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  1. The Science is proving otherwise. Had the experiment with lifting the mask mandate created more contractions of the virus then I would say it failed. It hasn't, and I check the numbers weekly now vs. daily back from March - May. Many said that it would fail, and that put many Texans at risk. So whose hypothesis was correct teacher ? India has a mask mandate, and they are having another surge in contractions. I realize that India's population is only second to China, and they live in close confines, yet they are again experience a crisis. Which makes me wonder if the Wuhan survives extre
  2. So if the renter leased all 12 bedrooms out at $1500 a month he would receive $18000 a month from his tenants. That seems reasonable to me. Why it needs 16 bathrooms is beyond me, but I suppose if each room housed a couple that would be 32 people. I know some apartments still have only one bathroom per floor. At least that was the case when I thought about moving to Honolulu, Hawaii. One such apartment complex had 8 rooms on each floor with only one bathroom for all residents to use, and the rent was $700 a month back in 1996. I wouldn't even pay $1500 a month for a 1 bedroom place. I'm
  3. Warriors forward Damion Lee was vaccinated and has contracted the Wuhan, but I'm guessing he's part of the 5% that could still be effected. It only has a 95% rate for some, and I believe one of them is only 89%. I'd have to look up which one's have the best effective rate. I told my boss if they'd pay me 50% of the tax break they receive for each employee that is vaccinated that I would get it, and they balked.
  4. How are those Wuhan numbers now in Texas after the mask mandate was lifted ? Such neanderthal thinking actually is working out. Oregon wants to make their mask mandate permanent, and they were talking about going back to a quarantine. Many business are still closed there.
  5. I actually like what Montana and South Carolina has done. I wish Texas would do it too. There are so many help wanted signs in all industries here in Houston, and they can't get workers. If people can't find a job right now, it's because they don't want one, because it's easier to live off the unemployment. I could have stayed unemployed, until my employer called me back, but I was scared and my money was almost out. I kept going up there and begging to come back to work.
  6. The MSM is cool with that so they can keep praising Biden.
  7. I went to Sportsclips here in Houston for my last one, and they told me I could take my mask off when I entered. I kept it on, because there were a few people waiting. I did take it off when she started cutting my hair, because I wanted a proper cut with no whitewalls over my ears. I don't know why some stylists want to do that.
  8. When they use racist terms and set racist policies then yes we do, and D's should as well, but they let it slide every time.
  9. Or even the Italians. One of the reasons that they mob started was to protect Italians from racism. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/12/opinion/columbus-day-italian-american-racism.html .
  10. You might want to check the ethnicity of Representative White. I already knew who he was, because I follow him on facebook. https://house.texas.gov/members/member-page/?district=19
  11. Name a single University or College in the United States that does not allow blacks. I can't name one. I realize in some states that there maybe a small percentage of black students, but those are generally in states that have a low % of blacks that live in those states. Some schools do have stringent academic standards to enroll, but many of those colleges and universities have diversity programs to increase the number of minority students at those campuses.
  12. Again, that was under the old Biden law passed in 1994. Trump destroyed it. Hopefully that will be corrected, but under Biden who knows.
  13. It was Biden's bill as a Senator that put so many black people behind bars, and Trump ended that. Of course it's still DontheCon's fault according to you, and not the current President in the White House. Then his Vice President was incarcerating thousands of blacks as a DA for marijuana use, but she herself admitted that she was a past toker. It would be a hoot if Biden brought back his old law that he passed, because it seems he's been trying to undo all the good that Trump has done for this country.
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