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  1. I thought PT loooked pretty good. More athletic than I remember from previous teams. Gilmer had some screens that would normally go for good yardage and PT snuffed them out. I don’t know how competitive they will be in their district, but hopefully they will do fairly well
  2. Gilmer had a lot of skill position players out, but biggest concern has to be offensive and Defensive line. They don’t look that big, and the Oline was manhandled tonight. never should read too much from a scrimmage. That being said, line play looks like a concern.
  3. Best player: Dwight Smith. I still think the 2008 state championship game was one of the most dominant performances I’ve ever seen. Best team: 2014 Gilmer. Tons of talent (2 future NFL players). Team won the state track meet the same year. And they had a reason to play: Desmond Pollard. There was something special about that group. Best game: best game I saw was 2014 Gilmer Vs Gladewater. I’m sure there were other great ones, but that’s my favorite.
  4. I think he still wanted to coach kids. I don’t think he was too excited about the athletic Director position, as he would be in more of an administrative position. At his heart, he is a coach, who is passionate about kids and passionate about coaching.
  5. Metzel is a great coach and an even better person. Don’t know how many other Texas HS Football coaches are also pastors.
  6. I would put WOS 4, Van 5, Celina 6, & PG 7. Van was more balanced than Celina or PG.
  7. Congratulations to China Spring. This game could have been 17-7 Gilmer at halftime. Would have been a completely different 2nd half. But CS didn’t make mistakes and Gilmer did. No one should feel bad about being back to back runner ups in state. I know the kids won’t feel like that today, but this is a great group of seniors. again, congratulations to China Spring. One really good football team.
  8. OK, some observations about the game: 1. Game ball goes to the Gilmer defense. Celina had one drive in the first half which Gilmer stopped on fourth down. In the second half, they scored or a partially busted play, when Gilmer jumped off sides and the defense froze up for just a second. Other than that, Gilmer completely shut Celina down. 2. Blakey, Tennison, & Fluellen basically were put in man to man all night with the Celina wide outs. This allowed Gilmer to commit nine players to stopping the run. Cornerback play for Gilmer tonight was excellent. As well as linebacker play and D line play. 3. Gilmer also won the special-teams battle. They pinned Celina deep all night. Meanwhile, Celina was so afraid to punt the ball to Fluellen, so they shanked several punts, giving Gilmer good field position. 4. Offensively, Gilmer had more false starts in this game than any game I’ve ever seen. Some of it was clearly because of all the pre-snap movement from the Celina defense. But some of it just seemed a lack of focus. Gilmer will definitely have to clean this up, as it ended some drives tonight. 5. Tennison showed why he was on the 4A cover for Texas football magazine. His scramble on the first drive to set up first and goal was amazing. And he threw on the run with incredible accuracy. 6. The key to the offense however was Fluellen. Celina could not cover him, and when they overcommitted to stopping him Gilmer burned them by using him as a decoy. 7. The Celina defensive line is legit. As good as any Gilmer has seen this year. However, the Gilmer offensive line made the plays when it counted. Overall, a great game to watch. Extremely impressed with the way the Gilmer defense played tonight. Cannot wait for next weeks state championship game. Go Buckeyes!!! Let’s get one more win!!
  9. Celina’s defense is as advertised. But they’re offense quite honestly was not very impressive. Gilmer, on the other has a defense to go with its offense.
  10. Gilmer D playing lights out. Gilmer offense HAS to cut out the false start penalties. Put them behind the chains way too often.
  11. Might want to plan the game at the stadium with easier traffic access next time
  12. If I read the numbers right, this will be the last time these two teams meet in the playoffs. Looks like Celina headed to D1 next year
  13. A few quick observations: 1. This game could have been a lot closer if PG had scored on its first two positions. They ran the ball, ran clock, and move the ball down the field. But credit Gilmer‘s defense. They came up with two big stops inside the red zone. 2. Double team Fluellen at your own risk. The last two weeks, Parker Gilow has taken advantage of teams focusing on Fluellen. Gilmer has three receivers capable of going over the top. 3. PG will be better in the coming years. A lot of their talent is still really young. But I do not think they will be a consistent threat if they cannot pass. Without at least some passing threat, good teams will just load the box against them. 4. Gilmer on the other hand is back offensively to taking what the defense gives. PG did a great job of stopping the running game, but Gilmer went over the top on them almost at will all night. 5. Gilmer played mistake free for most of the night. That’s great, because it shows they can. It’s also frustrating, because of the nights when they don’t. Hopefully, they have two more mistake free games in them this season. congratulations to Gilmer. Now go take care of business against Celina.
  14. 22-0 Gilmer at halftime. PG moved the ball down the field twice, only for the Gilmer defense to turn them over on downs both times. Gilmer scored all 3 possessions. PG ground and pound strategy to shorten the game may work against them. PG gets the ball to start the 2nd half. If they don’t score on that possession….
  15. I know everybody assumes Gilmer will win this game, but just ask Kilgore what a district victory over an opponent means in playoffs. Consider the following: 1. Gilmer played by far it’s best game of the season against PG the first time around. It should only be expected Gilmer played by far it’s best game of the season against PG the first time around. It should only be expected they regress some. There have been a lot of mistakes the last couple of weeks. 2. PG has their starting quarterback healthy. He will clearly make a difference for them, so they should play better. 3. Mentally, it would be awfully hard to get up for a game against a team you just beat by six touchdowns. I still think Gilmer will win, but they better not read their press clippings. They will have to play with the same intensity and the same focus they had the previous meeting.
  16. 59-35 Final. Van has a good team. Really good QB. But Gilmer had too much speed. not many teams can say they were tied with Gilmer in the third quarter. Hats off to Van for that. I’m Guessing at Gilmer Pleasant Grove showdown for the regional finals. Hope it’s an East TexasGuessing at Gilmer Pleasant Grove showdown for the regional finals. Hope it’s in East Texas
  17. The back judge was clueless. He must have called a dozen PI penalties by himself, even when the official closer to the play didn’t. But the personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct plays were unacceptable. Really undisciplined. If Gilmer plays like that against Van, they will lose.
  18. 43-24 Gilmer at the half. Gilmer gave up 45 yards in penalties to put CM in field goal range. But these refs are flag happy
  19. How to allow an overmatched opponent to stay in a football game, by the Gilmer high school football team. 1. Give the opponent extra possessions by turning the ball over. Gilmer has two turnovers in the first half. 2. Take points off the scoreboard with penalties. Gilmer had a touchdown called back because of a hold. 3. Commit multiple unnecessary personal fouls to keep drives alive for the other team. Gilmer had two turnovers they recovered called back because of penalties. Gilmer may win this game, but they have done everything in their power to keep Caddo Mills in it.
  20. 14-14. Gilmer is back to their undisciplined, mistake filled ways of a few weeks ago
  21. 43-7 now. The good news about having four teams from each district make the playoffs is it gives some teams in a really tough district a chance to continue playing. The bad news is it creates some really horrible mismatches.
  22. A few quick observations 1. Best game by Gilmer all season. By far. Both offense and defense. The game was NEVER in question, as Gilmer scored on their first 5 possessions, including a 99 yard drive. 2. Glad to see the return of the vertical passing game. Seems like Gilmer has been throwing screens and short out routes since week 5. They pushed the ball downfield deep tonight and it was very effective. 3. Also glad to see the 2 goal line stands in the 2nd half. The game was already out of reach, but Gilmer showed some real pride and kept PG out of the end zone. A great win. Hopefully this sets Gilmer up for a long playoff run.
  23. You beat me to it. Gilmer playing their best game of the season
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