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  1. Do you recruit for the Big12 game or the future SEC matchups?
  2. Lasted a year longer than I thought he would. Props to him.
  3. We only had 2 scholarship QBs this season? King and Calzada? How with the portal and the larger class did that happen? Hindsight’s hindsight but it might have been nice to have had a 3rd guy just in case one QB went down and the other wasn’t quite ready to takeover.
  4. By Gawd that’s evil Bob Stoops music!!! What the heck’s he doing here??!!!
  5. Jimbo went to the SEC multiple times about the hand signal/calling signs penalties. Nothing was ever done about it. How can players 10-15 yards off the ball impact the offensive snap? You have to have the pull to get those calls changed.
  6. Saw at least one decommit already. I know a DT that I’d like to see flip. Lol OU to USC seems like a step down. That’s a huge rebuild he’s fixing to have to handle. When he took over OU it was more of a reload than a rebuild. Can he do it?
  7. Could you imagine King going up against a 3 man front with 8 in coverage? Arkansas is a win. Probably Miss State too.
  8. The play calling this year was questionable. Throwing into 8 man coverages. Getting away from the run. Hopefully there’s a hard look at the staff and wether or not changes should be made.
  9. @JohnnyFootball @WETSU 8 wins with that level of QB play from Calzada all year. The QB play improves and a couple of those losses shift to the win column.
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