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  1. My mommas faster than you and she got no legs...Charlie Carroll
  2. Can confirm, RC non-district schedule is: Grand Prairie, The Colony, Melissa, and Arlington Bowie
  3. It's church now...great run by CS...centex having a good run this year.
  4. CS is really impressive. Thier secondary impressed me when they played Carthage, but the entire team is just tough, hard nosed players...thye don't look super athletic, but they get after it.
  5. Good grief...how can you not get a play off on 3rd & 4...you needs those timeouts...
  6. That' a fact...Traylor will have a good P5 gig in the next few years.
  7. Previous HC Crowell, and Whitaker played HS ball together at RC. Shame to see Crowell leave before really getting things started at NL. All things considered it looks like it is going to work out well for both of these former Bulldogs.
  8. Going to sit back and follow this thread to see all the spin that gets posted...I know the story behind what has happened over the last three days but it's not mine to tell.
  9. 21 points against Aledo says improvement was needed.
  10. Crosby will need tremendous improvement at QB vs how they executed against LH. Without it they aren't likely to make it a very close game imo. Aledo's defense is rarely out of position and is underrated.
  11. Lol...inflict unnecessary trauma? in my best but still not good Randy Moss voice "C'mon man!". It's a ball game, at least folks know ahead of time.
  12. One of the coolest posts I've read on Smoaky.com since joining many, many years ago. Not the typical East Texas chest thumping, but real, objective insight...I love it. Good luck Lobos!
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