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  1. Pulling for the tigers but the panthers are a tough task.
  2. Crockett loses via Forfeit to Lorena Diboll is defeated 27-0 by Halletsville. Season is over for this district. Expect to see these teams make a better run next year.
  3. Heck of a ball game. Congrats to Normangee but great effort by Carlisle. Wish I could’ve seen this one.
  4. Oh I understand that completely. Thing is that they have for years made sure to take the fight out of most of the population by making them dependent upon the infrastructure so as it is harder to fight and harder to unite enough people to make a difference.
  5. It isn’t on NFHS. Watched Hearne/Beckville game on there last night along with 2-3 others. Worth the $11 dollars for the month last night. Really was hoping this game was on it tonight.
  6. It’s a shame when these players especially seniors who have played this game their whole lives are robbed of games due to a virus. Never imagined Crockett forfeiting a game especially in the playoffs to this. They haven’t ever been ones that have backed down in the past. I hope that this goes away soon. I don’t care about the politics of it or anything now. Just want it to go away. Fear is controlling the population whether it is merited or not. Work for many people is changing, day to day life is changing. It really hasn’t effected myself too much but if I test positive I’m o
  7. Pulling for Carlisle but I feel Normangee takes it. I have Normangee and Timpson for the regional final.
  8. https://www.ktre.com/2020/11/18/crockett-forfeits-area-playoff-game-lorena/?fbclid=IwAR0UWkQpGAxx7RFizWPQVlxZsMs5UVb-8MLC7nga2lOR__QSd_ZByYC-sBg Crockett is done.
  9. https://www.ktre.com/2020/11/18/crockett-forfeits-area-playoff-game-lorena/?fbclid=IwAR0UWkQpGAxx7RFizWPQVlxZsMs5UVb-8MLC7nga2lOR__QSd_ZByYC-sBg So Crockett will not play tomorrow.
  10. Yes and Alto and Hemphill If I remember correctly. Not sure of who else. Preseason Alto was picked to win the district. Was one of the only times Alto hasn’t made the playoffs since the 80’s and both state champs came out of the district
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