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  1. @THSfanatic I can’t look at the price tags from this and last years off-season or I get the shakes. The money is crazy ridiculous. I can remember Kevin Brown getting $100m and thinking holy cow way back when.
  2. If current Disney made the movie I can only imagine what kind of woke, alphabet soup mess that would turn into. Probably couldn’t be the Eagles because of endangered species. Couldn’t be from Texas because of women’s rights, guns and Governor Abbott. Couldn’t be about football because of brain injuries.
  3. Good game to the Newton Eagles. Congratulations to Harmony!!
  4. The man stayed at Gilmer when other programs came calling until he was ready to make the move up. I could see that being how he handles UTSA. Build the program and if the right offer comes along take it.
  5. PJ Williams has entered the portal. Kids facing some legal issues concerning an arrest for weed.
  6. PJ Williams just entered the portal but with his legal issues he may be there awhile. This is the most off the field I can remember A&M going through under Jimbo. You hate seeing talent wasted but man they do need a dose of reality.
  7. North Shore kids are different. Shadrach Banks was recruited as a WR, shows up looking like a LB and is gone within a month. Zach Evans is Zach Evans. Denver posted IG video doing donuts in a parking garage. Busted for sneaking off to Prairie View A&M the night before a game. Busted for smoking weed in locker room before/after South Carolina. Busted driving the car that PJ Williams had a felony amount of weed in. Texas A&M rumoredly wouldn’t have allowed him back in school because of the weed arrest.
  8. I wanted the local guy to be the guy. I hated it didn’t work but with his guts, toughness he’ll make someone a good starting QB.
  9. Deion Sanders to Colorado is not the job I was expecting him to take.
  10. Fig Newtons, Wayne Newton, Isaac Newton…it doesn’t matter fellas. Play Harmony Football and see what happens on the field.
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