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  1. I used those same geometry skills even before I took geometry and learned all of the formulas that I do today. Once I memorized the formulas I was good to go, but the first 6 weeks was terrible. Algebra was far easier for me, because it was like solving a puzzle in my mind.
  2. Trump also tried to downplay it, but the Dims did too at first. He foresaw what was about to happen to his great economy, and that's the last thing he wanted to happen. I actually think had we treated this like the flu then there wouldn't have been the mass hysteria that we've seen. There have never been a masked mandate, although they were suggested by Health Boards during the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic. Businesses weren't closed, but many people lived off the land at that time. While they did have closures in some American cities at the time Baltimore and St. Louis come to mind, it was not as widespread as it was in 2020. Sports events were only stopped because of WW I, but most of those events were in Europe, and not the U.S. . Health Officials simply messed up, because they feared hospitals would be overloaded, many back then wouldn't even go to the hospital for the Spanish Influenza, because they didn't have health insurance and they trusted home remedies.
  3. By their gravitational pull to some degree, but you would also have to account for our core that somewhat fights with those outside forces. However they could have more of an effect in a billion or more years due to this recent discovery. Earth's Core Is Cooling Faster Than Scientists Expected (msn.com)
  4. You've got that right. I still watch old reruns of the old Looney Tunes not that new PC rubbish Looney Tunes. We also had Super Friends, but I could have lived without the stupid wonder twins. The Flintstones, Pink Panther, Woody Woodpecker, Land of the Lost, The Krofft Supershow, Sigmund and the Seamonsters, Tarzan Lord of the Jungle, Spaceghost, Speedbuggy, Shazam/Isis, and I'll even add Fat Albert. Stoney's lie a school in summer, no class with his 80's cartoons. The best 80's cartoon was Mid South Wrestling and World Class Wrestling with the Von Erichs.
  5. This guy misses the main thing why Quinn probably took himself off the market, and that was who would want to take any of the opening jobs with the NFL teams. The Saints were the closest to making the playoffs, but they need a quarterback and what's the deal with Michael Thomas and his injury. He's been out a season and a half. This isn't a good year for drafting a QB either.
  6. How could it not ? Trump could not stop states from shutting down their economies, and thinking about it now, he shouldn't have signed the stimuless package. That would have made the citizens of those states to beg their Governors to open them back up.
  7. They weren't as affected by the pandemic and shutting down as many Mom and Pops and the average working man have had to deal with because of failed lock downs.
  8. It's not even close to where it was in February of 2020.
  9. Part of the reason the stock market did rise under Biden was because of inflation. Even during the Reagan years the stock market increased from 500 - 2000, but then he also had black Monday because of computerized trading that was fairly recent at that time. It still is a tale of the tape of the inflation that Biden has allowed to get out of control.
  10. We will never know now. Trump could have done exactly what Reagan did to end inflation in the 80's. At that time it was over 14%. Biden would never go that route, but Trump would have.
  11. If anyone is close to being a Russian plant it's Biden with all that he's doing for Russia. Personally I don't care about the Bread Basket of Europe and neither does Carlson. We aren't strong allies and never have been. Not a single American life should be endangered for the Ukraine, and if any Americans that are there haven't got out then they want to stay there. It will be far different than those that are still in Afghanistan that Biden left behind.
  12. The only problem I have with it being a black woman is they'll probably be some leftwing loon that thinks the Constitution is a living breathing document. The only way it is are by amendments by Congress. The last time an amendment was passed was in 1971. I already know it's going to be a leftist leaning socialist.
  13. Who's mad ? Maybe I need to peruse through the Breyer retiring thread, but I haven't heard anyone that's mad. The only thing that this article points out is there aren't many female black lawyers or judges. I think we all know that they're going to be a leftwing loon regardless of race or sex. It's inevitable.
  14. I did read it, and where his take was that Biden has slowed the progress in his tenure. You don't seem to grasp the issue of today's current market. Instead thinking of what Obama did vs. Trump, but what Biden is doing. I'm not discussing the past, but here today. While we are still in the midst of the Wuhan. gas prices continue to rise, because of our CURRENT PRESIDENT's policies. By the way : Omicron Deaths in U.S. Exceed Delta's Peak (msn.com) . More deaths = less consumers. Yet, prices still are rising. That Mr. Scholar is on Biden.
