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  1. No!!! I still watch The Rifleman when I get home from work in the afternoon. Then it’s Andy Griffith. RIP
  2. Should we look more at development of players at schools versus big school/small school? How many 3* is Bama taking versus TCU? How many 5* get passed up by a 3*, 2* kid?
  3. There was a little town in Mexico, right across the border from Texas. They got a taste for Mayonnaise from the Cowboys crossing the border to eat. Soon they created a festival for their love of Mayonnaise. They’d have every type of mayonnaise you could think of. Folks loved it. The 10th anniversary of the festival was coming up and they decided they wanted to do something special. They heard of a place in England that made the worlds very best. They placed their order and was told it would be shipped overseas to them by boat. Because they had placed such a large order, the only ship capable o
  4. They had 1st rounder and would have been 1st( if he wasn’t a knucklehead) who went in the 2nd. Northwestern had 2 1st rounders. Scouting is a crapshoot.
  5. If they ever build a Mt. Rushmore of college coaches they darn well better put Bill Snyder on there. What he did at K State is almost impressive as what Saban’s doing at Bama. Bama is Bama. K State was a JV B team until Snyder got there.
  6. How much did the ability to comeback for another year impact draft eligible players? I saw a stat that this years draft pool was far below the normal numbers. Will that correct itself next year when the draft pool floods with talent?
  7. Cowboys 2021 UDFA List Brenden Knox RB Marshall 5-10 215 4.66 JaQuan Hardy RB Tiffin 5-8 211 4.53 Osiris Mitchell WR Miss State 6-5 206 4.58 Brandon Smith WR Iowa 6-1 218 4.62 Brennan Eagles WR Texas 6-3 225 4.53 TJ Vasher WR Texas Tech 6-5 185 Artayvious Lynn TE TCU 6-3 249 4.83 Nick Eubanks TE Michigan 6-4 245 4.68 Nick Ralston FB/TE Louisiana Lafayette Braylon Jones OG Houston 6-3 319 33 1/8 Austin Faoliu DT Oregon 6-3 287 32 3/4
  8. We sticking him and Jerry back on the yacht next year.
  9. I’m curious to see how they use Fehoko in this offense. Cooper and Lamb are more quick, route runner receivers. His game is similar to Gallup’s except he’s got 4” and runs a full .1 second faster than him. Heard some mention he could handle the return duties. 6-4 220 returning the ball? That’s a load. Dallas needs a 3rd RB. Zeke’s 25 with 1,413 carries under his belt. It’s been a steady decline the past 3 years. Tony Pollard is nice change of pace back. He’s more pass catching, speed back then power back. Dallas signed a couple UDFA today. Who knows what you got there. Rashawn Slat
  10. With 11 rookies, there’s either going to be a lot of veterans cut and Dal surrounded by Rookies....or Dallas wasted picks while not improving their team. I’m leaning wasted picks myself. This draft is the 2020s version of the mid 90s Cowboys backup drafts. Drafting cheap talent to replace expensive veterans. Stephen Jones is all about saving a penny anyway he can. That’s his Super Bowl. He doesn’t care about what happens on the field.
  11. First year under Dan Quinn and Dallas have the keys to the draft to him. If Parsons and Joseph play up to their potential this defense could take a step forward. The d-line got some interesting pieces added to it. Secondary definitely got bigger. This needs to be a Dirty Dozen type draft. I just have my doubts.
  12. It’s a very meh pick for me. UDFA will probably sign and take his spot.
  13. Heard his post draft interview. He was asked about the incident. Said it was basically something you leave in the past and get over it. Kid could be the answer at OT but beating on women doesn’t make me a fan.
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