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  1. Oh lord I just wasted 10 minutes of my life catching up on this thread...
  2. The amount of talent in that general area is crazy. I read an article recently, about the number of athletes that played on NFL teams at some point from this area (all of these schools are within 12 miles of one another). Basically SOC and the southern suburbs of Dallas is a hotbed. DeSoto - 22 SOC - 25 D'Ville - 8 -10 Cedar Hill is close by and also produces a lot of talent as well, they just haven't been as successful recently since Joey McGuire departed. I can't find the source article now but those are some ridiculous numbers.
  3. It was a mess created by their school board and they never recovered from letting their best coach in history walk away... Self inflicted mediocrity IMO.
  4. Yeh, there was what 3 good games all weekend? Koff/Franklin, Gilmer/Bellville, Gunter/Tidehaven…SOC/PNG…so 4 decent games.
  5. DeSoto is going to have to call the dogs off before half at this point.
  6. Decisively…49-35. DeSoto just lines up and runs right over you.
  7. lol well they must have rebooted their servers or paid the light bill, I’m seeing a UI at least. Unfortunately everyone is trying to load the stream at the same time and it’s bombing.
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