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  1. Going to sit back and follow this thread to see all the spin that gets posted...I know the story behind what has happened over the last three days but it's not mine to tell.
  2. 21 points against Aledo says improvement was needed.
  3. Crosby will need tremendous improvement at QB vs how they executed against LH. Without it they aren't likely to make it a very close game imo. Aledo's defense is rarely out of position and is underrated.
  4. Lol...inflict unnecessary trauma? in my best but still not good Randy Moss voice "C'mon man!". It's a ball game, at least folks know ahead of time.
  5. One of the coolest posts I've read on Smoaky.com since joining many, many years ago. Not the typical East Texas chest thumping, but real, objective insight...I love it. Good luck Lobos!
  6. Agreed...they TV have a great running game and back and their DLine was very athletic. In my mind simply an upset because Ennis' #1 ranking, which frankly wasn't earned on wins...it was given based on last years playoff performance and returning players. Ennis has a good team and coaching staff, I am not trying to slight them, just not worthy of the #1 ranking to start the year...
  7. Rockwall falls short, Allen has scored late to take a lead also.
  8. got some upsets brewing... Rockwall leads DeSoto, Timberview leads Ennis by 14 with 2 min left...SGP leads Allen.
  9. Canadien Windthorst Sterling City Tuscola - Jim Ned Too bad Post couldn't get the upset on Shiner or they would have 5 of the 5 SCs played so far. Good year for West Texas.
  10. Yeh, the soph. RB was impressive for the bucks... quick and alway's seemed to finish runs strong, always moving forward through the tackle.
  11. Because the view from the "Home" side for a football game at this baseball stadium is bad bad...50 yds from the sideline.
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