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  1. They need to do something about the drugs that they're prescribing to these kids that make them loose cannons. I've already shown links to almost all of these mass shootings to teens and young adults that have been prescribed these drugs. Of course we never hear about that in the initial reports, it's simply about the guns that were used, and those that are left dead. Somethings setting them off, and it's not a gun. I'm going to show it again : 37 Mass Shooters Who Were On Antidepressants | Thought Catalog .
  2. I'm not sure if this is because of rolling blackouts or because of the light rain we had today. I didn't lose power. See where Houston’s outages are happening now (click2houston.com)
  3. The best Cajun Food I ever ate in my life, unfortunately they shut down. I've eaten Cajun food at many places, and they were the best I ever had. For it to be a buffet was amazing.
  4. Sounds like a place I wouldn't want to eat at. The best I've ever had was Cajun Charlie's in Sulphur, La that was pretty close to you Retiredfan1. Did you ever eat there ? Pancho's is still the best in Texas. I'm not big on Chinese food, but China Sea near Tomball is the best I've had anywhere in the United States. Blue Dog Cafe in Lafayette had an outstanding Brunch buffet that had a mix of every cooking cuisine that Louisiana has.
  5. Another teenager shooting up the joint. Probably been taking ADHD drugs to calm him down. It's not the gun that is the common theme here.
  6. Hopefully, people will see and understand what is going on in California to prevent that. O'Rourke isn't the answer for Texas, and I can't say Abbott is either, but I'm going the KirtFalcon route with voting for a RINO.
  7. George Floyd statue to be unveiled at Harris County park on the anniversary of his death (houstonchronicle.com) While I have problems with the way George Floyd died, he was a criminal and committed a crime while the arrest was being attempted and went awry. Had a private person did this on their property, I would have no issue with it. However this is a public park, and while the statue was donated by a local artist it has no place in a public park. George Floyd was not a role model, and having a statue in this park shouldn't be there for children to look up to. He may have had some redeeming qualities, but they are turning him into a hero in his hometown.
  8. Californians have already been making the switch. Almost 1 million EV's are on the road in Cali. California is also pushing to make EV's the only vehicles sold in the state. 2022 California EV Trends & Electric Car Research (recurrentauto.com) . Houston is already experiencing rolling blackouts. I've had three nights in a row where the power went off for 30 minutes. I was sort of amazed that one happened last night with the cool front that came through. I didn't even use my AC last night. I just opened the windows upstairs and turned on a box fan in the window. It was 75 degrees inside when I woke up.
  9. I've read that a health care worker contracted it in Nigeria, and her husband contracted it from her. If it's spread sexually, I wonder if she was providing extra care for her patient in Nigeria. Monkeypox nurse's husband who 'caught virus from his wife' waits 12 hours for an ambulance | Daily Mail Online If that's the case, and it's only spread sexually I'd be seeking a divorce.
  10. If I were Tim Anderson, I would accept it as a compliment, and not racist at all. I just looked up his stats, and he's hitting really well this year and for the past 4 years batting over .300 and being an All Star in 2021 and placed 7th in MVP voting in 2020. Tim Anderson Stats | Baseball-Reference.com . Had his stats been lower then I would say it was disrespectful to Jackie Robinson. This is just another example of someone reaching for the race card when there's nothing racist about it.
  11. I would bet it happens in more restaurants than are published, but they never make it to court. It's usually done by poor management that wants their bonus. Some restaurants chains will pay a bonus even if the restaurant meets the goals that the franchise sets. Usually the goals are 25% or lower for payroll and food costs for a total of 50% of controllable costs on a P&L. I could list every detail on a restaurants P&L, because when I was a manager those had to be done at the end of every period. This actually happened at the restaurant that I worked for, and the entire management team was terminated. Several employees complained to HR about their hours being cut. We can print out our weekly timecard on Sunday at the end of the week, and many employees do that to keep from being shorted. Why this case made it to the NY Supreme Court is beyond me. Any judge should know and understand the Federal Laws when concerning overtime or any time that was shorted by an employer.
  12. Nope, there's usually one somewhere across the country. Some of them are only under investigation.
  13. This has nothing to do with politics. It has to deal with Catholic doctrine, and her support and defense for abortion is against God's teachings. I think she should be excommunicated for not discussing this with the priest.
  14. It should be spent on any debt that they owe. Almost if not all states owe money. That's why I thought the Bush surplus checks was the stupidest thing done by him.
  15. What is there a blackboard line or something ? Hardly a day goes by that I don't read of some teacher/student relationship. I could sort of understand if they were fresh out of college and the student was a senior, but some of these cases have age differences of over twenty years. The one's I really don't understand is a hot 20-30 year old female teacher with a 14 year old or less.
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