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  1. I never liked Green Day, except a couple of songs. Plus I think he/she might go by Billie Jo now. Who knows he likes to kiss male audience members.
  2. Billie Joe Armstrong left for Britain today.
  3. Something I thought about today while at work was this was the guys 27th anniversary. At least they gave him something. Usually companies will do something for significant anniversaries such as the 10th, 20th, 25th, and when they finally do retire for good. I suppose he likes going to the movies with the treats to eat while watching it. If anyone knows the cost of those "treats" at a theater they were worth almost $30 including the movie ticket. He could have received nicer bonuses on those anniversaries. I should have thought of it when I first saw 27th Anniversary which is just like any other workday for most employees at any company.
  4. It's not fully overturned as some people think. It's just left up to the states. The bad thing as shown with Jane's Revenge there will be riots over the weekend.
  5. Some old electronics are worth some money, but you have to do some research to find which ones are. 10 Old and Outdated Electronic Devices That May Be Worth A Lot (moneyinc.com)
  6. I heard back in the 80's to never use fix a flat, because it will seep to one part of the tire, and it sounds like it's going over a bump. I never bought it. If I had a flat I'd change it out. These EV batteries have caught fire many times, and not just in a junk yard. It seems to me though that they would want to recycle a battery before the put the car in a junkyard. I know they will do that even if you take an old battery back in and you don't buy a new one. I did that once when I found a car battery.
  7. Our reward is in heaven, and not of this earth where moth and rust corrupt.
  8. I remember him at Mid South with his comrade from Minnesota. Sounds like we have some other turncoats on here as well. He had the same schtick then.
  9. They could have given him a free whopper and a Star Wars digital watch. I still have one from a kids meal toy. Believe it or not that watch worked from 1999 - 2011. Back on topic this is the way it is with every restaurant chain for anyone from the position of Supervisor to crew member. Many chains do have 401K's that employees can invest in. Where I work my company matches it plus an additional 65 cents for ever $1 I contribute. I don't know if Burger King offers a plan like that or not, but if so he might be better off than some of you think.
  10. That 18 cents a gallon isn't going to do anything, but put the U.S. further in debt. Just another poor choice by Biden.
  11. There is no inequality. Man shouldn't be at the highest echelon, because we're smaller than most and slower than most both on land and in the water. Even the smallest of creatures can devastate the human population from viruses to even larger ones that are small with mosquitos and fleas. Many animals are already equipped with weapons from venom to razor sharp teeth and claws. Since we were created in the image of God with not even a billionth of His intelligence we can overcome our inequal abilities.
  12. By his inflection he was being sarcastic towards how the left has covered Jan. 6th.
  13. I don't think Dallas would be big enough for two teams, especially with the diehard fanbase the Cowboys have there. San Antonio would be a better option since it is the 7th largest city in America. If the Death Star wasn't in Arlington then I would say that Ft. Worth would be a viable option, because it is the 13th largest city. The only city that is ahead of San Antonio that doesn't have a NFL team or any sports teams for that matter unless you count soccer is do you know the way to San Jose. I wish Jerry would have chosen the city of Dallas and his original plan was to have it built near the Trinity River, but somehow that fell through over the 3% increase in hotel tax and the city funding half the cost of the stadium. Little ol' Arlington has no problem with building stadiums as seen by two Rangers stadiums and the Death Star. Who “Lost” The New Cowboys Stadium for Dallas? - D Magazine
  14. Do they spread on twitter ? https://twitter.com/TheBarronTrump1/status/1538536892647579648/photo/1 The kid has to be 6'6" or taller.
  15. I'd rather vote for a guy that sleeps with porn stars than someone who showers with his daughter. There is some nuance in Ashley's writing that alludes that it was more than just a shower.
  16. It seems to me that this was all setup. Again, we've heard nothing about this shooter. Nothing of his past, how he obtained his guns, vest, ammunition, and drove his grandfather's stolen truck crashed it and fires a few shots before making it to the school, and the police don't respond before he gets there ? This is Uvalde, TX a small town with a population of 15,217. They should have responded in less than 5 minutes. This isn't a city of even 100,000 where response times are usually just as quick. It seems they were in on it, because how could they be this inept ? The guy in charge was a Beto supporter.
  17. From videos I've seen of Triumph he harasses people and insults them. From what I saw inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th it was the same thing. Some of the shenanigans I saw on January 6th were actually funnier that Triumph. Especially the guy waving to the camera holding Pelosi's lectern or the guy with his feet on her desk. Even little ole grandma was there in such a dangerous fight for the battle that was going on. That's how the left and media presented it that day. Now the noose may not have even been brought by anyone in the protest, and that seems plausible, because how could they get a gallows through the gates ? Did they wheel it in or construct it on site in a matter of an hour ?
  18. His flight was cancelled and now he's mad. Even when flights were normal, and I don't fly that often maybe 30 - 35 times in my lifetime, and I've had three flight cancellations.
  19. This is a long video, but I enjoyed watching it tonight. What I found in it, is there is no perfect order among men. I would much rather live in a Capitalist world where if I discovered the newest mouse trap I could keep my mouth shut on my discovery. Under Communism and Socialism the State would demand that the rest of society would benefit from my discovery for the common good, and I would be thrown under the bus eventually. America has become socialist through the taxation of the populace all for votes to retain power. The only way was as America was before Socialist America emerged. Neighbors helping neighbors. We're a LONG way from that. I know my next door neighbor, but that's about it on my block. Back in the day, I knew everyone in my community. Watch, think, laugh, and learn how it used to be : Watch The Gilligan Manifesto (2018) - Free Movies | Tubi (tubitv.com)
  20. It seems the more I want to know more about the shooter the press is more concerned with what the police didn't do that day. Why is the press protecting the shooter ? When journalism wasn't dead the press would investigate all avenues of a crime, and not move on with articles about gun restrictions and the poor police performance that dreadful day. I'm beginning to wonder if the truth will ever come out, because it seems that something is being hidden by both the Uvalde ISD, Police Department, and the Press.
  21. It's odd that the city is blaming the violence on it not having a permit. 1 teen dead, 3 other people injured at 'unpermitted' Juneteenth advocacy and music festival in DC, police say [Video] (aol.com) . This would have happened had it had a permit or not. We are close to July 4th and events shouldn't need a permit for a free society to exist. Rival gangs would have shown up at either event. I believe it was gang related, because one of those shot was holding, because in urban terms he was a lengman.
  22. 73. It made me think of Fritz Von Erich's last wrasslin' match, and he was a spry 55 when he beat Abdullah the Butcher not once, but twice in three days in 1986. The first match was in Houston, and the second was at Reunion Arena. I was thinking his last was the 6 man tag team match against the Free Birds at Texas Stadium, but that was 1984 and I thought he was in his 80's. Heck, he was my age now in 1984, but he looked rough.
  23. I read that it was for those that transitioned under the age of 12. That sounds like child abuse to me.
  24. I agree on this. I do think that it's ridiculous that they were allowed in, but I thought it was ridiculous that many of those that were protesting on Jan. 6th were let into the security locks by someone from the control booth.
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