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  1. Aren’t you like a west Sabine person or something similar?
  2. Man. If y’all go winless again just shut down.
  3. https://www.lightandchampion.com/news-tenaha-news/key-tenaha-isd-departures-spark-controversy
  4. Shoot if it’s that easy let me make a video real quick. Lol
  5. Figured the coal mine nearby would of helped out in that area some back in the day. Companies have always wanted to drill in the area. The problem is pressure when it comes to frac’n….. It’s supposed to get busy down there hopefully it sticks around.
  6. I agree. That was only thing that sets facilities apart IMO. Blessed to have that.
  7. Kids played hard I know that much. Probably harder than anyone we played last season.
  8. It’ll never be as a head coach. Assistant sure that’s possible.
  9. Nah. Sooner or later he’s gonna want to go somewhere he has a chance to get a title. Ain’t nothing wrong with being an assistant WR coach at one of the blue bloods.
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