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  1. Because it could of been shady stuff and it didn’t want to have to miss sr year?
  2. Your leg wasn’t getting pulled lol
  3. Only people that criticize King are “fans” of programs that don’t utilize home grown talent. They have to go to different zip codes to have success
  4. We can’t say why he left. But he’s back for the same reason.
  5. There’s so many businesses shutting down in Carthage lol
  6. While I guess others have never won state with kids that were there from 7th grade up.
  7. Paper, rock, scissors? Loser goes back home?
  8. What position is Hampton gonna play for Carthage?????
  9. Through two district games have outscored opponents 29-2
  10. I’ll post videos for us later but….. QB- Cashas Pollard RB- Lennon Creer WR- Denarius Moore Had another back with this group that went to U of H. Pollard was like 41-3 all time as a QB. Creer played for University of Tennessee. Moore played in the NFL some.
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