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  1. I believe Alto wins this one relatively handily. Give me Alto 42 - Groveton 13
  2. The last few years I have done the percentages on the seeding wins. The 4 seeds always advance 15-20% of the time from the 1st round. In the smaller school’s that percentage is closer to the 20% of the 4 seed won in the first round. I used to think that there was too many with 4 but many districts are so much weaker top to bottom then others.
  3. Shelbyville should win but I’m picking the upset. SA pulls it out late.
  4. Well it could be interesting if Leon picks up a win over Grapeland- I am expecting Grapeland to win. If Normangee wins over Centerville we better get our pencils sharpened. StingEm you got the points figured yet?
  5. I believe Leon picks up the next two games and pulls into the 4th spot. The Grapeland Leon game will be close but I feel they will pull it off. I feel that Alto will take it this week. Groveton honestly will probably end up winless which is so weird knowing the history and pride of that program. I expect this order when it’s all said and done. Centerville Alto Normangee Leon Grapeland Groveton
  6. I’m a transplant to Jacksonville and I see what you see. One thing I have seen is that it starts in the stands as well. The culture of winning starts with the town. From what I have seen the games in Jacksonville is more of a social gathering then supporting the team and their accomplishments. I saw at least decent turn out but the atmosphere wasn’t what I have experienced in other places. Winning culture has to start with expectations from the town. It can be bad in some cases as expectations can be too high but it without any expectation of winning you will never build the culture.
  7. Franklin rolling on! Looks like another good shot at getting to Jerry’s world.
  8. Congrats to coach Meeks and the rest of the gang over in Center. Hopefully this is the spark to get things going.
  9. Alto, Centerville and Normangee win this week. All three are in the playoffs barring something crazy. Normangee and Centerville are locked in for sure. Centerville - 3-0 - Has Grapeland and Normangee left Normangee - 3-0 - Has Alto and Centerville left Alto - 2-1 - Has Normangee and Groveton left Grapeland - 1-2 - Has Centerville and Leon left Leon - 0-3 - Has Groveton and Grapeland left Groveton - 0-3 - Has Leon and Alto left
  10. Colmesneil @ Cross Roads Cushing @ Overton West Sabine @ Lovelady Mt. Enterprise @ Tenaha KIPP Sunnyside @ West Hardin Saving Grace Academy @ Chester
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