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  1. Wish I would be available to go to this one. My luck not one game at the tomato bowl while i was off. Lol. Should be one of the better games of the year.
  2. There are definitely still good people there. I know many and still talk with them. Many of my family are still there. The fact is that the businesses coming in, aren’t bringing enough jobs to bring back the town. It is nice to have some of these businesses and they are a step in the right direction, but with out any jobs other than the prison system and Walmart, Houston county’s two largest employers, the town will continue in decline. I don’t have the answers to this issue, but I think much of the problems stems from years of not being a business friendly town, and I just hope that it isn’t too little too late. I truly love the area but I would not move back in the current state, most likely. Plus property values are way too over priced for anyone who isn’t retired or well off to buy. Someone looking to come in and raise a family would be hard pressed to find reasonable real estate in the area. With no industry and no jobs I don’t see how the market is what it is. This all spills over into the school itself. My family has told me that the drop out rate is staggering. I was really surprised to hear it was as bad as it was.
  3. Growing up in and around Crockett and still have family living there, it is sad to see the shape of the town now. I remember right after high school I was working for one of the new businesses that had moved in and they projected Crockett to grow and to prosper. It has done just the opposite in the last 16 years. I go down and I don’t go around town anymore. It has dried up and the people just seem to accept it for the most part. I expect to see them fall even further down in population soon. It’s a shame
  4. Congrats Timpson. I hope a region 3 team can beat the region 4 winner.
  5. Looks like Lumberton is just running out of gas on defense.
  6. Great season Carlisle. Was torn on this one as I got love for both LL and Carlisle. Go get Mart next week, Lions.
  7. I think the rain is messing with their equipment maybe either the service… Only thing I can think of.
  8. No matter how this one ends up Lumberton has earned respect tonight.
  9. Man I was hoping to be able to go back in forth on this one and the Timpson game…. Honestly this may have been one of the most anticipated games in the state along with Celina and Anna. I guess Carthage vs Gilmer is up there as well.
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