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  1. Joni Taylor didn't do a bad job in year one. Especially retooling the roster like she had to.
  2. Yes, the Panthers starting QB is in this picture. Look at 62's feet.
  3. Looks dirty to me. Some are saying smart because of some rule of batter interference being out of the box. Apparently catcher did this twice. Once hitting the batter. Second time missing her.
  4. 6 time world all around champion. 2 time bull riding champion. Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer. One of the all time greats.
  5. $1,000,000 body and a 10ยข brain. Worst combination for an athlete since the dawn of time. 4,5 months at Ole Miss and they didn't want to put up with it. Kid could be the next Greg Hardy working at Walmart, posting videos on social media complaining about his life.
  6. HC- RetiredFan OC- Doomer DC- Hayseed ST- JRowe Tell me that team doesn't go undefeated for the next 10 years.
  7. I like the Vaughn pick and Luepke signing. You got a smaller version of Pollard. Not sure how much of a pounding he can take at the next level, but put him in a Darren Sproles type role and he could excel. Luepke just gives me John Kuhn vibes. Athletic fullback with receiving skills Kid has had shoulder injuries that have plagued him. Not exactly what you want for a lead blocker. My take on the draft is this. Holes that fans saw on the team needing to be addressed in the draft, Dallas saw as being addressable by some players already on the team. Left guard appears to either be Tyler Smith or Terrence Steele. Wide Receiver will count on Cooks, a healthy Gallup and a hopefully sophomore year boost from Jalen Tolbert. Schoonmaker gives Dallas an all around tight end, especially with his run blocking, that Dallas' run game sorely missed down the stretch last year. A surprisingly defense heavier draft than expected. Mazi Smith gives you a young nose tackle with some pass rush skills. Overshown can be a Jayron Kearse type nickel linebacker with some speed off the edge. Fehoko is another 3T who can bump outside to a 4T or 5T. Asim Richards played tackle at North Carolina but will kick inside to guard. Give me a year in NFL weight room and could be a 2nd year player to watch. Eric Scott and Jalen Brooks I will have to do more reading on. B-/C+ just because I feel Dallas went a round early on most of the picks.
  8. Undrafted Free Agent Signings Hunter Luepke FB North Dakota State Tyrus Wheat LB Mississippi State David Durden WR West Florida Isaiah Land DE Florida A&M TJ Bass OL Oregon Earl Bostick OT Kansas Princeton Fant TE Tennessee Jalen Moreno-Copper WR Fresno State
  9. Nolan Smith being there at 26 was a heck of a value. Mazi Smith is an interesting player at 1T. Player is good against the run but he's also going to give you some pass rush from there. When's the last time Dallas had that? Jay Ratliff out of the 3-4? This defense is starting to shape up into quite a unit. (That's what she said.) Kid can handle double teams and can destroy single man.
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