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  1. These were just bad cops. Too bad it took a death for someone to see that they were bad apples.
  2. If you love the game you'll play as long as you can. I don't think kids ever get burned out of playing they just didn't like the game or found an interest that was more exciting. See Tom Brady.
  3. I concur, and if your an assistant D.A. you should know every facet of the law. I would love to see the bar exam for the State of Washington.
  4. I've already read the Communist Harvard review, which is far more intelligent explaining of what your ilk considers the Modern Day Federalist Society which is far from the truth. It's your way of rewriting history. Just as it is with CRT. I assure you that I could still ace any History test not written by a liberal, and I do so on a daily basis when I play trivia. History doesn't change, but I can see your side attempting to change it.
  5. I wish I could post the "Boogie Nights" "Sister Christian" scene, and while it wasn't exactly like that. There might have been some classical music being played instead of Night Ranger.
  6. The "vicious attack" didn't happen before the police arrived, but after the police arrived. That tells me two things. There were drugs involved, as shown by the smiling faces when Paul opens the door. They're holding hands, and Paul isn't being held hostage or bound in any way. While the assailant is fully dressed, Paul seems to be half dressed with a shirt and let's give him a benefit of the doubt, so well call them shorts. What kind of attacker is going to go to the front door with his hostage ? There is no video of what happened while said attacker was inside the home. What kind of security is that ???? The police arrived and even somewhat one officer corrected the other on the house address number. The cop asks for the assailant to give them the hammer. He responds "Nope" and then bludgeons Paul in the head. My summation a stupid drug deal gone wrong.
  7. My Daddy never locked his guns up, and I knew exactly where they were all of them. However, he and my 4 brothers taught me gun safety. Even in my teenage years I respected the rule to Never touch his guns without permission. I would say that was the case for most kids in the 70's and 80's. The only guns that were loaded was his pistol and his 12 gauge in case of a break in. What's different today ? Parents don't teach their children gun safety or to respect their house rules.
  8. Life was good back then, unlike what the Communists would have you believe. You lived in the 80's, and you should know how different it was from 1979 to 1989. Bush Sr. changed Reagan's policies and Bill lapped it up to his Presidency. Then Bill's lunacy with providing housing for everyone when they couldn't even afford a loan caused the recession under Jr. that he couldn't handle.
  9. Just another connection with my namesake : I grew up when Leroy McGuirk also a birthday brother ran the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance. I grew up with Grizzly Smith (Jake the Snake's father), Dr. X, Killer Karl Kox, "Dirty" Dick Murdoch, "Bruiser" Bob Sweetan the Brass Knuckles Champion, Hippy Boyette, Silento Rodriguez, Porkchop Cash, The Spoilers I, II, and even III, Harley Race, Cowboy Bill Watts, Col. Christopher "Buck" Robley the 3rd when they called him yellow, and before he became Yellow Belly Buck Robley.
  10. The media is spinning this now, but I knew it all along. Some of these "Classified Documents" aren't really important, but when they found them at Mar-A-Lago with the Secret Service protecting them Trump was selling nuclear bomb codes to Russia. FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home for classified nuclear weapons documents – report | Donald Trump | The Guardian Now it's this : How classified documents became a schoolgirl's show-and-tell (aol.com) .
  11. The U.S. has no business being in this war, but Biden and his friends do. They've never been an ally, and they never will be. Doomsday Clock moves to 90 seconds to midnight, signaling more peril than ever : NPR .
  12. He's a fascist King George III type. He wants the Federal Government to have control over everything, and that's not what America was founded on.
  13. Hmm, in what way ? Do you know the difference ? Did you not study History ? Those on the Supreme Court are following what was shown in the past by giving States the rights they deserve according to the Constitution. How Federalism Settled States vs Federal Rights - HISTORY .
  14. When will some of you come to realize that it's what is in the heart and minds of people that is evil ? It is never the weapon of choice, yet guns are condemned in the U.S. because of shootings. They will just find another way. Since Barry brought up Asia I suppose he doesn't know of this ancient way of killing people, but even at this event it happened. 6 killed, including 3 kids, by kite strings at India festival (nypost.com) . It's not the weapon of choice, but the intent of the sick individual that committed murders since Cain.
  15. As shown, it's not as secure as many believe. Maybe when you're walking out of an office it is, but not out of a residence. At least Trump had his papers locked up with the Secret Service watching. Biden and evidently Pence just kept their boxes willy nilly in various storage spaces garages, offices they were rarely at, and other unsecured places. I've read Biden has had documents found at four different locations. Yet, Trumps estate is raided. This is just one of the reasons I will vote for Trump again who worked for ALL Americans regardless. The Swamp has become the Circuses of Rome, but I think we need more than Trump to clean out the Aegean Stables that Heracles once did. It's full of filth and muck for All Americans.
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