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  1. I came across this last night, and I honestly think this is the best tribute to both Marty and his brother Sid.
  2. Strong winds topple National Christmas Tree outside White House (aol.com) Regardless of how you see it, to me it's just another example of the ineptness of the current Administration. What has gone right under Biden ? I'm sure some dumbocrat can give me one good thing out of the Biden Administration. Heck, I've already forgotten the one positive thing I've said about him in the past three years.
  3. Poor, poor, people of color. They don't realize that we're all related more than once. Anyone that thinks they're a blue blood is wrong in their thinking regardless of the melatonin that we're born with. We're all children of God, but attack, attack, attack. It was wrong before, and it's still wrong today.
  4. Just making a phone call. Haven't you ever watched Green Acres ???
  5. Any kid that was born in the mid to late 60's saw every show they produced. The Chevy Show at Six Flags over Texas was the setting for "Lidsville". As a kid, we didn't realize it was a drug reference just a bunch of silly nonsense that drug use is. Even the Banana Splits were created by Marty.
  6. I'm actually enjoying this series, but it is 5 seasons long with about 10 episodes for each season. King Arthur is a clodpole. It is a bit woke, but I can deal with some of that.
  7. I agree with this. If you're scared to go out then stay at home. The flu or some virus has been spreading at my workplace. Not only are co-workers coming in sick, but guests as well. Barry thinks that only healthy people should go out in public. That's not going to happen in the world we live in. Some people live less than paycheck to paycheck and have to work to live. They don't get sick time to stay at home. My employer does pay sick time, but it's a fraction of what someone makes in a day. Ride any public transportation this time of year and you're going to have hackers, coughers, and snorters on that bus or train. No one is going to test someone to see if they are sick anymore.
  8. I heard they taste like McDonald's or School Cafeteria hamburgers back in the 80's. Tru Storie !!! Kangaroo meat for Jack in the Box tacos for you too.
  9. Liberty Washington Texas Toledo Boise State Georgia SMU Troy Michigan Florida State *Tiebreaker: 96
  10. I didn't know that U of H, BYU, Colorado, Cincinnati, Baylor, and TCU weren't going to be in the Big XII anymore. I'm not going to go through every conference, but this is wrong.
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