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  1. Saw 1 similarly b/t this game and the Gilmer game last week. PG & Gilmer had players going both ways, and that starts to matter in the 4th quarter. I would be interested to see Carthage rushing yards in the 4th quarter these last 2 games. They have the depth and talent to keep kids fresh the entire game. I know Carthage hasn’t been challenged much in the 2nd half this year, but these last two weeks have proven they can win by overwhelming a team and by wearing them down. Pretty potent combination.
  2. PG has some good athletes. But a lot of their best athletes play both ways. They can get gassed. Biggest issue as I see it is PG can't throw the ball. Or at least they couldn't against Gilmer. If that hasn't changed, I don't see this being competitive. PG defense is good, but I don't think it's Gilmer good. And I think they will be gassed in the second half. But that's why they play the game. We'll know Friday night.
  3. Last post from me on this before moving on to Carthage / Pleasant Grove. I stated before the game Gilmer could win if 3 things happened: 1) Gilmer defense played lights out, with the D line in Carthage backfield often. This happened. #56, Ward, may be the best Gilmer defensive lineman in the last 20 years. Incredibly quick to be as big as he is. Gilmer D played great. 2) Gilmer offensive line would have to play their best game of the year. Again, this happened. I don't remember any holding penalties, and the O line played great. Ashton Haynes actually averaged 5 yards a carry. The Gilmer O line did not by any stretch of the imagination dominate the line of scrimmage, but they did enough to keep it close and to keep from the constant 3 and outs that the Carthage Defense so often produces. 3) This would give opportunity for the Gilmer athletes to make some big plays. This didn't occur. There was only the one big play: the TD to Tate. The Carthage defense was so disciplined, so well coached, and so athletic, that plays against other teams which would have busted for big plays got shut down. Yes, Rohan slightly underthrew Tate on two passes in the 2nd quarter, but it wouldn't have mattered against most other teams: their CBs would have been so burnt there would not have been a chance to recover. But against Carthage, it was a different story. And that was the biggest takeaway from this game for me. The Carthage offense is good, but the defense is the best I've seen in 4A this year. You have to be almost perfect to beat them. Hard to be disappointed with the play of the Buckeyes. They didn't give up, they played above their heads, and they were competitive for 3 1/2 quarters. I mean, Gilmer had the football with a chance to tie the game in the 4th quarter. But it's just so hard to be a team with the talent and coaching Carthage has. Now, Please Carthage, go win state. I would love to comfort myself knowing Gilmer gave Carthage a better run for their money than any other team in 4A.
  4. Congrats CH. Kilgore Chapel Hill Regional Final. Not bad for that district.
  5. Okay, for a few quick observations: 1. 14-7 and Gilmer has the ball in the 4th quarter. Couldn't ask more of the Buckeyes. They played their hearts out, and they got beat by a better team. 2. On two different possessions in the 2nd quarter, Tate beat his man on a hitch and go. Both passes were just slightly underthrown, which allowed the Carthage CB to get back into the play and break it up. If Gilmer hits on even one of those, it's 14-14 in the 4th quarter, and this might have been a totally different game. 3. Some people will criticize the Gilmer play calling, but it was the Gilmer play calling that kept them in the game. Tennison was not 100%, and Rohan hadn't played QB until last week. Run the ball, control the clock, and hopefully hit them with a big play in the passing game. It almost happened, as I just said about the passes in the 2nd quarter. I honestly don't know if it would have mattered if Tennison was in the game, this was the right strategy to try to beat Carthage. 4. There were about 7-8 plays where Haynes or Henderson would have broken it big against almost any other team, but the Carthage D is so well positioned and so quick to recover that they kept the big play from happening. I thought on several plays Gilmer was about to bust it, only to have a Carthage defender trip them up last second. Hats off to the Carthage D. 5. Ward played a heck of a game tonight for Gilmer. He went both ways most of the night, and he played really good on the offensive line. Really a warrior tonight. 6. Give a ton of credit to Carthage, but I was not a fan of their behavior before the game. The "They don't want none" chant was a little classless for my taste. Great game by both teams. Really proud of how Gilmer played tonight. Good luck to Carthage the rest of the way.
