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  1. So with Teague winning, that leaves Fairfield, Mexia, and Groesbeck tied for the last two spots. With the tiebreaker being points, it looks like it will be Fairfield(3rd) and Mexia(4th)?
  2. Nah. They were suppose to have played Tatum but for some reason Tatum played Daingerfield?
  3. Here we go again. Their team has a few successful seasons and now they are the most prolific football program ever. When MV wins a few state championships and puts together more than 3 years of deep playoff runs, then you can talk about how intelligent you are and about being among the elite programs.
  4. Jeffy has enough tackling skills to handle Pendergass. The question is does Mineola have enough speed to catch them dogs? Hard to tackle what you can’t catch.
  5. Jefferson is the #1 seed no matter what happens next week. Atlanta/Tatum game will decide 2nd and 3rd. The 4th place team is explained in the GW/WO thread.
  6. Atlanta totally getting outplayed tonight.
  7. They have lost to #3,#5,and #6 in 4AD2. They will be fine. Don’t judge them by their record. They will be playing well into December and should be at AT&T for the SC.
  8. Anybody heard anything about what may be going on in Atlanta? Razor?
  9. 1. New Boston win — New Boston in 2. White Oak win / Jeffy win — Jeffy in by tiebreaker 3. White Oak win / Jeffy loss — White Oak in
  10. I agree 100%. I just don’t want the chat to completely go away for us people who follow different teams. The chat has gotten way out of hand and most of the time is not even worth looking at. So my vote is for paying for chats.
  11. The only reason my vote would be to keep the chats free is last couple of minutes of the ballgames. I am sure it would be a logistical nightmare to have the chats open with 2:00 left in the game though? This would help the ones who cannot be at the games especially during the playoffs.
  12. There is an East Texas connection at #3. Saint Joseph’s Prep is lead on the defensive side by Jeremiah Trotter Jr. His dad graduated from Hooks and SFA and had a long career in the NFL. He is committed to Clemson as a linebacker. There is another Trotter (Josiah) who will be playing for Saint Joseph’s Prep in the following years.
  13. What happens when you want to watch the 5A and 6A games in three weeks? Bet you won’t be able to watch for free?
  14. This will be a game with teams that are at totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Gilmer has the team to play well into December. On the other hand, Atlanta will have a very hard time even making the playoffs unless they can find some offense. Hard to believe with the talent Atlanta has, they cannot get the ball in the end zone.
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