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  1. Tatum/Gunter tied 1-1 in the third. Lightning delay though. Possibly starting back up around 8pm.
  2. Going to storm in DFW most of the day so things could get interesting.
  3. Baseball team is currently 27-0 lol
  4. 12th at regions is ok I guess. #facts #dtd #ibelieve
  5. Seen another run 10.51. Idk where. The kid from Winny will be a state champ.
  6. Pretty good stats against a team that might have one win during that span.
  7. And on the worst team. That sounds super cool.
  8. The opposite of what that dudes been talking about.
  9. Seen some lackluster area meet times.
  10. As shown with that 45 4x1 y’all ran.
  11. If true that would be a national record. And he should have been running at the Texas Relays this week instead of WO.
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