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  1. Tonight is the two little old ladies running the moonshine still. Otis is celebrating Walter Raleigh landing day.
  2. To quote a great mind “, "Why should we have to go to class if we come here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS.” The way the money is skyrocketing there’s no way that these schools don’t come together and realize they can get the whole pie by starting their own league. Pay the Cardale Jones to play football and not school.
  3. Jeff Fisher will coach the Michigan Panthers. Larry Fedora will coach the New Orleans Breakers.
  4. Nice way to start off the off-season. Quinn did a remarkable job in his first year. If the rookies can make a 2nd year leap. If Dallas can find another piece or two in the draft. If Dallas can find a bargain in free agency. This defense could be even more fun to watch.
  5. They had cartoons in the 1660s and 1770s?
  6. You gotta break it down into categories. Action- GI Joe, Thundercats, Transformers Comedy- DuckTales, Garfield & Friends, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
  7. I can see Uncle in the stands, passing the collection plate around after the kid makes a play, or doesn’t.
  8. What type of woman? According to the alphabet soup LGBTQXZY anything can be a woman.
  9. Heard Biden is down to a big 3 of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson to replace him.
  10. I’ve never heard of a NFL gm also being the head of a NBA basketball team….at the same time. What in the Tom Benson dancing with umbrellas world is going on here?
  11. According to this story, Jerry Jones had a deal in place with Payton and the Saints but had to settle for McCarthy.
  12. That will make some folks happy.
  13. Payton has made Taysom Hill and Trevor Semien look like capable NFL QBs. I think Sean Payton taking over after Bill Parcells wins a Super Bowl with Romo. Maybe he could it pull it off with Dak.
  14. That could be the best case scenario. McCarthy has his one year prove it. Payton takes his break and is waiting in the wings.
  15. One year vacation and then becomes the new Cowboys HC.
  16. So should we expect 30 passes a game or sticking with the run game?
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