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  1. Congrats WH. I figured they'd blow it in the end, but they hung on. They have a good enough team to win a few playoff games. Hope they do it. Beating JT is nice, but a few playoff wins would be nicer.
  2. This is the first year in the series that Whitehouse has actually had a better team than JT. Still don't think WH will win. JT is in their collective heads, and WH will find a way to lose.
  3. Gotta beat those Dallas area schools. Especially if you can get the cowards to come to ET. LV by a smidge.
  4. How did LV get pulled into this? I am by no means a Lobo fan, but I wish they would win state just to shut up some of these characters from the peanut gallery. I would make no bets either way on WH this year.
  5. God bless him. Prayers for his family. His comments were always accurate and entertaining.
  6. Lose to Lufkin and Lancaster or Horn. Whitehouse? I'll believe it when it happens.
  7. If he play's this season like last season nobody is gonna care if he likes Aggieland or not. If the kid has a couple bad games though, watch the knives come out after him.
  8. Its pretty simple recipe for WH to actually be a threat in the playoffs. 1. Some semblance of a defense. 2. A credible running threat beyond a QB scramble. If Coach Cook and his staff address those two issues, WH will climb up a few rungs from the accomplishments of the McFarlin teams.
  9. The 'Mater Bowl grass always looks good-even late in the season.
  10. Whitehouse football is going back where it was before McFarlin got there- the toliet. Bubba Gump will be hired from the nearest oil change estabilishment -he is highly qualified since he played him some football all the way up to the freshman level several years ago. For the $7.50 an hour they will pay him for a forty hour work week, he will be highly motivated. No more fancy notions about throwing the ball. Three offensive plays are enough-all runs up the gut. No OC needed. And just get you a bunch of big old boys on defense to clog up the trenches. Don't work'em on weights or long practices during the season-they need plenty of rest for game day. Yes sir, he will bring back the good ol' days of Whitehouse football! 1-9 and 2-8 records were good enough for Grandpa, they are good enough for me!
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