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  1. I just hope it's someone who likes red and is used to winning.
  2. I think we will have a good quality hire this time.....
  3. Disclaimer: Some humor....some seriousness. #1. Leadership 101- you can't be a leader if no one will follow you. #2. Who has been successful? Where? #3. I'll hard pass on an 0-10 heart surgeon every time.
  4. You couldn't be more wrong with that statement! Don't know what or who you been paying attention to. But that's not true at all.
  5. I wish him the VERY BEST of luck with that. Coaching careers can span decades. Kids only get 4yrs of high school sports. Stop wasting their time.
  6. Best option right now imo.
  7. Wonder what offense we will run next year? Maybe they will bring in a spread guy and chunk it around. I think that's what some wanted.
  8. Are there going to be any of the other coaches coming back?
  9. Have you read the book? Are you ok with it. I would cherry pick SEVERAL pages and post them but I promise, the mods would ban me for life. Completely inappropriate. Teach the class. Don't push agendas.
  10. Hope Maud scrimmage is @ Maud. Delaughters cfs sammich pretty good! Can't remember ever having Maud on the schedule.
  11. I was hoping Maud, James Bowie, and idk maybe LK. Competitive games before the grinder.
  12. SMH....this new district is not exactly where you want to land when your hoping to bounce back from an 0-10 season! Hopefully we can schedule really soft in non district and get a couple of wins. I know all the experts on here will be quick to criticize that but geez!
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