakes.
  8. Wondering if any team other than Gilmer having buffering issues with NFHS? Hasn’t been a problem all year with Gilmer broadcasts until tonight. If it’s a UIL problem that’s pathetic. If they want fans to stay home they better provide the bandwidth
  9. A couple of quick observations: 1. Great game, but Gilmer has to be the team coming away with all the confidence. Lost the turnover battle, gave up a TD right before half after an awful roughing the passer penalty, and still won the game. If they can clean up the mistakes I’d have to give them an edge in the rematch. 2. 2nd half showed why Tennison is so special. He made some great passes, but the key was his legs. When he’s on the edge with a run - pass option, he’s incredibly dangerous. 3. PG freshman is crazy good, maybe the 2nd or 3rd best player on offense. I remember the PG j
  10. Ok, a few quick observations: 1. Game ball goes to Mason Hurt. He’s told the day before the 1st scrimmage that Tennison is going to be the QB. He accepts his role as a receiver and has been the 2nd best receiver on the team this year. And tonight when Tennison got knocked out of the game he comes right in at QB and plays great. Exactly what you want from a senior leader. 2. The offense actually moved the ball better with Hurt at QB. seemed like they ran the ball more and better, they blocked better, calls came in quicker, and they got in a rhythm. I can’t figure out Gilmer’s pl
  11. Gilmer will win. But they still need work, especially on the offensive line. They haven’t been able to get a running game going yet this year. Hopefully they can get that going. Gilmer will need to be two dimensional to make a deep run in the playoffs.
  12. Biggest issue Gilmer STILL has to address is mistakes. The offense is it’s own worst enemy. Still too many penalties.
  13. The difference between the two teams is line play. Carthage Oline manhandled Gilmer Dline. That meant Carthage dominated running game and was in 2nd and short all night. Meanwhile, Carthage Dline dominated Gilmer Oline. Gilmer could never establish a running game. The had to rely on the high risk, high reward of the downfield passing game. Credit Gilmer for fighting back in the 3rd quarter. But Carthage won the battle of the trenches tonight.
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