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  1. I gotta be honest, it is hard to watch most of these bowl games with all the opt outs. It's like watching a preseason game for the next season with some of the key positions. Refreshing to see someone finish what he started before moving on. I realize there is risk, but there has always been a risk from the first time the pads go on.
  2. They are saying El Campo possibly next. Will be tough but should be plenty of scoring.
  3. Oh I agree, but then again I don't have the coin to have sent my kids to IMG either if they were into football. If IMG was in play for this family, in other words he can go where he wants, then what was he ever doing at Whitehouse, unless as I mentioned before he grew up here.
  4. Curious. Does anybody know if he grew up here or came to Whitehouse post-Mahomes? Just wondering if that history is drawing QB transfers.
  5. JV Score: Whitehouse 42 Jacksonville 0 Know that doesn't translate to varsity, but Jacksonville's JV struggled about every way possible.
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