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  1. Then Mr. Clyburn wants to protect President Biden and VP Harris for being skeptical of the vaccine because the comments were made before the election. VP Harris even stated that if then President Trump asked Americans to get it she would not do it. There are many reasons why the black Americans are afraid to get the vaccine, and I would place VP Harris comment as about 5% of those fears. I completely understand their hesitancy for the major reasons as well. We keep hearing that ex-President Trump to this day is anti vaccine, but he has had it administered, and he has stated that it's a won
  2. Well I'm seeing more and more people being infected with the Delta variant and hospitalization is way up again. What's demented Joe doing about it other than asking people to become vaccinated ? The bad part of it is many of those vaccinated are now contracting it.
  3. They also wine and dine the doctors to encourage them to prescribe their medications as well. I know that first hand. They would rent out an entire room at La Villeta when it was open in Tyler and they didn't hold back on anything. Every employee wanted to work those nights, because the tabs were huge and they tipped accordingly. Then they actually pay them to prescribe those medications. https://gizmodo.com/big-pharma-money-really-does-influence-what-doctors-pre-1840563909
  4. This tells us who actually is an enemy of the state, and why they support Biden. They hate America, and want us to fall into socialism or communism.
  5. She might as well just close up shop unless she's the only accountant in that town. It was ignorant to say. I would think she didn't need any employees in a town of less than 18,000. Now the entire town knows she's a racist.
  6. I'm not defending him at all on his taxes. We all know if he did something wrong with his taxes the I.R.S. would have been all over him.
  7. Some said it was a hoax, but didn't say it would go away after the election. Only about two or three people did that I remember.
  8. Then things have changed, because when we were sent to the library during class it was to do research. We had a librarian and an aide. If we disrupted class it was off to the Principals office or the teacher doled out punishment with a paddle. Sounds like a bunch of Sweathogs until they had the right teacher.
  9. The vaccine is worthless. Yet they want to get to the point that they force everyone to get it.
  10. He doesn't have to release anything. The I.R.S. does. As I've stated before, they have all the records, and if anything wasn't properly done they would have sought payment and added interest. This is a non-story now. We can all tell you're as giddy as a little school girl.
  11. Not many said it on here. I would bet everyone heard it from somebody in passing, but I didn't see many say it was all for the election. More like it was released by China to inflict on the World.
  12. For most people it is, but you were the one harping the entire time during Trump's administration that people were dying. Sure the weak were, and those with compromised immune systems, but for 98% of the rest of U.S. it was just a cold or flu.
  13. Yep, not only with the illegals, but telling Americans that we had victory over the virus : https://www.aol.com/president-biden-absolutely-declared-victory-140703428.html .
  14. I love the Old Gray Wolf's take on the merger. Longhorns' first official SEC meeting (streamable.com)
  15. Who knows what she's studying, but if it's a liberal arts degree she won't make much money doing it. I used to want to be a sports reporter, and then I found out how much many of them make unless they were big and it's not much especially right out of college. Today good luck finding a paper to work for unless you're an upper echelon writer. A beat writer or a writer for a local paper isn't going to pay the bills.
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