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  1. I wish. GW got that great defense and it will be uphill battle.
  2. Oh Karen. That’s not nice and try better t reading the conversation.
  3. That’s right. It’s not like y’all ever have coaches kids.
  4. Since when did Mally cough become so sensitive? The next SDC Karen?
  5. We scored how many points against them. You missed that part.
  6. Ohhhhhhh let’s compare losing to a ranked 4AD1 team to loosing to a ranked 3AD2 team. perfect
  7. Lol he said their fans are knowledgeable?
  8. That’s true. That’s the plan let them score so we can. The opposite of y’all’s plan which is let them score so they can score again…. and again….. and again….. and again….. and again ….. the continue the same pattern from the second quarter on.
  9. Idk bout Rusk but center doesn’t have what you’re looking for.
  10. Oh man. 35 against that great defense. Idk.
  11. Looking at the SOS here they are from toughest to easiest. GW Tatum Sabine Jefferson Atlanta WO
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