  15. I've been watching the stock market, but I've also been paying attention to other indicators of how the economy is going. It's not as good as the some think it is.
  16. It's the truth, and you just don't want to believe the truth. I will admit that increased consumption has led to a rise in gas prices, but we were energy independent under Trump. This is the first time I've read this article, but the writing is on the wall. You simply think Biden isn't the main cause. I'll take an expert over a Biden apologist. Is The U.S. Energy Independent? (forbes.com)
  17. That wasn't the case when I was in school, and shouldn't be the case. If that were the case many parents I know wouldn't allow their child to move on to the next grade. My best friend had to take summer school classes every year from the 2nd grade until the 6th grade. I wasn't surprised that it took him 7 years to receive his degree as an engineer. That was the way it was in High School in regards to credits, but some classes they didn't offer for summer school. I know one person that had to take Government again the next semester. It was the only class that they had to take though. I don't see how Geometry is important. The only thing I use it for is playing pool, but I don't work my shot out on paper. What else do you use it for ? I've done plumbing work by myself, but it was just replacing a broken pipe. I only needed to know the diameter of the pipe so I got the right part. Not many people go on to becoming clothing designers, interior designers, surveyors, and construction work can be done without a knowledge of geometry except by the person designing the home in my opinion. While Geometry is needed by a few people, most people don't use geometry outside of high school.
  18. That's what I meant by standing down. They won't have to raise a finger to help Russia, and they'll begin their takeover not only of Taiwan, but the China Sea as well. They've been positioning to do this for at least two decades. Germany has had good relations with Russia since WW II, and before WW I except for a few skirmishes. Part of the reason Russia is threatening Ukraine is over the Nord Stream pipeline. The Ukraine isn't a part of NATO yet, so I don't think they will do anything to jeopardize their relationship with Russia. I'm actually amazed Russia hasn't invaded yet with all I've been reading on it.
  19. I know that God can do anything that He desires in regards to the tectonic plates, but I think much of it has to do with the magma that is inside the Earth it's a molten sea so to speak, and that hardened layers will float and move on it.
  20. A lot of that was caused by extremism issued by the left. Solitary confinement except to buy food or essentials was the worst thing they could do for people's mental health. The the pro vaxxers and mask bullies are just as bad, and far more of them are out there. They were talking at work on when we wouldn't have to wear masks. I said I'm going to continue to wear one at work even if the hysteria of the virus wears off, and nobody is contracting it. I like not having to fake smile at work.
  21. I think a lot of the hype maybe psychological. People want to believe their symptoms are worse than they are. Some say men are bad at pulling that stunt, but I've heard it a lot more. The biggest complaint I've heard from my friends that have contracted it is the loss of smell and taste.
  22. I don't see how he was provoked. Most Americans are concerned with the inflation rate. I was doing better during the pandemic under Trump.
  23. Black is Beautiful: The Emergence of Black Culture and Identity in the 60s and 70s | National Museum of African American History and Culture (si.edu) . Doesn't matter does it ? You think that they were demonized. Not in my lifetime, maybe before, and it was wrong. It should have never happened. Yet you keep wanting to bring up the past.
  24. Exactly and Trump was never going to win over the leftist crowd, because they hated him from the start. Trump was never 50% or higher with his approval rating, because of his mean tweets. I would bet if their was an election right now, he would easily win. Biden has hurt America too bad in his first year. If we attack Russia if they invade the Ukraine there will be a WW III, and Russia has the capability to invade the U.S. now. China and Russia's relationship is very strong now because of Biden. China will just stand down, and let them do the dirty work if they want to. China-Russia relations in 2022: an alliance by any other name? | South China Morning Post (scmp.com)
  25. They were suing for him not to open up lands because of environmental impact. Now states are suing Biden for shutting them down, because they're not receiving the royalties that they need for their budgets, because tax revenue is down since they wouldn't let their citizens work. The first two paragraphs of your article : Fifteen states are suing the Bureau of Land Management, its parent agency the Interior Department and Interior Secretary David Bernhardt for opening Alaska's Coastal Plain up to oil and gas leasing in 2017 in what they say is a violation of environmental laws. "Defendants' insufficient environmental review and Record of Decision that opens the entire Coastal Plain to oil and gas leasing and development are unlawful," the states' attorneys general wrote in a filing Wednesday.
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