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  1. Just realized DF broke a state record in their 4x1
  2. State meet will be on NFHS today. Good luck to the players from this district participating.
  3. Neither jumped out at me. But regardless, thoughts?
  4. Not shocked that a DC was hired.
  5. Was Henderson’s QB returning this coming season? If so what other positions can he play?
  6. I don’t have a daycare. I’m in the oilfield.
  7. You got a thumbs down for that. Lol. Must of been a committee member.
  8. Powers to be? They had a selection committee lol
  9. Tatum throws their number 3 tonight to beat EF in a warm up game, 3-2.
  10. This ain’t the same Tatum team Sabine run ruled earlier in the season.
  11. Ok. When’s last time PP had a guy that could develop a QB?
  12. One with son that was former star?
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