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  1. I'm not so sure West Virginia would get waxed in the BCS title game. Nobody thought this team would beat Georgia last year, and they handed it to them. This is a very good team, and I think they could especially beat Ohio State, a team that is not real strong against the run. I don't know what will happen. The season always has a way of playing out, and the BCS rankings usually wind up where they should be. But I would not be shocked if West Virginia is the BCS champion.
  2. Mike Maddox is a great coach and a great man. Talk about a perfect fit of coach and school. Coach Maddox is a man of character and principal. He loves kids. He's a strong Christian, and Grace has a great coach. He'll have these kids playing above their heads as long as he is there, and he will build a winning program
  3. There's this guy who keeps telling me the record for a "modern" gilmer team is 68 points. I don't think Gilmer is out to try and reach that record. Jeff Traylor and Steve Wells are friends, and I think Jeff will not run up the score. But I know there will be a grudge simply because of what Mineola did with the GJ Kinne issue. So what happens? I'm guessing Kinne throws 8 TD passes on them.
  4. This game is being played at Daingerfield, and home field advantage means a lot, especially Dfield. If the game is close, Daingerfield will find a way to win. But I don't think Daingerfield will win. I think New Boston will score often enough to blow open the game some time in the 3rd quarter
  5. White Oak QB has some speed, but he wasn't accurate tonight. Gilmer's Freshman QB, however, looked very good in limited playing time in the 4th quarter. He threw the ball well and he can run the football.
  6. There is going to be at least one really good team sitting at home out of this district when the playoffs start.
  7. It will be interesting to see if any of Gilmer's wounded play. I suspect Curtis Brown and Jules Johnson will continue to rest and rehab. But Gilmer hasn't missed them in district. Congrats to C. Brown for being a member of the Army All Star game. Quite an honor. Gilmer scores 50-60. Mineola will score some how, but I can't imagine them scoring more than 14.
  8. I feel for Pine Tree. They have played better this year, but still lost. But as long as I have known PT (and I am a graduate of PT) two issues have always been raised. First, it's not a football school. The best athletes often are playing basketball, soccer, or baseball, but not football. Second, the program just doesn't seem to know how to win. They don't find ways to win, but unfortunately find ways to lose. O hope it changes, but in that district, there is no easy game.
  9. What a murderers' row region! D1 and D2 in this region are unbelievable. There will be some good teams going out really early in this region. If the state champ in D1 or D2 comes out of this region, you couldn't argue the accomplishment. I think the D2 champ could easily be West Orange Stark. I still think Gilmer will be the D1 champ, but their toughest competition might be Hutto or Carthage.
  10. Daingerfield certainly got off to a rocky start and seems to be coming on. I think they have certainly improved. They aslo got into district play, which has to help. Tatum and Gilmer at the beginning of the season would give anyone headaches.
  11. Haven't seen Mineola play, but I was really impressed with Sabine when they played Gilmer. They were obviously outmanned from a talent standpoint. But they played really good, never got their heads down, and never gave up. I also thought they tackled pretty well. Wrapped up and held on. I hope Sabine wins, b/c they seem a scrappy bunch.
  12. Tatum vs. Troup is the game of the week, but I don't think it's the most important game. Both of these teams make the playoffs, whoever wins. However, The Longview - Lee loser may be in trouble. And if Rusk loses to Carthage, one of the best players in ET may be out of the playoffs. These don't have the hype of Troup vs. Tatum, but they may be more important.
  13. I know that a lot of colleges look at Houston and Dallas. But look at Tatum or Gilmer. These 2A and 3A school are putting out multiple DI players! And last week, the UT Defense had 3 starters from one school, John Tyler. That's unheard of. And think how many players at UT are from East Texas. I think if you went per capita, East Texas would be hard to beat.
  14. Could be a homer and go with Curtis Brown of Gilmer. And make no mistake, he is an outstanding player and one of the best I've seen. And after watching GJ Kinne for a whole season, it would be hard to argue with him, either. He will play for Baylor. But, I saw Ryan Mallet this year, and I think he would have to be the #1 player in ET. He has got all the tools to play on Sunday. Curtis Brown might also, but I think one day ten years from now we might be saying, "I saw Ryan Mallet play high school football."
