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  1. So the transfer portal can work at A&M. This team is almost as fun as the baseball team was.
  2. Will stay in Dallas and be the defensive coordinator in 2023. Has turned down all head coaching jobs.
  3. I don’t think he was a 1st rounder but I think there was talk he was draftable as a high school kid.
  4. Tyler Santucci headed to Duke to be the co DC/LB coach. Connor Weigman will not be playing baseball at A&M. 100% focused on football. Rumors that Ole Miss co-DC could be headed to A&M to become the safeties coach under Durkin. UTEP WR Tyrin Smith transfers to A&M.
  5. The Astrodome is still up? I thought they demolished that post Katrina. It’s sad that the Astros aren’t in the NL. That the Oilers are gone and Houston doesn’t have pro football anymore.
  6. I heard San Francisco was all excited that the Cowboys won…and the 49ers were a little worried. Kyle Shanahan’s system can make an average QB look good. Can it look good against this pass rush? If Dak and the offense can overcome a rocky start like the Bucs game McCarthy’s Boys should be in good shape. Give me Dallas by 4.
  7. Is there a site that is pretty reliable for pricing rifles? Girlfriend’s sister is wanting to price some rifles her dad gave her. I was trying to help her out.
  8. So many questions. Are peanut M&M’s male? Are plain M&M’s female? Are trans peanut butter M&M’s? Does eating plain M&M’s make you a lesbian or heterosexual? Does eating peanut M&M’s make a heterosexual or a homosexual?
  9. @Mr. P you should have Commish powers. Let me know if you don’t.
  10. If you spend time messing around with it it’s a pretty neat site.
  11. We’re not doing NFL. It was fine for a time but we’ve out grown it.
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