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  1. One thing is for sure. Coach Willis is our guy now. And he had nothing to do with the changes. Just a guy looking for a better opportunity. He will need the support of the community, parents, and the trust of the kids. I support him and these kids 100%. I hope the parents and bleacher coaches will have realistic expectations the next couple of years. Good luck Coach Willis, staff, and kids!
  2. Any news? Guesses? It's crickets over here.
  3. Coach Ed talked to the kids today. Explained that sometimes things happen that is out of our control. Said this is one of those times. Told them he loves this place.Told them HS is a great place, not because of him or anyone else but because of the students......
  4. Agree Rick Ogden is one of a kind and did an awesome job. Disagree about pride. These kids will always have pride.
  5. Didn't you say you played in HS? Thought I read that in one of your post.
  6. Como Pickton got a good one with former HS OC Jeremy Phillips.
  7. At this point, I just hope we can attract a quality AD and staff, turn the page and move forward. Kids deserve it. There are great people here. Many are upset about the whole thing. Some want changes. Either way, I just hope it's an easy transition for the kids. Also wish Coach Ed and all the coaches the very best. Somebody is getting some good good ones..........It's a great day to be alive, and a Mustang!
  8. I think that is correct on the coaches. No public statement from anyone that I am aware of. Coach Ed was coaching 7th grade boys basketball this week. I'm sure he will do all he can for the kids 100% as long as he is there and allowed to. Always has.
  9. One will be an AD/Head Football coach at another school. The other is resigned and I'm told is retiring. Hopefully for the kids sake that is all but I'm hearing things. We will see. A LOT of people are very disappointed.
  10. One resigned yesterday. Another will soon be announced as AD/Head Football coach at another school. I think the sports effected will be power lifting coach, assistant baseball coach, and assistant tennis coach. They were both great coaches and will be missed.
  11. Oh the things I've heard. From.....what should be reliable sources considering. Seems they want a majority. All on the same page. Problem is, some board members on the other side of the fence. Some straddling. All parties supposedly under a gag order() Coaches quitting. Hope they get it all sorted out soon. Seems to me like this should have waited until after this school year. Other sports trying to carry on as usual. No AD....or maybe just not officially anymore? What a mess.
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