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  1. What’s interesting about smoaky is they have this thing called the historical section! It blows my mind all these comments and then blame on a basketball program like Hawkins is a well known football powerhouse….. they have had 2 8 plus win seasons since 1988 and one of those was recently when they went 10-1! 

  2. On 12/1/2023 at 12:30 PM, Valhalla said:

    All of the talent stayed in the gym.

    That’s false. I caught two of their games this year and have seen them play basketball. Only kid it seems they didn’t have playing both sports is their super tall kid in the gym. He looks to be 6’7 plus and I don’t remember seeing anyone that tall play during football! 

  3. 23 hours ago, Mavgrad98 said:

    Just to clarify, Harleton played Ore City....and the Refs Friday night. (Go ahead...search and try to find a time I've blamed refs for a loss in my 20 years of being a member, you'll waste your time...I'm not that guy) I'm not saying Harleton played well, or would've won the game if the refs had called a fair game, Ore City is improved and played hard. I am saying, with those refs, Harleton never stood a chance. Harleton took several false start penalties because the d-line was simulating the snap. Our center and other linemen begged for the call, and never got it once. The refs stood around well after the whistle watching the Harleton boys, waiting for an opportunity to throw a personal foul or unsportsmanlike penalty. What should've been a good battle for playoff seeding, was shut down immediately by the refs. What a shame. 

    You can blame the refs all you want but Frankston should be the two seed and Harleton should be the 3 with Ore city being the 4 seed. I know you will fire back with well harleton beat Frankston head to head but it was a one point game at half. Harleton offense sputtered the rest of the year with only scoring 27 or 28 on UG and then 35 on hawkins and only 13 on ore city. 

  4. In reality though Honey Grove only competition on their schedule was Cooper who did score 34 on them. No it is impressive what they did no matter who they played but I do believe their numbers are skewed due to competition. But this thread it about cooper and frankston. Cooper will win by as much as they want. Frankston got a bad draw after moving in to a 3 way tie on their bye week and falling all the way to fourth. 

  5. On 1/14/2023 at 9:25 AM, JustAFan11 said:

    Harmony lost their #2 pitcher and centerfielder to a knee injury during their state semifinal lost to Poth.
    They also have a new coach this year after Coach Atchley took the Kilgore job in the summer. 

    They should still be a very salty team and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple freshmen step up in some key roles. 

    Their JV struggled last year so I would assume it would have to be strictly freshman stepping up

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  6. 12 hours ago, JTFAN99 said:

    Coaching can make a big difference. Saw it when Thomas Brooks replaced Ratliff. So I guess we will see with the next coach. I think the talent is there to be better than what they were.  Not expecting state championships, but they should have been a playoff team.

     Again, I don't think Forney, McKinney North, and etc are 30 to 40 points better than JT.  Watch JT subvarsity teams over the past few yrs blow out teams like North and Sherman and then a couple yrs later get beat at the varsity level.  I think the early morning practices don't help them and I think that has a big effect on things going on in the program. Also, in the past they had very experienced O-line coaches. The past few yrs that hasn't been the case.



    Also what is the weight program like? I am not just talking about are they lifting I am asking do they have a good program! Lineman are built!! Outside looking in if the line isn't getting where it needs to be it would make one think the weight program isn't up to par..

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  7. 2 minutes ago, ReppinBeastTexas903 said:

    All this to say that you’re wrong, again. BTW Harmony was without their starting QB against DF. That might make just a little difference ya think? DF would want no part of Harmony right now. 

    DF don’t shy away from anyone! You’re talking bout a program with years of success they dang sure ain’t scared of anyone lol! Seahorn is a great athlete! Yes he would make a difference but your defense still gave up 42! DF has been harmonys kryptonite and they got past them and now are rolling all which I stated thanks for pointing that out 

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  8. 8 hours ago, ReppinBeastTexas903 said:

    All this to say you were wrong. Congratulations. Btw overrated WR played Harmony a better game than big bad Newton. 

    Still not wrong those are facts. Their district was terrible that is a fact! Daingerfield beat them in district instead of the normal second round that is a fact! West rusk was over rated cause of their defense! They gave up 30 Plus to grand saline arp and Troup! Then at the end I agreed and said they are having a great run in the playoffs which they are! Nice try 

  9. 3 hours ago, cujoforlife said:

    Yes. However, would you have a 4-3 but you don’t have enough lineman to rotate in and out to keep in fresh legs a 3-3-5 and and a 3-4 looks better.

    I aint about looks. I am about results! Your light up front and so your wanting to only have 3 light guys up front? Block down send rest to linebackers and just get gashed!

  10. 10 minutes ago, Slickarick said:

    Burleson Centennial and Midlothian run Flex bone. Centennial is still playing this week and Midlo just got beat by Aledo. 

    Yep but people will come back and say yeah but did they win state with it!!! Crazy thing is 3-4 rounds deep may not be a state title but it beats 2-8

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  11. 21 minutes ago, LionHated said:

    Oh also, I just don’t really think he was ever a good coach as far as game planning, clock management or strategy. Even in the good years JT just rolled out there and would out(athlete) most teams. Name me ONE game, just ONE in his whole tenure, where JT won as an actual underdog. I’ll wait. They’ve been out coached since he got the job. He never improved. The overall talent pool just always hid it. 

    Thats right. Discipline and great coaching can beat talent!! 

