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  1. Lesbian space witches creating twin force babies. Pronouns. LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ.
  2. Texas A&M could clinch their first CWS on the one year anniversary of the passing of beloved assistant coach Terry Price. Maybe we can have a little extra cosmic karma on our hands today.
  3. You lose Braden Montgomery and you have Kent and Schott step up with the bats. Stewart, Lamkin, Aschenbeck, Prager, Cortez have been dealing on the bump.
  4. A&M gets Max Weiner and now they are one win away from the CWS championship.
  5. Aggies hitting California hard in this years recruiting class.
  6. @ThatOneBallCoach12 Bulldog Country Cafe was going to offer him a daily all he could eat buffet until they ran the numbers and figured out 20lbs of potato salad a day would bankrupt them.
  7. So we're all in agreement that we're North Dakota State fans on the 29th?
  8. Stoney needed some folding money. Took a Luka base RC, a Bo Bichette auto RC, some decent Cowboys RC, auto and patch cards to a local card shop in Longview. The Bichette was selling for $160 on EBay. Barely got offered $100 for everything. About 20 cards total.
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