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  1. Dumb question. Is it going to be streamed or not? I have really enjoyed watching the Wildcats these past couple of weeks.
  2. My goodness! I just haven't had the urge to post. Your still wet behind the ears and prolly don't remember, I support my team win or lose. And that includes the coach. And it's no secret that I think he is a very good coach that gets a lot out his players. You just worry about getting caught up with them payments to Affordable Dentures before they repo them uppers! Wouldn't want to roll into Nac smooth mouf......
  3. Yes, I think they do. But I'm guessing you missed the sarcasm. My bad. They wouldn't need to come up with game plan. It's all been covered here.
  4. Man I wish this game was closer! Watched Waskom on streaming last week. Hoping this game will be streamed as well. Should be a battle!
  5. Before tonight, I would have said EF by a couple scores. But PP must have hit their stride. I have no idea. Good luck to both and congrats on making it this far. May have to come watch this one.
  6. Hats off to the Raiders! Great game. Mustangs.....chin up! Gave it all you had!
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