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  1. What’s interesting about smoaky is they have this thing called the historical section! It blows my mind all these comments and then blame on a basketball program like Hawkins is a well known football powerhouse….. they have had 2 8 plus win seasons since 1988 and one of those was recently when they went 10-1!
  2. I’m curious to have this one explained
  3. That’s false. I caught two of their games this year and have seen them play basketball. Only kid it seems they didn’t have playing both sports is their super tall kid in the gym. He looks to be 6’7 plus and I don’t remember seeing anyone that tall play during football!
  4. You can blame the refs all you want but Frankston should be the two seed and Harleton should be the 3 with Ore city being the 4 seed. I know you will fire back with well harleton beat Frankston head to head but it was a one point game at half. Harleton offense sputtered the rest of the year with only scoring 27 or 28 on UG and then 35 on hawkins and only 13 on ore city.
  5. In reality though Honey Grove only competition on their schedule was Cooper who did score 34 on them. No it is impressive what they did no matter who they played but I do believe their numbers are skewed due to competition. But this thread it about cooper and frankston. Cooper will win by as much as they want. Frankston got a bad draw after moving in to a 3 way tie on their bye week and falling all the way to fourth.
  6. With the retirement announcement of head coach Larry Minter Big Sandy is open. What is everyones take on this job?
  7. Their JV struggled last year so I would assume it would have to be strictly freshman stepping up
  8. Also what is the weight program like? I am not just talking about are they lifting I am asking do they have a good program! Lineman are built!! Outside looking in if the line isn't getting where it needs to be it would make one think the weight program isn't up to par..
  9. DF don’t shy away from anyone! You’re talking bout a program with years of success they dang sure ain’t scared of anyone lol! Seahorn is a great athlete! Yes he would make a difference but your defense still gave up 42! DF has been harmonys kryptonite and they got past them and now are rolling all which I stated thanks for pointing that out
  10. Still not wrong those are facts. Their district was terrible that is a fact! Daingerfield beat them in district instead of the normal second round that is a fact! West rusk was over rated cause of their defense! They gave up 30 Plus to grand saline arp and Troup! Then at the end I agreed and said they are having a great run in the playoffs which they are! Nice try
  11. I aint about looks. I am about results! Your light up front and so your wanting to only have 3 light guys up front? Block down send rest to linebackers and just get gashed!
  12. Yep but people will come back and say yeah but did they win state with it!!! Crazy thing is 3-4 rounds deep may not be a state title but it beats 2-8
  13. Thats right. Discipline and great coaching can beat talent!!
  14. Because its 3 and out in 30 seconds and other teams back on the field. Makes it hard on defenses if your offense is having an off night. No time is ran off the clock.
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