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  1. If Saban hates our NIL plans, he’ll blow a gasket when he hears about this.
  2. They found the patient zero of the monkeypox.
  3. I’ve gotta tell y’all, this is a fun league. Close games week in and week out. Come from behind wins on the last drives. If I could change my profile pic this would be a Birmingham Stallions fan club. The Generals aren’t bad either. Luis Perez with the QB sneak game winner. Incredible!! The instant call if the guy made the first or not with the chip in the ball versus the chain gang is neat.
  4. Has had his origin changed by Disney and Marvel to be more inclusive while shying away from Aquaman comparisons. Instead of the king of Atlantis, he’ll be from the Central America region and have ties to the Aztecs/Mayan gods.
  5. As a fan of chaos can I say that I’m absolutely loving this.
  6. Our next door neighbor growing up had the same name as my dad. In the thriving metropolis of Harmony that was unusual. More so, that despite having the same last name we weren’t related
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