  6. Dwight Smith was the best HS running back I've ever seen. Period. Keontay Ingram is in the NFL and has 2 State Title rings. Those would be 1-2 on my list. I think I played against Boo Beachum back in the day.
  7. Just a little about the history of these 2 programs since 2007. That's 15 years. In that 15 years, at least 1 of these programs has played in the State Championship game 14 times, winning a combined 10 titles. That's amazing. Yes, Carthage has been the dominant team, going to 8 State title games and going 8-0 during that span. But Gilmer has been to 6 titles in that span, going 2-4. Gilmer does not have the run of success Carthage has had, but no one in the state outside of Aledo has. But most programs in state would love to have a streak of 15 straight appearances in round 3 of the playoffs. But now to the game itself. I see 2 scenarios in which Gilmer can win this game: 1. The Gilmer Defense plays lights out and is in the Carthage backfield all night long wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, the Gilmer Offensive Line plays better than in any game this season and gives an opportunity for the Gilmer athletes to make plays in space. If those two things happen, Gilmer might eek out a win. 2. The entire Carthage team comes down with a stomach virus, or the flu, or COVID. The biggest issue I see is the Line play from both teams. I haven't seen a lot of Carthage this year, but I worry that their defensive line will overwhelm the Gilmer Offensive line. I don't care how good a team's QB, receivers, or RBs are, no team wins with the defense in the backfield all night long. I don't know which team, if any, is benefited by the rain. Gilmer has at least played in it twice. But I don't know if it really matters too much. The Buckeyes can win, and I sure hope the coaches and players believe that, or this will over in a hurry. But it's a tall order. And Carthage D line is young. Scary what they could be like in a year or two. I'll be there, rain or shine.
  8. OK, a few quick observations about this game. 1. This is the first year that I can say that the defense for Gilmer is better than their offense. Gilmer can still score a lot of points, but they rely on the big play way too much. There is no ability to sustain drives. 2. The reason for this seems to have much more to do with poor offensive line play than play calling. A hallmark of the Gilmer teams from the past was to get a lead, and then pound the other team with gains of 7, 8, 6, 8, and then bust loose a 40 yard play. That has not happened this year. I thought for a while the offensive line was improving, but they have clearly taken a step back. There are way too many plays when the defensive line is in Gilmer’s backfield. Really doesn’t matter what play is called when the defense has 3 players unblocked. 3. The Gilmer defense played a great game, but the rusk receivers really helped them out. This would’ve been an extremely close ball game if they had caught some of the catchable passes thrown their way. 4. That being said, Gilmer won a playoff game on a cold, wet, windy night. The weather was clearly a factor for both offenses. Credit has to be given to the kids who played in absolutely miserable conditions. Everyone on the defense played great. Having Rohan back from injury made a great impact on offense and defense. 5. The biggest concern coming out of this game for Gilmer is injuries. Multiple kids came out of the lineup at some point hobbling or with an injury. The biggest concern of course as with Tennison. Hopefully he is not too badly injured. In the playoffs, a win is a win. Hopefully they can get past Gainesville next Friday night. But there is a big red dog waiting. And it ain’t Clifford.
  9. 44-14 final. Gilmer undefeated district champions. PG 2 LE 3 Pitt 4
  10. I’m wondering if there is a way to pin this link to the front page permanently. It’s a post I look for every time I come on Smoaky, so I know what to pray for. Thank you for the updates.
  11. Gilmer needs to tighten some things up. They haven’t been really tested these last two weeks, and it has lead to some lax play. I hope they view this as a tune-up for the playoffs.
  12. Jerseys looked better on the field than I thought they would. Glad they got the game in. Started late, interrupted once by lightning, and ended seconds before a huge storm came in. The win secures the district championship. Hope all kids are healthy after this slosh fest
  13. 2012 Gilmer Vs Argyle. Argyle had knocked Gilmer out of the playoffs the previous two seasons. It was very satisfying seeing Gilmer beat them soundly. 2014 Gilmer Vs Celina. Celina talked a lot of smack before the game. And then Gilmer put 70 on them. Very satisfying. those 2 are memorable not b/c they were great games, but great wins. 2012 remains the only time Gilmer has beaten Argyle. 2014 Gilmer Vs Gladewater. I know this game will be one of the most mentioned on here. Instant classic.
