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  1. Aggies hitting California hard in this years recruiting class.
  2. @ThatOneBallCoach12 Bulldog Country Cafe was going to offer him a daily all he could eat buffet until they ran the numbers and figured out 20lbs of potato salad a day would bankrupt them.
  3. So we're all in agreement that we're North Dakota State fans on the 29th?
  4. Stoney needed some folding money. Took a Luka base RC, a Bo Bichette auto RC, some decent Cowboys RC, auto and patch cards to a local card shop in Longview. The Bichette was selling for $160 on EBay. Barely got offered $100 for everything. About 20 cards total.
  5. Top 3 is probably my best finish ever.
  6. I was expecting more Tommy Lasorda and Sandy Koufax.
  7. Is this for Star Trekkies, Star Wars or a more sophisticated brand of nerd?
  8. Kirt, Retired and Doomer in a swimsuit competition. What is a 3 Body Problem?
  9. Top 5 in chances to win the bracket with Stoney in 5th.
  10. Brian Mauk was named the new football HC and AD tonight.
  11. I had to do training in Austin last week. I wind up in a hotel overlooking Disch-Faulk stadium and right across from DKR. Talk about being a stranger in a strange land. I do highly recommend Amaya's Taco Village.
  12. I'm dynasting as Sam Houston State and my first portal target is Arch Manning.
  13. Rumors are some schools have backed off on recruiting one of the kids involved with targeting the victim.
  14. https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2023/12/20/teammates-of-lake-travis-hs-football-player-with-severe-allergy-put-peanut-products-in-locker-clothes/
  15. Is that what it feels like to have a child? Happy. Proud. Tears of joy. Huge goofy smile plastered on my face. I'm putting in a weeks vacation when this comes out. 1st things first I gotta get a PS5.
  16. Punxsutawney Kirt ladies and jumbos jumbos jumbos dumpster fire aggy
  17. He's not going to A&M. I guarantee it. Jumbo jumbo jumbo dumpster fire. Hahahaha Aggy so easy hahaha
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