  12. On 11/30/2022 at 7:07 PM, Destry said:

    I agree with some of your statement but I have seen teams throw 20-25 times out of the old school offenses. Just a thought— why is it that generally spread offense teams have more points scored on them than old school offenses— talking scores of 60-45, 77-56,55-42? 

    Because its 3 and out in 30 seconds and other teams back on the field. Makes it hard on defenses if your offense is having an off night. No time is ran off the clock. 

  13. On 11/30/2022 at 4:06 PM, cujoforlife said:

    Because of the play of the other teams in the district. You have to show that you’re going to pass some, and if you don’t have a good defense with an offense that has shown that it isn’t good playing from behind. Once you’re down two to three scores the games is over with your offense isn’t made for making big plays.

    When TH was so dominate they used to run the split back. Contrary to popular belief you don't have to sling the ball around to win. Also contrary to popular belief you can throw the football in the flex, slot/t, wingt and split back offenses. I know that is hard for some people to comprehend that you don't have to be in the spread gun offense to throw or win games but its possible! The reason the spread offense became so effective was because it was new when it entered the high school ranks! Now everyone and their dog runs the same offense and you see teams going back to the old school offenses having success because you don't see the option and misdirection ran much anymore and makes it hard to defend!

  14. On 11/30/2022 at 1:48 PM, cujoforlife said:

    both are needed for Tyler High. 3-3-5 would a good defense to run with TH not having that big defensive line and it came checked down to 3-4 when needed. Running a pistol flexbone would be an interesting offense to have, because you have the option to pass out of it. watching the liberty Hill scrimmage that’s what gave me that idea.

    If the d line isnt very big a 3-4 is going to hurt you. In a 3-4 you need 3 DUDES up front to control the o line from getting to your backers. You need a good nose that is a two gap player and demands a double up front!

  15. 1 hour ago, WildBear said:

    A lot of people said we couldn't beat Beckville in week 1 . Then most people said no way we beat Dangerfield in week 3. And along comes Centerville in week 14 and people say we can't beat them. Not to bad for a young undersized sub par line. Timpson made believers out of a lot of folks. The Bears have another team Cooper standing in their way. Cooper will definitely have their hands full this week. And a lot of people ask is Timpson a 1 man show. Come to this game Friday night and see for yourself. Should be a good one. Good luck to both Teams. 


    Everyone knew yall were going to beat beckville except maybe beckville people! Everyone on this thread is picking Timpson!

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  16. 42 minutes ago, WildBear said:

    Sure glad all the folks on here are Timpson experts and know exactly who they are going to beat and who they are not going to beat.

    It won't be settled in here thankfully. But it will be settled in Lindale Friday night. Good luck to both Teams. 

    Go Bears 🐻 

    Same goes for everyone saying its for sure a cooper loss! Way more people in here guaranteeing a Timpson win and timpson title than not! I have no dog in the fight just going off opinion!!

  17. On 11/26/2022 at 12:03 PM, Sportsfanatic1 said:

    I have Timpson winning state.

    Timpson wont beat shiner or refugio in my opinion but I could be wrong. They better not look past cooper either. Kirk is talking bout timpson running up the score and they might BUT Coopers defense is only giving up 9.8 points per game on average. Now granted thats helped with the shutouts they put up in district but that defense flys around and tackles well. So they have a shot. Frankston only being down 21-0 at half and Joaquin, Garrison game being close makes me feel like Cooper for sure has a shot and this game isn't a give me! Everyone knows that Timpson has the better Player in Bussey but as an overall team top to bottom Cooper prolly has them beat but the thing is Bussey can win it

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  18. They lost every preseason game they played. Then they succeeded in a bad district: Hughes Springs 3-8, New Diana 2-8, EF 2-8, Queen City 4-6, and a down Waskom 6-5 but dominated by the one good team in their district D Field. They have however made a good run in the playoffs but the difference is Harmony didn't pull daingerfield in round 2 like normal since they were in the same district this year. They were able to pull a better matchup and then they played an over rated west rusk teams whose defense is bad. They have had a really good run and they are doing well in playoffs!!

  19. 1 hour ago, iRockNewbzz said:

    HS never been a powerhouse in FBz and to be completely honest it's not hard to make the playoffs with who they've had in district and who He decides to schedule predistrict. Never wish failure on anyone, gl to him in future but let's see if someone can come in and turn that program around.

    Turn a program around? I think you mean advance them further! There are hundreds of schools that would love to sniff the playoffs and he has made it every year but one! Be careful what you wish for! Grass isn’t always greener on other side 

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  20. 3 hours ago, StangtilDeath said:

    Harmony got a new head coach, he changed the offensive scheme and now they're playing in the 3rd round in his first year.  Morale is very low for football at hs.  Maybe someone new can change that.  I have friends and family with kids still in school at hs and they say kids don't want to play for Ed.  I played under Ed and he was a good coach that also taught morals.  But that was 20 years ago.

    Harmony is in the 3rd round cause they didn’t pull dangerfield. Under their last head coach they always made second round and then most years faced daingerfield who beat them by 20 or 30 in district this year! 

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  21. 18 minutes ago, RETIREDFAN1 said:

    I was basically talking about the coaches in the stands posting their wishes.......lol.......anything that anyone KNOWS is fully appreciated.......

    Thats what I was getting at! Wasn't talking about the ones fans hoped for. I am talking about actual legit openings 

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