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  1. What are some of yalls predication on job openings? I know it's early with playoffs still going on but Como is already open. Who do yall see coming open or speculations on possible openings. Is this the year some East Texas schools that people have been calling for change finally come open?
  2. May not have to but good news is both teams get to show up and play and have the same opportunity to win. Its Texas HS football anything can happen!
  3. May not have to but good news is both teams get to show up and play and have the same opportunity to win. Its Texas HS football anything can happen!
  4. Winona has always had talented groups. A new person would need time to turn it around from where it’s at now. I agree a change in offense could go a long ways. Not sure how long y’all been in the spread but might wanna try getting under center and pounding the rock. I know for last few years y’all have had those big linebackers. Could of got them north and south
  5. Going Grand Saline. I know its hard to say based off scores buttttt if we are going off how each played West Rusk then I am going Grand Saline who only lost by 3 to those mighty West Rusk waiders
  6. Got ya.... Question is who would they hire? Is their anyone that they could hire that people would give the time to turn it around
  7. I don't see that happening. I think people on here have been saying that for a few years now and it hasn't happened. Winona has always had the talent so whats the problem
  8. I think its West Rusk, Grand Saline, Edgewood then Troup. I got Grand Saline getting them tigers next week.
  9. Can play with anyone in the region? Dangerfield says other wise usually. By region you mean the four and three see of districts.
  10. I did to and yet I was called a hater lol
  11. Your right they did but I don't remember claiming Hawkins was the 2 seed and everyone else was playing for 3 and 4 and Id also be willing to bet that boles would beat winona as well lol
  12. You may be right but I wouldnt assume any outcome considering they lost to a bad Winona team and struggled against an injured and down harleton team. Nothing is guaranteed
  13. And Frankston. Hawkins beats Frankston tomorrow night then they are both tied for second place and Frankston has yet to play Beckville
  14. If they can beat Harleton they could find their way in to the 4 seed
  15. It is a good season! Never said it wasn't!! All I said was every single year ole nicky boy gets on and claims 4-5 rounds at the VERY LEAST and he is wrong. Last three or four years you face another district champion and get ousted.
  16. Wrong every year little nicky gets on and claims 4th round prediction or greater for WR. So nothing was proved my bad that he helped yall ONE year go past the third round CONGRATS. Every year West Rusk beats their chest cause they win an average district only to go on to get ousted once they face a serious opponent. All I am saying is don't be surprised if grand saline hangs with them or beats them because WR isn't as great as yall make them out to be every year. They usually underachieve expectations and rankings!
  17. I’m aware there is a new London not west rusk. He also helped y’all not go past the third round like usual on yet another claim of going 4 plus rounds deep. Like I said it’s y’all every year that act like y’all are some unbeatable powerhouse that quickly exits every year in the 3rd round when y’all finally play another district champion! Won’t be surprised when y’all make another exit this year or if grand saline does find a way to beat y’all
  18. He doesn't even claim yall!! Go to texas tech website and he claims henderson!!!
  19. He actually started for them last year. Big d end
  20. I will believe it when I see it!!!! Nicky boy has been saying that and screaming it for the last 3 years and they havent yet!!!!
  21. Grand Saline had this game close last year until late. I am not saying that Grand Saline wins this game but need to stop putting West Rusk on the powerhouse unbeatable pedestal. Yes they have been winning this district but they play a four seed first round and win then a three seed normally and then every year in round three when they face someone who is just as athletic as them they get bounced. Maybe Grand Saline steps up to plate and upsets them but lets not act like West Rusk is unbeatable and just walks through everyone.
  22. Lot of the reason is kids don't participate as much. At smaller schools that can hurt you. Bigger schools can afford half of their student body not playing but small schools can't. Also job opportunities. Dfield was loaded back when the plant in Dangerfield was booming and families were there working the factory and kids going to school. Same in several other towns. Plant or factory work brings in working families and their kids attend that school. Those jobs close and the families have to find work elsewhere.
  23. Cause them bulldogs are bout to pounce on them tigassss for an upset!!
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