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  1. Being a graduate from this school and many in my family as well, I believe the UIL did what they had to do. It is a complete embarrassment to me the lack of competence displayed today by a “head of a school”. No doubt there needs and will be changes coming. I am saddened by the loss of the chance for all the students effected by the lack leadership. The buck lies at Alto ISD’s feet though. Everyone is aware, that has kept up with football in the state of Texas, the severity of the punishments for just such “mistakes/ lack of communications”. It would not be right to ask the schools that did their job correctly to carry the burden of Alto’s mistakes. Yes it sucks, I care very much about Alto, the school and the success of the programs there, but the rules were broken. No matter the intent.
  2. https://www.ketk.com/news/local-news/high-school-student-dies-after-collapsing-during-basketball-game-in-alto/?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR1-J5XzuBkOr994VWAEANHQQAoAYz7ZY7FCxxXAODLDg0tc2tYsnrKqx_A
  3. The student’s name was Vonte Mumphrey.
  4. The student passed away. Please send up a prayer for the family and the rest of the community. No real details about what happened.
  5. Tonight a student collapsed from Alto while playing in a basketball game. Please send up a prayer if you would.
  6. https://www.thecherokeean.com/l/a/49336?ssms=989MZT I’m not as invested in town as I used to be so I don’t know any of the goings on. Had some high hopes for the program though when he was hired.
  7. https://www.thecherokeean.com/l/a/49336?ssms=989MZT Don’t know any more then that.
  8. Going to be a good district for sure. At least top 3.
  9. Congratulations to Franklin! Been pulling for y’all all year!
  10. State Championship Pickems: May Strawn Shiner Falls City Lorena Franklin Stephenville Gilmer College Station South Oak Cliff North Shore Austin Westlake
  11. Good ball game by both clubs. Great season to the wildcats. I believe Franklin takes it next week.
  12. By DCTF prediction 3A D 1 District 11 would be a heck of a district. Cameron Yoe Franklin LRA Lorena McGregor Rockdale Troy Thats a district to be proud to be champion of In football.
  13. I don’t see them leaving before Chilton but either way region 3 is loaded in 2A Div 2
  14. I wonder if this will push mart out of region 3 now or if they stay in. Going to be a tough region either way.
  15. This would be a cool district I think Lovelady will probably go into another district. This would be interesting though for sure.
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