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  1. Most of the kids who played for Ed liked and respected him. And still do. It seems to be the kids who are not very good but have a high opinion of themselves that have an issue. Some are still picking splinters out they draws 20yrs later. Sad.......
  2. "That don't deserve no answer hoss, let's light up and just move along".....
  3. Dfield is just a much better team. And they played better.
  4. Hats off to the Tigers! Hope you guys make a run! Mustangs.....no way to go but up guys. Chin up.
  5. Can't turn the ball over 5 times against a better team. Tigers playing well.
  6. Tigers better bring it against Harmony or that will be a close game.......j/s
  7. Shoot....bout to be 3rd straight upset in a row.....
  8. Prayers for Dangerfield......in regards to their fan who suffered I believe a heart attack at the game. Keeping that family in our prayers.
  9. HS Jr High with the clean sweep.....Go Colts!
  10. I would. But it would be as redacted as a Trump declassified document. Plus I don't want to out EBs buddy. But it's raw buddy!
  11. Ouch! Glad you didn't post that EB.....lol
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