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  1. Gotcha. Every school has to go through those spells every so often!
  2. There was a few good years for East Texas long about then!
  3. I remember those years. I was thinking it had been a while. Hope that they pull it off tonight! 1A and 2A have always been my kind of football. I call them the endurance league!
  4. Every morning on the way to work they have been talking about these people that have elaborate organized systems for taking turns and eating in order to have their place in line for black Friday. Been there for weeks now!
  5. This is the farthest they have been in some time isnt it Crawford?
  6. Would be awesome to see Timpson pull this one out!
  7. LMBO! I heard a quote from Einstein the other day in which he was asked what it was like to be the smartest man in the world and he replied......I don's know, ask Tesla!
  8. Been hearing on the radio that people have been camping out at Best Buy since the first of November. These people really need a life!
  9. Hate to hear that Wolfman! Are they banged up from the season?
  10. There is some extremely sad truth to this!
  11. True indeed. San Augustine traditionally does not lay down that easily!
  12. Cool. I have been pretty disconnected lately and have not been to many games. Life has had me pretty tied up for a while. What station is it airing on?
  13. Come on San Augustine...I know you got more fight in you than that!
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