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  1. Why is this a topic? And it’s a crap name
  2. He can’t. He want to behind
  3. How about you respond to me and jot hind behind your daddy
  4. Why not? Is it because it takes comprehensive skills to answer?
  5. Why haven’t you started a GW/Gunter thread? Daddy won’t let you or are you allowing Tatum to live rent free ???
  6. Couldn’t happen to a better team. Keep up the good work.
  7. That’s a lie. Everyone knows they just schedule by the year and not every two like everyone else in the state.
  8. Probably besties with one.
  9. No matter what anyone says Tatum will always be jiffy’s daddy.
  10. Well ya better back the type of people that have agendas
  11. Well ya can’t win state today so no not present.
  12. What times kickoff? Thinking about going. Should be a good one
  13. No they don’t. Sabine is a future state champ.
  14. No. They aren’t. Y’all are back down to normal now.
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