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  1. Connor Stroh was in camp last week. Kid looked better as a guard than a tackle. A&M needs tackles. The other tackle who committed I don’t think was a huge A&M target according to 247. Bisonis, Shanahan, Sewell seem to be the targets at tackle. Out of state kid and in state kids.
  2. Retired, they posted the recipe on how to make pipe bombs. They even got some crazy chick who’s started a movement for people to mail their menstrual blood to SCOTUS.
  3. Who really knows about the numbers, so take this with a huge grain of salt. Jaden Rashada turned down $11m in NIL from Florida to go to Miami for $9.5m. I said all that to get to here, after that huge class Jimbo can be more selective. As a fan who loves commits that’s not ideal but I gotta trust that come December that we’ll have a top 5 class.
  4. Philadelphia Stars (7-4) take on the Birmingham Stallions (10-1) in the USFL championship game. After 26 years it’s finally nice to see my team (Stallions) competing for a title.
  5. Have Y’all seen that they have now turned on Saint Ruth Bader Ginsburg for not dying or quitting under Obama so they could “stack” the court?
  6. 300 lbs wannabes versus an army of these outside of their safe spaces?
  7. Philadelphia Stars pull off the upset and are going to the championship. 6-4 Stars beat 9-1 New Jersey Generals 19-14.
  8. Those prices gotta go up now that they are paying traveling expenses for their employees to get abortions. It is bad enough watching guys getting paid for 8 hours while taking 2 hours worth of smoke breaks.
  9. I’ve had a sister and brother in law go through the pain of a miscarriage. They weren’t posting videos on Tik tok shaking their butt celebrating that they were having an abortion for the umpteenth time.
  10. Y’all wanna bring that mess to Daingerfield, Quitman, Buffalo, Winona? The rainbow soy has seeped into their brain and damaged their rational thinking.
  11. I’ve never understood this store. It’s like they cater to the wanna look like an athlete/outdoorsman instead of the real deal. Plus their politics don’t jive with me.
  12. CEO says company will reimburse employees up to $4,000 for travel expenses incurred to get an abortion.
  13. I’ve seen the McFall kid has been to A&M a lot here recently. Been a lot of talk what position he could be at the college level. RB, DB.
  14. James Best, Ray Childress, Chris Knight
  15. I’d like to get to a game 3 with OU but this is house money right now. To make it to semifinals is incredible. Schloss did a heck of a job.
  16. Yes and they need to be outside of this building prepared,” he said. “Because we don’t have enough firepower right now. It’s all pistol and he has an AR-15. If you can get the SWAT team set up, by the funeral home, OK, we need — yes, I need some more firepower in here because we all have pistols and this guy’s got a rifle. So I don’t have a radio. I don’t have a radio. If somebody can come in —” The dispatcher asked Arredondo to stay on the line as long as he could. Arredondo agreed but said he’d drop his phone when the gunman “comes out that door.” Then the dispatcher shared the location of the shooter over a police radio and requested that a SWAT team be amassed by a funeral home across the street. “So, so I need you to bring a radio for me, and give me my radio for me,” Arredondo said. “I need to get one rifle. Hold on. I’m trying to set him. I’m trying to set him up.”
  17. By the time Arredondo called dispatch, at least 11 officers had entered the school and at least two are seen in the video carrying rifles. But Arredondo told the dispatcher that he didn’t have the firepower to confront the lone gunman, according to a transcript reviewed by The Texas Tribune. “OK, we have him in the room,” he said, speaking on his cellphone. “He’s got an AR-15. He’s shot a lot. He’s in the room. He hasn’t come out yet. We’re surrounded, but I don’t have a radio.”
  18. Moments later, Arredondo and seven more officers arrived. The shooter opened fire at the first three officers closest to the two classrooms, grazing two and forcing all the officers to bolt to either end of the hallway. Those officers, including Arredondo, remained in these positions for the rest of the standoff, never firing a shot.
  19. No security footage from inside the school showed police officers attempting to open the doors to classrooms 111 and 112, which were connected by an adjoining door. Arredondo told the Tribune that he tried to open one door and another group of officers tried to open another, but that the door was reinforced and impenetrable. Those attempts were not caught in the footage reviewed by the Tribune. Some law enforcement officials are skeptical that the doors were ever locked. Within the first minutes of the law enforcement response, an officer said the Halligan (a firefighting tool that is also sometimes spelled hooligan) was on site. It wasn’t brought into the school until an hour after the first officers entered the building. Authorities didn’t use it and instead waited for keys. Officers had access to four ballistic shields inside the school during the standoff with the gunman, according to a law enforcement transcript. The first arrived 58 minutes before officers stormed the classrooms. The last arrived 30 minutes before. Multiple Department of Public Safety officers — up to eight, at one point — entered the building at various times while the shooter was holed up. Many quickly left to pursue other duties, including evacuating children, after seeing the number of officers already there. At least one of the officers expressed confusion and frustration about why the officers weren’t breaching the classroom, but was told that no order to do so had been given. At least some officers on the scene seemed to believe that Arredondo was in charge inside the school, and at times Arredondo seemed to be issuing orders such as directing officers to evacuate students from other classrooms. That contradicts Arredondo’s assertion that he did not believe he was running the law enforcement response. Arredondo’s lawyer, George E. Hyde, said the chief will not elaborate on his interview with the Tribune, given the ongoing investigation.
  20. “If there is, then they just need to go in,” the agent said. Another officer answered, “It is unknown at this time.” The agent shot back, “Y’all don’t know if there’s kids in there?” He added, “If there’s kids in there we need to go in there.” “Whoever is in charge will determine that,” came the reply. The inaction appeared too much for the special agent. He noted that there were still children in other classrooms within the school who needed to be evacuated. “Well, there’s kids over here,” he said. “So I’m getting kids out.”
  21. Two closed doors and a wall stood between them and an 18-year-old with an AR-15 who had opened fire on children and teachers inside the connected classrooms. A Halligan bar — an ax-like forcible-entry tool used by firefighters to get through locked doors — was available. Ballistic shields were arriving on the scene. So was plenty of firepower, including at least two rifles. Some officers were itching to move. One such officer, a special agent at the Texas Department of Public Safety, had arrived around 20 minutes after the shooting started. He immediately asked: Are there still kids in the classrooms?
  22. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/06/20/uvalde-police-shooting-response-records/
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