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  1. I agree. Some however want the Supreme Court to set the laws to their liking.
  2. I hated all of them, and flipped the radio station as soon as the intro hit. Strange fact about me, I used to listen to the radio going to sleep at night. "Mr. Roboto" would come on and wake me up every time and I would turn the radio off when it came on because it irritated me so much.
  3. He's lost more money than all Presidents combined since becoming President. All the while Biden keeps lining his pockets with cash.
  4. Jeffy doesn't look like either his Mom or Dad or his brother and sister. I think he was adopted.
  5. R.I.P. . I still have a couple of his baseball cards since he was still playing when I began collecting. He's probably the last of the all time greats that played before 1960.
  6. Your students must not like you. Back in the day they used to bring them an apple.
  7. A guy that married his babysitter vs. a guy that was legally extorted money from and allowed by a corrupt judicial system in New York. I'll vote for the President that put money in my wallet and that was President Donald J. Trump. Where is President Trump, now that we need him more than ever now ?
  8. Winter Storm Warning for Two States as Heavy Snow To Hit (msn.com)
  9. I'd actually call that the new $5 and $100 the new $20.
  10. Do you know how many Godzilla movies there are ? There have to be a billion of those. True he does destroy New York a couple of times.
  11. Vacation only because of Christie Brinkley.
  12. It's also to know who your constituency is. If you don't know 3 drag queens in San Francisco, then you don't live in San Francisco. I can only think of Uncle Miltie, Dame Edna, RuPaul, Geraldine Jones (Flip Wilson), Wanda, and Josephine and Daphne from "Some Like it Hot".
  13. I always leave them a tip even if it's the drive thru. My order is never wrong, and sometimes there's extra stuff in it or they don't charge me for my drink. It's the same at Subway. I buy three Macadamia nut cookies every week, and the manager doesn't charge me for my refill. It works if you're a regular at a restaurant.
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