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  1. Actually gas prices are going to be lower, because oil is also falling in price. Natural gas prices are still going up, so that's going to be a bigger bill for electricity and heating this winter.
  2. Only possibly in the States that have the mandates. There's no way I would want to be a teacher today, and not because of the pay. The reason would be is the way kids act today in school. Parents are slackers when it comes to discipline.
  3. San Diego State Michigan Kansas State Alabama Oklahoma State Wake Forest Clemson Texas Kentucky Texas A&M *Tiebreaker: 58
  4. He wasn't violating the law by providing sidewalk counseling to those that wanted it. The charges were dropped in the State of Pennsylvania, and that's when all of this should have ended. Instead much like the Indian drummer the 72 year old man wanted to go after a 12 year old kid who was probably there because his father wanted him to be there. The kid was probably only observing things or on his cell phone. I doubt the later, but it's possible. I see this case as a 50/50 depending on where the trial is held.
  5. I have the Giants winning 24-17, because I don't trust Rush. The Cowboys do have the talent everywhere else to win this game, and if the Defense has their A game then they could pull out a win.
  6. I need to find out who voted for Texas. They don't even deserve a Top 20 vote after being beat by Texas Tech.
  7. The only things Beto appeals to are those that love killing babies in the womb, legalization of marijuana, no voter ID, and gun control nuts. Beto wants open borders, reduce police forces by increasing social workers and diversion courts, and he wants to tax corporations in Texas by raising their property taxes thus giving them the incentive to move to other states. I'll stick with shutdown Abbott over Beto. He's better than this clown.
  8. If S.F.A. was playing backups after the 1st half then I see nothing wrong here.
  9. What happens when they manufacture all of these goods and truckers can't get them to their destinations thanks to all of the stupid vaccine mandates in many of these states ? Lift the retarded mandates and more people would be back at work. We can thank Democratic run blue states for inflation as well as Biden's incessant spending.
  10. They're just too tuckered out after 4 quarters. While they came back from a 10-0 deficit, they couldn't take care of bidness as the Oilers did for a few years.
  11. Funny thing is ABC was telecasting ever Aaron Judge at bat today. I know MLB won't count it, but if Judge gets to 62 he holds the record in my book. All the rest above Maris were roid users.
  12. This shows how anti-American business he is. I think it's only going to keep going lower with this idiot in charge.
  13. Ex-President Obama could have set the perfect example by feeding them, and allowing them to sleep on his vast estate. Instead we hear your clamoring that they need to be housed and fed. They've been trekking for thousands of miles, sleeping outside, and eating wherever they could. Why not let them camp on his estate or would that be too harsh in your opinion. I'm sure all they wanted to do was bed down, have a decent meal, and find a job.
  14. So, let me get this right. We as Christians and followers of Christ are commanded to obey the laws of the land and those that govern us. Now, I'm a hypocrite.
  15. Until Biden stops the mandated vaccinations they do have to continue them. President Biden has to rescind the order. I thought the left was following the Science : Is the COVID-19 pandemic really 'over'? Experts weigh in (aol.com) . I'll just say this much, the chances of dying from the virus are still out there. Take your own precautions. If you contract it, you could die just as with the flu. Get your exercise, go outside and get your Vitamin D, wash your hands, and if you have a feeling you're sick call off from work. If you're willing to take chances, go ahead, but don't push your beliefs on others that might still wear a mask or whatever they do to remain virus free.
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