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  1. I have it on good authority that the two unicorns on Noah's ark were gay.
  2. Pretty sure it's Harvey Williams.
  3. I swear listening to Biden's Big Boy conference gave me flashbacks of reading Kirt's SDC posts.
  4. Hit the HOF 1st, partake of the snack bar, then develop a case of the bubble guts on the way back to hotel room.
  5. https://damage.tdem.texas.gov/ Anyone experience any damage from Beryl? TDEM has updated iSTAT to report damage. This is a great app that helps with locating the hardest areas, those who need the help and can be used to get FEMA to those who need it the most.
  6. So basically like the four stages of Joe Biden. Sleepy Biden, Zoned Out Biden, Raging Biden, Confused Biden.
  7. @RETIREDFAN1 you know anybody who wants to be 12th team?
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