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  1. Very good team. Took us to the cleaners to start the season. Lost to Bullard I believe.
  2. While it’s hard to argue that just wondering if anyones seen Marlin. Them some dudes.
  3. I didn’t mention it on the other threads about this but could be alright if they drop to 4A.
  4. Shiner played played a tougher schedule according to computers. Timpson had the better win though with Waskom.
  5. Maybe. Y’all jumped the gun in the regional meet so didn’t get a chance to run at state. So we’ll never know if they win because y’all didn’t make it.
  6. It’s probably gonna take the best game Timpson ever played. But yea there’s a chance.
  7. Speed is something Shiner don’t lack. Neither of these teams lacks it. Timpson won the 4x1 last season with Shiner coming in 4th. Shiner did win the 4x2 though. Granted track speed and football speed are two different things but I’ve never seen a state champ in track be slow in football though.
  8. What he meant? I wasn’t replying to him. I was answering the question you asked. SMH
  9. Football team trying to change the song they’ve been playing forever.
  10. Hate to play the what if card but what if Texas High didn’t lose players prior to last night? Effect the outcome?
  11. Should be a fun one. Franklin beat Lorena who is still in playoffs. Lorena lost to CS by 8 who’s still in the playoffs. Franklin has outscored playoff opponents 259-13 Waskom has put score theirs 194-41
  12. They was wanting too. Don’t think any punches were thrown. Probably the same people that out for sale signs in the coaches yard.
  13. How many MV player(s) gonna have to sit the first half next week?
  14. Weird game. Waskom scored on both their normal drives. Should of probably scored on the one they punted but QB took too long to get rid of it. DF has looked great at times then a play or two later not so much. Second half should be fun.
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