  14. The turning off of the stadium lights was dangerous. There were still band members carrying all their instruments in the stands, and senior citizens with canes trying to get down the steps, and it went completely dark. There were still North Lamar fans stuck in the stands also, which leads me to think it was an act of incompetence instead of malice. But it did make for a dangerous situation. as for the game, Gilmer was totally unfocused. Way too many penalties. The refs were more clueless than outright bad. They made the game longer than it should have been because they had to confer for too long to figure out what they were doing. Biggest concern from this game however is Rohan Fluellen. It would be awful for Gilmer to lose one of its best players in a game decided after the first possession.
  15. Thank you so much for the continued updates. We will continue the prayers!
  16. And how many years are left on their contract. and literally
  17. It all depends on LE’s ability to stop the PG running game. I think LE will be able to put points on the board, but I’m not sure they can consistently stop the Hawks run game. I will take PG in a close one.
  18. A few quick observations: 1. Football is about matchups, and I think this was a more difficult matchup for Gilmer than PG. forget the final score: this was a 28-20 Gilmer lead with LE driving to tie the score right before halftime. With PG, once Gilmer stopped the running game, it was basically game over. But LE threw the ball very well, and it took Gilmer time to adjust. 2. This game did show the benefit of getting the second half kickoff. Gilmer was only up 28-20, but they got the pick six right before halftime. Then they took the opening kickoff of the second half and scored in two plays. Suddenly, an 8 point game was a 22 pt game, and all the wind went out of the sails of PG. 3. This also shows the importance of special teams. Gilmer downed a punt inside the 10, returned a punt for a TD, and in essence recovered 3 onside kicks (even though only one was intentional). 4. Gilmer did make good second half adjustments, particularly to the running game. In the first half, they kept trying to get to the edge, and LE was shutting in down. Most o the second half was spent running off tackle. The O line of Gilmer played much better in the 2nd half. 5. LE vs PG will be a good game. LE has a chance to win. If they can stop the running game of PG, I think they will. But again, it’s all about matchups. A good win for Gilmer. They took a close game and dominated the 3rd quarter to put the game away. They just need to stay focused now, as the schedule is pretty weak until the playoffs.
  19. LE is definitely better this year and seems to be trending in the right direction. But if Gilmer defense plays like they did against PG, Gilmer should win comfortably.
  20. A few quick observations: 1. PG is an offense in search of an identity. They don’t know if they want to run a spread or a wing T. I think they look better out of the spread, but I don’t think the current half one half other will work long-term. 2. Gilmer defense is good. I was surprised at how they completely locked down Pleasant Grove most of the night. A couple of busted plays in the second half, but for the most part Gilmer’s defense dominated this game. 3. Gilmer ran Tennison more tonight. It worked, as often the PG defense focused on the running back, whether Haynes or Henderson. 4. Speaking of Henderson, he needs to play more. The level of explosiveness is just unmatched. And he runs hard between the tackles. Gilmer used him in a couple of new wrinkles, especially the shovel pass that hit big in the first half. But they still need to get him more touches. 5. There’s a pretty big gap between these two teams right now. Pleasant Grove certainly has the opportunity to improve as the season goes on, especially if they can find out who they want to be on offense. But right now, Gilmer is noticeably better. Good game. Good defense for both teams. Gilmer just has the ability to make more expensive plays.
  21. Thursday night round up: Gilmer JV won. PG didn’t field a Freshman team. Don’t know if they don’t have enough kids out or what. Gilmer 7th grade won. Haven’t heard a score from 8th grade
  22. If PG has a lot of kids playing both ways, as one post stated, that should help Gilmer. Gilmer rotates a lot of players on defense, which often makes a big difference in the 4th quarter. Gilmer D has certainly played better against PG the last two games. Don’t know if that was players or scheme. I think Gilmer should win, but I haven’t seen PG this year. After being off for 2 straight Friday nights, I’m just looking forward to a great game!
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