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  1. I have read their topics. Have you been to their main website ? I have and spent several hours reading what they want to teach. The 1619 Project • Critical Race Training in Education . I don't blindly follow along with a crowd. I have to educate myself on a topic so that I can either accept it or reject it. They tackle many subjects and not just laws that have impacted the lives of people of color in the past. Since you were unable to show a current law that affects people of color today, unless you want to say our immigration laws, those have already been corrected. The thing about our immigration laws is they are applied to all people of all colors. There are many white people that want to immigrate to the United States, but they can't due to our quota's. Our immigration laws are to protect American Citizens jobs and our economy.
  2. The thing is how many lecturers allow for questioning their opinion at the end of their opinionated thoughts on historical events ? I would doubt that few do, because they want their perception of the facts to be held as truth. I believe the same would be done by school teachers if it was allowed in public schools. Many professors and teachers already take this stance when it comes to the curriculum that they are teaching. If a student fails to parrot how they perceive the truth, and state otherwise they will fail them. I believe that many teachers will do the same with CRT, because whether they accept the students version they will fail them for not grasping the opinion of the lesson that they were taught. I excelled at History when I was in school. I still read World and American History books that are used in Universities and Colleges. There is no way that I could answer a question outside of it's true historical context. That is what I think we are truly dealing with when it comes to CRT. It is to erase History, and teach it in a manner that is half true. Since we live in Texas, I haven't read the book "Forget the Alamo" by Bryan Burrough, Chris Tomlinson, and Jason Stanford. However I have read the excerpts in the Houston Chronicle, and it is filled with lies. Many may not remember the battles that were happening against Spain with the Republican Army of the North. The Battle of Medina was the deadliest battle ever fought in Texas and it was in 1813 with 1400 soldiers that were mostly Tejano fighters. Yet, CRT only wants to say it was whites that fought for slavery in Texas, now. Come on. Texas Independence was to be free from Mexican rule, and the seeds had been planted long before the Texas Revolution. The battle cry wasn't "For Slavery", and no one could show me where it was entirely based on slavery there were far greater issues involved.
  3. I think they could easily still have the check points, but not in the way that they are currently doing it. All they would have to do is have police cars at various spots from venue exits, and if they see someone driving erratically then pull them over for cause. However to check every driver coming from an event is where I see the problem. I've never encountered one, but I know that they are around from videos and news stories. They make every driver blow to check for intoxication. I think one should have the ability to have representation if they are pulled over for drunk driving, because the penalties are so high for one.
  4. They should ban it in all 50 states. If they did it would decrease the congestion with all of the tankers loaded with goods. Biden is just too stupid to not try and ease the inflation that his and his cronies policies have created.
  5. The problem is the courts have ruled again against a mandate. The only genocide that should happen is if someone contracts the virus and passes from it. That won't happen since the survival rate after contracting the virus is so high. Let's say that all people that are unvaxxed are killed. Will that make the virus go away ? As we have seen it will not, because even those that are vaccinated are still contracting the virus. The left is so simpleminded and stupid with their emotional intellect that they want to proclaim is based on Science.
  6. The article isn't about CRT. It lists ways to respond to what CRT teaches. Have you read CRT, and do you accept it as 100% truth or as I do just the opinion of the author that wrote the synopsis of their beliefs of why things in History happened ? Almost every single aspect that CRT presents on any given historical event since 1649 they say were based on racist thinking, at that oppressing people of color was the intended result of historical event. It is the goal to center it specifically on blacks and in some instances Native Americans. Why they failed to bring up the building of railroads across this nation is beyond me. Maybe the have Sinophobia. For example one could make a case in regards to that. However what they would fail to understand is that people from Asia were not recruited initially to build the railroads. They came to California in search of gold, and then applied for jobs to build the railroads if they did not find gold. CRT would say that the railroads actively recruited them in Asia and brought them to America simply to gain profit by subjecting Asians only to build the railroads in terrible conditions. They would completely leave out the true historical context, and say this is why it happened. That is the problem with CRT.
  7. He does if you want to live in a cave, make a tent, or a lean to. People were living rent free until the Government came along in most parts of the world. It wasn't until man began creating towns and cities, and then making kings, ceasars, pharaohs, etc. and they began taxing the land.
  8. That's not it at all. The reason that rent has gone up is because property values have gone up. My property tax value shot up another $30,000 this year. There is no way my house could double in value in only 11 years, and it's worth more than triple what we paid for it. Auctions can be very cheap ways to purchase property when the housing market is low. I expect housing prices to come down if people don't get back to work and catch up on how far they are in arears.
  9. Not really what I can't believe that none of the libtards have mentioned the new apps that allow people to buy stock online. I never got into Robin Hood, but I believe at one time you could borrow the money to play the stock market, and only had to pay the money back if the stock you chose lost money. That wasn't around that I know of before Trump was President. We'll see how it responds this coming week, but I'm not buy that the new Wuhan strain has anything to do with it. I think that's the media's way of covering for the terrible President we have.
  10. I just saw a meme on facebook, and it's odd that it applies to this thread and it read : Whenever one person stands up and says, "Wait a minute, this is wrong." It helps others to do the same. That's how it works with the law. What's odd is we didn't see massive protests in the 50's when Republicans passed the first Civil Rights Act for all people, except from Democrat politicians. It wasn't Republicans that were pushing for Jim Crow Laws to continue. When I chose to be a die hard Conservative and Republican in the late 70's as a boy it was because of what I saw Democrats do in the past. Yet now, anything is considered racist by Republicans by Democrats, because it's for all Americans to be equal and not to divide U.S., but unite U.S. each as an individual not based on skin color, but how laws are applicable to all people of color. There shouldn't be any laws or injustice towards anyone of race. It should all be equal. In America people of all races can be rich to poor. The only way to become either is through hard work regardless of your race.
  11. I did notice gas prices went from $2.77 down to $2.68 one of the first times it has happened during a holiday weekend. With that being said unless we begin producing oil again gas prices will only go back up.
  12. Some places can have 100 degree temps, but it is usually mild up there. I'd say most of her problems are do to over eating or eating foods that aren't healthy for her. That has nothing to do with any climate change.
  13. Then you haven't been paying attention or you weren't in the political forum when those laws were brought into question. If I could find the thread, I would say the majority of us said that they shouldn't be on the books.
  14. That is in essence a protest as well. It's a loaded question regardless of any law that has been changed. Now answer me this what laws on the books are currently racist today ?
  15. Actually slavery is allowed in the Bible, but it was more of being an indentured servant to pay off debts. In the case of Jacob to marry first Leah and then Rachel, but he wanted Rachel in the first place. That is a little different however than what has been practiced across the world at some time or another.
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