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  1. Really doesn't matter. A new guy requires new salary. In house would still require more money. I honestly have no idea. Doesn't seem like good management or stewardship of taxpayer money to me. Nor a very popular move with the majority. Knee jerk maybe? Idk
  2. Considering there has been no public statement made other than on here, I get the feeling this whole thing was not very well thought out. I mean he is still under contract through next year. Instead of who they are thinking about, the better question is how do they plan to pay them?
  3. Goes without saying. At least to the older posters on here who know me. There is an old saying about arguing with people who you wouldn't ask their opinion. It applies here. I will only say that I support coach Edwards 100%. He does a great job with the kids he has year in and year out. Unfortunately, some people have unrealistic expectations. I would never speak negative of kids who bust their butts trying to win. But I am also a realist. These kids AND coaches do their level best. But the truth is, we just weren't very good this year, and we are rarely loaded. Stay tuned........we will see how this plays out.
  4. Absolutely. Glad to have him. Turn back the clock and you might have gotten some 4th qtr action on this team.
  5. You need some tweezers son? Bout time you get them splinters out......
  6. LOL gotta love the guy who barely even has the stones to post AFTER it gets out of hand. Bravo big guy
  7. Not a knock on our kids. They are great kids. But we don't have very good team speed at all. Waskom speed is really hard for HS to defend.
  8. I'm here ol buddy. Lurking...... We will show up and give it our best effort.
  9. Most of the kids who played for Ed liked and respected him. And still do. It seems to be the kids who are not very good but have a high opinion of themselves that have an issue. Some are still picking splinters out they draws 20yrs later. Sad.......
  10. "That don't deserve no answer hoss, let's light up and just move along".....
  11. Dfield is just a much better team. And they played better.
  12. Hats off to the Tigers! Hope you guys make a run! Mustangs.....no way to go but up guys. Chin up.
  13. Can't turn the ball over 5 times against a better team. Tigers playing well.
  14. Tigers better bring it against Harmony or that will be a close game.......j/s
  15. Shoot....bout to be 3rd straight upset in a row.....
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