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  1. It's probably why Barry know more about them than the rest of us do. I don't know anything about them, except what Barry brings here on a monthly basis.
  2. Or has it been ? We'll see. They should have been fired as Reagan did with the air traffic controllers.
  3. Back when if you could get away with it, you did it. Some want to complain about it today. It's just a part of the game. RIP :
  4. Well the potential train strike could really cause diesel to at least have glitches in the delivery of diesel fuel. The Fake News reported that Biden had solved the strike, but I guess they were only pumping him up again. I'll have to take back the only kudo I've given him in his Presidency.
  5. In the 80's it was both music and reruns of black sitcoms. I remember watching it with friends who had cable. In the 90's is when they began to expand further into music and movies with Starz! .
  6. He invited a roundtable of black leaders several times to meet with them and hear them out or did you miss that thread. As for who makes them black leaders the communities they live in do. Pres. Trump holds roundtable with black leaders on race, police reforms | Politics News (christianpost.com) . He never met with NAACP leaders because they were hostile to his Presidency. They shouldn't have been, because he would have worked with them as well to find solutions. Trump did more for black communities in his 4 years than Obama and Biden have done in 10. Obama and Biden hand selected who they wanted to help based on votes that they worked to obtain for them. Trump worked for all black citizens regardless of party affiliation.
  7. They can't because they are blinded by politics, and not actually reading what has been happening across America. I realize it began during Trump's Administration, but Biden pushes further to destabilize our police forces. Some simply don't see why that is. They should study History, and we are seeing it before our eyes.
  8. Then why else would Biden's White House respond to Ye ? You are the one who is oblivious to your own party's loyalty and disloyalty. Keep supporting that ilk, and you will see.
  9. I could see how things had changed from the early to mid 70's, and now we seem to be going retrograde.
  10. I had to watch the Portugal vs. Uruguay game while I was eating Monday, and Rinaldo has to be the wimpiest player I have ever seen. I saw him fall down once not even being touched and once fell down when he tried to steal the ball from the backside of a Uruguay player. Yet he can jump all over players after a score. He's worse than Bill Laimbeer was. At least Laimbeer didn't fall down when he portrayed a sleestak on the original "Land of the Lost".
  11. Some crimes are down, but violent crime is still up across America. It's been trending that way since Covid, and hasn't stopped. There are articles after articles on it even from left leaning publications. Violent crime surged across America after police retreated (usatoday.com)
  12. That is acceptable to the left. Yet, Trump screamed at Ye according to reports, and that must be the real issue the left has. I think they left is just angry, because in October Kanye called Biden exactly what he is. Retarded.
  13. Anti-White, anti-police, anti-Jew, and you could go on and on. FLASHBACK: 'Stalk them and kill them,' Farrakhan says, calling for 10,000 volunteers to kill whites | Christian Examiner . That's okay with Barry and his party though.
  14. Your defense of your senile President and Administration shows how you follow what you are told, instead of reading what actually occurred. You are simply a blind follower to your party. Simply put, you are as Ms. Alyssa Milano in your negligence to understand how your party is going down the drain with your incessant wokeism. You don't even follow your own rules. If you condemn one, then you condemn all. Trump means nothing to me, but he is evidently in your head, the media, and even the White House that issued their statement today. Yet, you stand behind Biden who shook the hand of a Nazi apologist and cascaded praise on a KKK member. Do your rules not apply as well ? You want to be a victim. That doesn't hold up in my court. I've read the news articles on the "dinner" with Ye from various sources to come to my conclusion, and you only jumped to a conclusion. I pray that you do not teach English Lit or History, because you evidently don't know how to interpret anything except from one source.
  15. Even if she didn't she should have known about their emissions problems several years ago. It just goes to show how stupid they are with their wokeism. They only go woke on conservatives. We're seeing that with Biden and Trump's dinner guest that brought a guest.
  16. Watson throws plenty Browns 31 Texaint's 10
  17. UTSA USC TCU Toledo Coastal Carolina Georgia Tulane Boise State Michigan Clemson *Tiebreaker: 31
  18. We had already been divided before Trump. As I've stated also on here many times America isn't even close to how people were more accepting of one another in the 80's and 90's. The left changed all of that.
  19. I have not ever said that slavery was not a minor reason for secession, because it was still legal in the U.S.. Even Lincoln had no intention to end slavery, and has stated so. One of his reasons for freeing slaves was to win the Civil War. It is the left today and revisionists of History that want to make the Civil War only about slavery. Had the south stayed in the Union during Lincoln's Presidency and he tried to emancipate the slaves he would have been impeached and removed from office. Abolitionists in the North weren't as prevalent as many people think. Their numbers were few, yet they had a large sway politically. Martin Luther King Jr. himself stated the Northerners were more racist than southerners. What is strange to me is I thought Boston would be labeled the most racist city in America, and it's not even in the top 10, but they all are in Blue States. Most Racist Cities in America 2022 (worldpopulationreview.com)
  20. Come to Houston, and you'll hear and see it. At the Astros WS Parade there were several there with banners. The media just doesn't report on it, because that would be racist.
  21. When was the last decade that Chicago had a Republican Mayor or City Council ? They are the one's that set the local gun laws. As for Chicago's last true Republican Mayor you would have to go back to 1911. I wouldn't count William H. Thompson who had a friendly relationship with Al Capone. He was called a chameleon and not a RINO back then.
  22. The left supports the Ukraine and should never have given them a dime. The Hodgetwins owned lefty Alyssa Milano. This is pure gold.
  23. He's definitely a Nazi supporter. The evidence is clear on that guy. I had already done a little research on Nazi support in Western Ukraine, and it runs deep. Many Ukrainians should have been given the death penalty for their actions helping the Nazi's during WW II and running at least three concentration camps for the Nazi's in Poland and 8 combined. Movies have been made about their atrocities. I have personally watched two of them. "Escape from Sobibor" is an excellent movie to watch.
  24. Just do a little bit of easy research and you'll find out that he is a Nazi sympathizer for sure. Upon reading more of this dinner today, I found out that Trump did not invite Fuentes he was Kanye's guest. Yet as always the left makes a mountain out of a mole hill. I also don't have a problem with Biden shaking the Nazi supporters hand. He probably didn't know enough of his background either. Had it been Trump shaking his hand the left would have had a fit, and you would have been right there with them.
  25. Could it also be to change their minds ? According to this article Trump yelled at Kanye. Kanye West says Donald Trump screamed at him during dinner at Mar-a-Lago, telling Ye he will lose in 2024 if he runs for president (yahoo.com) . Of course Barry didn't want to post this article, he only wanted to stay with the condemnation of Orange Man. As for Fuentes, I don't know enough about him except he does have a following, and he's an idiot for thinking the Holocaust didn't happen.
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