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  1. So when you go to a bbq place and get a loaded potato all you expect to be on it is three pieces of cheese. That’s cool.
  2. Just now got here. Was worried I missed the history lesson.
  3. Idk. But if you ever get tired of the racer babe you should definitely go with professor55
  4. I was wondering when history class started.
  5. Wish I would be able to see it in person.
  6. Tatum’s 40-point favorites. Ehh, as enjoyable as that would be I don’t see it happening
  7. Never been a fan of bye week. But works out ok if you’re in like a six team district. Everyone can get bye week before district. Either way it’s better than when you’d have a bye week before district and a bye week before playoffs back when district champ got a bye.
  8. Got away from what made them good.
  9. yea I pulled it off of something I already had that included us in it as well. We hadn’t played WO yet. Like i said Sabine has done what it was supposed to do to lesser teams. GW slipped up once in that NB game as far as that goes.
  10. GW vs NB +7 Atlanta +20 Jefferson +32 WO+34 Sabine vs NB +27 Atlanta +32 Jefferson +24 WO +28
  11. That’s why everyone thinks y’all are flakes. Few been crying about this thread being a Sabine/GW thread and someone gave an opinion that you didn’t like about that game and turn it all around. This is comical
  12. Them: We beat Tatum 7 times in a row and Sabine 25 in a row. We are the best ever. Folks with sense: How many times has Gilmer beat y’all in a row? Them: That doesn’t matter. We own Tatum and Sabine. Folks with sense: That’s cool. Have y’all ever played for a title or won a title? Them: That doesn’t matter. Sabine and Tatum can’t beat us. Folks with sense: You do know y’all trail Tatum in all time playoff of wins right? Probably won’t ever catch them. Them: Doesn’t matter Sabine has never beat us. Folks with sense: Why are y’all making a big deal out of Sabines losses to DF and WR? Wouldn’t recent common opponents give you better clarity? Them: Doesn’t matter, Tatum hasn’t beat us in last 7 meetings. Folks with sense: *Puts up a meme of a drunk bear during game week because one mentioned he was at the deer camp. Them: You need to let that go you jerk.
  13. Shame GW don’t count success on titles/title appearances.
  14. That would mean GW would have to draw up more than one pass play right? With a TD/INT ratio of 1/6 some might have a hard time seeing GW passing the ball successfully. Idk. Could happen. They are the areas generic version of Pulaski Academy.
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