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  1. Also I think these refs from Cason chapter
  2. 7-0 Df after 1. Defensive battle here so far.
  3. I figure 10yrs is far enough back. I mean I had a 2010 truck the was good for a while.
  4. We have had quite a few good ones. I hate to pick. I certainly can't disagree with these 3. Carry is my top pick. He was on another level. He also played in 7 games for the Raiders in the NFL. And the practice squad for the Panthers and Packers. Martez Hooks, Charleston Johnston.....old school. More recently Michael Martinez, Brent Giddings, Mercer McCoo.
  5. Over the last decade, HS leads this match up 2-1. So.....there's that. Go Mustangs!!!!
  6. Not quite but I see the light at the end of the tunnel
  7. Wasn't mad, just disappointed. Your avatar says it all...........dude couldn't call a cab!
  8. I think he feels rejected. Heard he was top 10 on the coach search committee list. Didn't even get an interview.
  9. We know YOU ain't taking nobody's ol lady behind nothing. Your ol lady has you locked down like a tick under a hounds tail! Dude can't even go to the concession stand without permission
  10. A lot of class by Harmony coach. Mustangs, keep them chins up boys! Keep working!
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