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  1. When you have a burning sensation down there, the first name you should think of is Kirt's... Hemorhoid cream. Kirt's been in the hemorrhoid business for over 100 years. When you have a pain in the butt, think Kirt!!
  2. I've become ambivalent towards this season. Some quality wins over teams who aren't directional schools would help. If this is more of a 7-5 team with defensive issues after fixing the offense, I'll be looking forward to what changes come.
  3. This message has been brought to you by KirtFalcon and Depends. Remember, nothing gets between your pants and your takes like Depends. Ask for the KirtFalcon special and receive 20% off a case or 25% of Boudreau's Butt Paste for chafed butts.
  4. So who's next on the Stoney Steamroll Express? Danny Zucco? Do the Scientologists know you are out and about? Like a bunch of middle aged guys passing off as teenagers, your team is past your prime. Not even Greg Abbott with a 100 miles of razor barbwire can prevent the invasion Stoney is fixing to unleash upon your team. Joe Biden was at the UN begging and pleading on your behalf to enforce carbon imprint restrictions on my team's scoring.
  5. If Donald Palpatin can't turn this season around I don't know who can.
  6. @RETIREDFAN1 any truth to the rumor that you've brought in Stacy Abrams as co-GM to help you find 20 or 30 missing points from the last game you played?
  7. I mean @RETIREDFAN1's team is so bad even Vivek Ramaswamy is like dude that's bad.
  8. Dang, some of these republicans are really sticking to their bit by taking their spot at the bottom of the polls....uhhh standings. O-2? @RETIREDFAN1needs to rename his team the Trumps at this point.
  9. Clemson Oklahoma Texas A&M TCU Ole Miss Utah Oregon Oregon State Texas Ohio State *Tiebreaker: Colorado-Oregon total points (72)
  10. LSU Kansas State Virginia Tech Louisiana Tech North Carolina Tennessee Ole Miss Pittsburgh Houston Fresno State *Tiebreaker: A&M total points vs UL Monroe (44)
  11. I graduated from Harmony High School 20 something years ago. I stole the answer book to pass Algebra 2. I got indecent exposure charges when I learned to count to 23. I'm pretty sure if I commensurate with anything I'll be labeled a sexual deviant. If @Mr. P wants to help with the numbers he can.
  12. That should be it. If co-Commish @Mr. P wants to double check the scoring to se if I missed something. That should get us back to no points off yardage gained off interceptions, fumbles and returns.
  13. I had Dobbins, Gainwell, AJ Dillon and Elijah Mitchell. You want to talk about a disappointing collection of talent? My RBs look like the Republican candidates for president.
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