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  1. Anybody heard anything about what may be going on in Atlanta? Razor?
  2. 1. New Boston win — New Boston in 2. White Oak win / Jeffy win — Jeffy in by tiebreaker 3. White Oak win / Jeffy loss — White Oak in
  3. I agree 100%. I just don’t want the chat to completely go away for us people who follow different teams. The chat has gotten way out of hand and most of the time is not even worth looking at. So my vote is for paying for chats.
  4. The only reason my vote would be to keep the chats free is last couple of minutes of the ballgames. I am sure it would be a logistical nightmare to have the chats open with 2:00 left in the game though? This would help the ones who cannot be at the games especially during the playoffs.
  5. There is an East Texas connection at #3. Saint Joseph’s Prep is lead on the defensive side by Jeremiah Trotter Jr. His dad graduated from Hooks and SFA and had a long career in the NFL. He is committed to Clemson as a linebacker. There is another Trotter (Josiah) who will be playing for Saint Joseph’s Prep in the following years.
  6. What happens when you want to watch the 5A and 6A games in three weeks? Bet you won’t be able to watch for free?
  7. This will be a game with teams that are at totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Gilmer has the team to play well into December. On the other hand, Atlanta will have a very hard time even making the playoffs unless they can find some offense. Hard to believe with the talent Atlanta has, they cannot get the ball in the end zone.
  8. If WR,Winny,and Minny all finish at 3-3 and WR beat both, wouldn’t WR be the 3 seed and the winner of the Winny/Minny game be the 4th?
  9. I think I read where the max points for a win is 15. If so then: Hooks beats Atlanta: 1.Hooks 2.Jeff 3.MV 4.HS Atl wins by 15+: 1.Jeff 2.Atl 3.Hooks 4.MV Atl wins by 14: 1.Jeff 2.Hooks 3.Atl 4.MV Atl wins by 13 or less: 1.Jeff 2.Hooks 3.MV 4.Atl
  10. Not much to talk about since there is none. Lol Hopefully PG will update their facilities in the next year or two. This is what happens when a school has success and growth.
  11. Hope the coaches are looking at the forecast for next week so they can plan a little better for us fans.LOL. May need to call Jerry and see if the Star in Frisco is open. At least it will be dry there.
  12. You are right. The state championship will be on a Thursday so this week doesn’t need to be put off until Saturday. The forecast has a lower chance of rain for Thursday than both Friday or Saturday. I know Malakoff played Saturday but if Malakoff is as good as the “fans” on here say they are, it shouldn’t matter what day they play. Atlanta could not do any preparation before Saturday because they didn’t know who they would be playing anyways so? The region 1 teams are playing Thursday so ever who wins between Atlanta and Malakoff will be playing on a short week next week anyways. Good luck to both teams.
  13. It is going to be a cold and wet Friday night for everyone. Rain chances are 70% so there may not me much of a passing game for either team. Thursday looks like the day to play the game?
  14. What a crazy year it has been so far. Just two months ago everyone was talking about one team(Atl) and then everyone else. Tough predistrict but will roll afterwards they said. Haven’t found their mojo yet and will enter the playoffs at .500. Then you got a team (GW) that went 2-8 last year and wasn’t suppose to be a contender. Just waiting for them sophomores and freshmen to mature they said. Couple of years away. They go into the defending 4A D2 state champs house (PG) and pick up a win. This is the same PG team that I believe will win the region. And then you got another young team (Tatum) that was supposedly so young and inexperienced that their own fans named them the “cupcakes” the first week of they year. They have done nothing but get better and more confident each week. Now they have a chance to be the district champions. Don’t forget the reigning champ (West Rusk). They came out the year with a chip on their shoulders for lack of respect. They finally get ranked like they should have been in the first place. They have had a rough couple of weeks with injuries and the weather but are still as good as their ranking . And talking about respect, you have a team that has not lost one game all year (Jeffy) and cannot even get into the rankings. They have struggled in the playoffs the last couple of years but may be the best of the teams mentioned. That is five teams that have a legitimate shot of making it to the state championship. Unfortunately, there will be only 4 left after the first round of the playoffs. Good luck and bring your popcorn because it is about to get real fun!
  15. I don’t understand why the coach doesn’t play his best and if that means playing kids both ways so be it. The way the defense is getting pushed around it is frustrating to see the big guys standing on the sidelines. When Atlanta won state back in 03, there was several playing both ways. I remember Willson on both sides of the line. If a 280lb guy can do it I am sure that it could be done with some of these guys. These guys cannot wait until week 10 to start playing both ways or they won’t be in shape. Atlanta may and should be fine with district games but when they get in the playoffs and have to play teams like Gladewater it is going to take the best on the field.
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