  15. Oh,did see one thing special in this game. GJ Kinne threw a 65 yard bullet. Pass was dropped, but it was a DI throw.
  16. Really not much to say about this one. 28-0 at end of 1st quarter, and Sabine didn't do anything. Gilmer's starting field position for 1st quarter was probably the Sabine 30. The Sabine kids played hard, especially in the 2nd half. Yes, Gilmer had 2nd & 3rd string kids in, but Gilmer will do that to every team in the district, with the possible exception of Spring Hill. Sabine moved the ball, converted 3rd and 4th downs, and played hard. They were totally over-matched by Gilmer, but if they play with that determination in district, they might win a game or two. For Gilmer, this was a chance to rest a lot of players, and play a lot of back ups.
  17. Gilmer will beat Sabine, and that is the problem. Gilmer is trying to get ready for the playoffs, and they need to stay sharp and focused. They also need reps. But Gilmer may not have to play a single 1st string player in the 2nd half of most of their district games. It's hard to keep kids sharp and focused when they expect to win easily every week. And if Coach Traylor keeps his first string in, well he gets accused of running up the score. I know in girls volleyball, they have "tune up" games between district and the playoffs. You can't do that in football, but it's not a bad idea. But Gilmer needs to get healthy. Some kids that are banged up won't have to play or play as much, and certainly some younger kids get a chance to work hard. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to the schools in our district, either. When I was in HS, our team was the worst in district. But we played every Friday night and gave it our best, even though most of the time we were smaller and slower (a bad combination) than the other team. Sabine will have nothing to be ashamed of if they play their best and don't make mistakes.
  18. Pine Tree is much better than in years past, but I don't think they've learned how to win the close games yet. Winning breeds winning, and PT doesn't have a lot of recent winning to build on. It's a shame, because they are obviously much improved over last year, but there are no easy games in this district.
  19. I saw Curtis this morning. He was limping, but w/o crutches. No serious damage, but out 3 weeks. Key is getting him back in time for playoffs. Of course, some people recover from ankle injuries faster than others. I wouldn't be surprised if he is only out 2 weeks, but I know the coaches aren't going to risk injury. But for Ashley, well a broken collar bone just takes time to heal, and there is no way that can be rushed. Yes, Gilmer will replace these players and the offense will continue to roll. The coaching and system are great. But no one really replaces Curtis Brown. This kid is an amazing athlete.
  20. While in college, my roomate was Lane Ledbetter, son of then Southlake Carroll head coach and AD Bob Ledbetter. I became a Southlake Carroll fan at that time. They were then and are now a absolute class act. Josh's faith through everything he has faced has been amazing. His story impacts so many people b/c Josh has continued to fight this battle and trust in God in spite of every obstacle. He has encouraged many people. We continue to pray for Josh and know whatever obstacles he faces, his faith will help him be "more than a conquerer (Romans 8:37)."
  21. Amazing when a team shuts someone out and scores 38 points and we think they had an off night!
  22. How many 300 yard games will Kinne have in district? Probably not many. The teams in the district are pretty weak. Kinne will ride bench a lot in 2nd half and Gilmer will probably work with a short field a lot. Gilmer might score 50 every week, but if you're starting field position is the opponents 35, the stats aren't going to be that great. There is no doubt however that he is an amazing quarterback. He'll get the record if Gilmer stays in the playoffs. I hope Jack Ashley and Curtis Brown are back in time for L-E.
  23. Is D. Moore the only player on the field. I hope someone is taping this. This kid has DI crazy talent. Has he committed anywhere yet?
  24. Why does anyone kick or punt to Moore. He's the most dangerous return man in high school. I'd put it out of bounds before kicking it to Moore.
  25. Unbelievable. This district is about as wild as can be right now. Whitehouse is the team to beat in district, while Kilgore may be 0-2.
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