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  1. From what I understand, the chat was disabled on the FNF App because of the situation with Hirschi and Graham.
  2. Is there really a reason to vote on the winner, this game will be over in the pregame.
  3. I can understand your frustration, however the firing was not the fault of the new coach. Too often we blame the wrong people for the wrongs of others.
  4. I heard he moved back to Bremond and played for them this season. I think he was a Texas commit.
  5. Multiple move ins this year from 4A-6A levels sure do help as well. Torres has done a great job this year. Good luck to the Bulldogs.
  6. What are the numbers they are predicting at each level? Will they drop or go up from last alignment?
  7. If Malakoff in Round two had been able to kick extra points, they would not have beaten Malakoff. Yoe beat them by 1, and Mally missed five of six extra points.
  8. I believe there was a Middle School game scheduled before Malakoff had to change their schedule. Maybe one day soon, we will bring back the old rivalry. Still not productive for either team at the Varsity level right now.
  9. After a 1-9 season in 2019, The Kerens Bobcats are headed to the playoffs. Coach Ted Patton and his staff did a great job this year. The young Bobcats were in every game, and are just a few points and minutes from being 8-2 on the season. The future is bright in Kerens.
  10. Cedar Hill was a 4th place team about 7 or 8 years ago, got hot and won state. So you never know. I always see a lot of complaining about 4th place teams making it in the playoffs. It allows a community to have some sort of pride at the end of the season. Yes, they are not going to win it all for the most part, but they get an extra week of practice or two for their young guys. I see nothing wrong with it.
  11. The first round of the playoffs should be hosted by the higher seed. After that, I would be fine with neutral sites. It is extremely difficult for all of the lower classifications to find a neutral site in week 1. Week 2 is difficult at times as well. Good luck to everyone making the playoffs this year. Can't wait for Championship weekend at AT&T. It will be fun.
  12. At some point either team will have to look at the State Championship game being on a Thursday for 3A DI. So they need to get away from Saturday games ASAP. Friday is the best night for Mally since they played last Saturday. Coaches are still finalizing their game plan this am before practicing this afternoon. Good Luck to both teams as they have beat folks they were not supposed to beat to get here.
  13. Without their stud QB Whitney is in trouble. What happened to the QB? He is a difference maker.
  14. That QB is the real deal. He will get them some wins by himself.
  15. Just described every baseball coaches town. Baseball has to be the toughest sport to coach, because every daddy thinks they know more than you.
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