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  1. Hats off to Harmony! Mustangs keep them chins up and get better everyweek!
  2. Congrats to PP on an awesome season! Represented our neck of the woods very well. Proud of you folks! Hats off to Gunter! Great football team!
  3. My heart says PP. And so does my gut! After watching them the last 2 weeks. I am very impressed with how they play. They just have a knack for pulling out the win. Bring that Gold to East Texas Bulls!
  4. Good luck to the PP Brahmas! HS and East Texas are rooting for you guys!
  5. One of the best games I have seen at this level! Hats off to PP! You guys fought for it, and other than extra points, played well. Congrats on a great season Tigers! I thought you guys had it in the bag. Lots of talented athletes on the court for the Tigers next week. And i mean that as a compliment. Hats off to Morris County!
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