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  1. In one league, I had Barkley, Nick Chubb and Christian Watson.
  2. There's an early Sunday game in London. If you forget or don't wake up in time to make a lineup change, I'll do a lineup change . If You'll let me know ahead of time kind of who you would want to change that may be better.
  3. Kirt graduated from Mesozoic Tech. Kirt was the guy who named dirt dirt. When Adam and Eve moved into the garden of Eden Kirt called them dirty hippies and moved to Mesopotamia. Kirt made unicorn barbecue for Noah's Ark. When God created light, Kirt wasn't sure it would catch on.
  4. That Dolphins game!! I've never seen an NFL team get 70 hung on them. There was some game back in the 30s that did it. You know back when Kirt and Retired were middle aged.
  5. Fake news there Sniffing Biden. I've got Retired Guilliani and Kirt Abrams going over the books as we speak. The recount will prove that Stoney won.
  6. What were you thinking when you were in the car wreck last year? What were you doing on Harry Hines? Were you enjoying the sights or looking for friends?
  7. Could have been a legitimate Woody Hayes business decision.
  8. @JerryJones why do you hate Jimmy Johnson? Why won't you put him in the Ring of Honor? Is it because he was the better player at Arkansas? Is it because he looks good for his age instead of a melting Nazi from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?
  9. Mr. Jones, do you see the Southwest Classic still being at AT&T Stadium in the future or do you see the series shifting to home and home between Fayetteville/College Station?
  10. Mr. Jones, what is your favorite Tom Cruise film? How do you feel about Scientology and could it possibly help heal Trevon Diggs ACL in time for the playoffs?
  11. Mr. Jones, my girlfriend is an extremely talented artist. Her style is a post modernist take on masculinity with a feminine touch. Who can we contact to get her artwork shown at AT&T Stadium?
  12. Eye'm inn da aggeee boiz heed. Etz sew eze. Jumbo jumbo jumbo dumpster fire jumbo jumbo.
  13. Charlie Strong $10.4m buyout Tom Herman $24m buyout
  14. When you have a burning sensation down there, the first name you should think of is Kirt's... Hemorhoid cream. Kirt's been in the hemorrhoid business for over 100 years. When you have a pain in the butt, think Kirt!!
  15. I've become ambivalent towards this season. Some quality wins over teams who aren't directional schools would help. If this is more of a 7-5 team with defensive issues after fixing the offense, I'll be looking forward to what changes come.
  16. This message has been brought to you by KirtFalcon and Depends. Remember, nothing gets between your pants and your takes like Depends. Ask for the KirtFalcon special and receive 20% off a case or 25% of Boudreau's Butt Paste for chafed butts.
  17. So who's next on the Stoney Steamroll Express? Danny Zucco? Do the Scientologists know you are out and about? Like a bunch of middle aged guys passing off as teenagers, your team is past your prime. Not even Greg Abbott with a 100 miles of razor barbwire can prevent the invasion Stoney is fixing to unleash upon your team. Joe Biden was at the UN begging and pleading on your behalf to enforce carbon imprint restrictions on my team's scoring.
  18. If Donald Palpatin can't turn this season around I don't know who can.
  19. @RETIREDFAN1 any truth to the rumor that you've brought in Stacy Abrams as co-GM to help you find 20 or 30 missing points from the last game you played?
  20. I mean @RETIREDFAN1's team is so bad even Vivek Ramaswamy is like dude that's bad.
  21. Dang, some of these republicans are really sticking to their bit by taking their spot at the bottom of the polls....uhhh standings. O-2? @RETIREDFAN1needs to rename his team the Trumps at this point.
  22. Clemson Oklahoma Texas A&M TCU Ole Miss Utah Oregon Oregon State Texas Ohio State *Tiebreaker: Colorado-Oregon total points (72)
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