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  1. San Diego State Michigan Kansas State Alabama Oklahoma State Wake Forest Clemson Texas Kentucky Mississippi State *Tiebreaker: OU-TCU total points (38)
  2. Current Open Job Rankings 1. Nebraska 2. Arizona State 3. Georgia Tech
  3. 4 weeks and this team is still getting gashed by the run. I’m beginning to dislike the 3 man fronts.
  4. Woo pig!! Sam Pittman was the right hire for Arkansas. Dudes got a solid program going.
  5. I’ve never seen a kick hit the top of the goalpost and back spin off. Holy cow!!
  6. Recruiting isn’t the issue with A&M. Top 10, top 5, #1 ranked classes. It’s the coaching staff. Particularly the play caller and co-OC. You gotta bring in somebody to upgrade this offense or coast on your $90m going 8-4 year in year out.
  7. I never had any luck with the little blue pills. All they did was make me taller.
  8. Torched and vertical isn’t exactly something our passing attack does. Can you call what we have a passing attack?
  9. Who scores more TDs? Aggies offense, defense or special teams?
  10. Anybody following recruiting surprised that 5* WR Hykeem Williams chose FSU over A&M? Kid comes to a Saturday night game at Kyle. 107,000 fans. To see that dynamic passing attack of Jimbo’s put up 140 passing yards. Whole sale changes must be made during the season but there’s no way that we can go into ‘23 with Jimbo’s offense. It’s time for his Saban moment and embrace the wide open offense.
  11. Dang it!!! I shoulda put App State in the top 6!!
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