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  1. Congrats Timpson. I hope a region 3 team can beat the region 4 winner.
  2. Looks like Lumberton is just running out of gas on defense.
  3. Great season Carlisle. Was torn on this one as I got love for both LL and Carlisle. Go get Mart next week, Lions.
  4. I think the rain is messing with their equipment maybe either the service… Only thing I can think of.
  5. No matter how this one ends up Lumberton has earned respect tonight.
  6. Looks like it was a great game. Congratulations to Newton on the win.
  7. Man I was hoping to be able to go back in forth on this one and the Timpson game…. Honestly this may have been one of the most anticipated games in the state along with Celina and Anna. I guess Carthage vs Gilmer is up there as well.
  8. Just looked at the list of games being streamed and this one is not on it…. It’s a shame.
  9. I believe it is on the NFHS network. Well I looked and I’m not seeing it listed
  10. I wonder why the Mart vs Bowie game isn’t being streamed?
  11. So who’s the home team? Also are tickets available for presale?
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