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  1. As darktower stated, "Watch what you ask for"! The pasture isn't always greener!!
  2. Is anyone from Harmony ready to admit the mistake made? Called for a new offense and a new head coach and getting ready to possibly be 0-5 while coach russell has taken a 2-9 team to a 4-0 start......
  3. Going Jax. Athens doesn't have anyone who can matchup with the Mccuin kid and if they try and give extra help to him then the box is light for Jax big back. Yall are all saying welcome to 4A jax like athens is a powerhouse. Unless I am missing something Athens has been middle of pack every year in 4A.
  4. Timpson biggest concern in this game should be to get Bussey out and others as soon as possible
  5. Carlisle will win this one as bad as they want to. Lone oak lost to a less than average Winona team and Carlisle has been hanging 60 plus on the same teams that will probably make playoffs in Winona's district. This game will be very bad all Carlisle needs to do is get out injury free!
  6. West Rusk will win this one. They will most likely walk away with the district title again and then face a district champ in the 3rd round for their routine exit.
  7. Hughes Springs... Harmony falls to 0-5 for first time this decade.. Also the first time this decade they are in a new offense.
  8. It isn't for everyone! But everyone thinks they have to run it because its what all the schools are doing and yet they don't realize some schools dont have those type of athletes to run it. I used quitman for example on that thread about russell. Quitman thought they were going to be part of the fad and in the last 13 years they have won less than 20 ball games. It wasn't until Coach Webber came back and put them back under center that they started competing and winning again. Once again I am not a world class coach or genius but the spread isn't for everyone. I feel like spread does take away the mentality of smash mouth grind you down football and kids don't have that tenacity in the spread offense. Lot of zone schemes not a lot of let me line up and put you on your back for a pancake. What we fail to realize is these schools like gilmer and carthage could run the swinging gate for an offense and still win.
  9. I don't think they do. Harmony is off to the slowest offensive start in the last 10 years of the program and in my opinion you have to link that to the fact they went away from their strength and went spread. Its what everyone wanted and its what they are now getting. I see harmony starting 0-4 for the first time in 10 years and then roll in to a hard district schedule where they could possibly be 0-6 thru the first two games of district. My opinion doesn't matter but when the thread was being discussed last year on getting rid of Coach Russell and bringing in a spread guy so they can run the spread I do recall commenting and arguing with someone on it that Harmony would struggle in the spread because it isn't their make up.
  10. Winnsboro has seemed to of gone with the gilmer mentality. Put all the big bodies on offense and try and just outscore everyone. Usually works pretty well until you run up against a China Springs type team that can score just like you but play better defense.
  11. I don't think that NB can stop winnsboro offense with the way that the Finney kid is slinging it. Best way is to pound the ball against the average defense and keep him on the sideline.
  12. Yea after Nick spent the entire preseason arguing with me and others guaranteeing they would make the 4th round at the VERY LEAST I believe his exact words were. 3rd round exits means you beat one legit team in the second round because as district champs of the weak district your in you pull a fourth round team that is probably 4-6 or 3-7.
  13. In a less than average district with second round exits after a lot of hype!
  14. Everyone in that district is probably hoping harmony does go to slinging the pill in the spread. Mark my words, if Harmony goes to spread and starts throwing 20-30 times a game they go from top of the district to bottom of district quickly. Be careful what you ask for.
  15. Well Grace is a private school. I believe technically he can retire from public school system draw his retirement and still coach at a private school unless they have changed that rule!
  16. The lower levels do it all the time. Play not only offense and defense but kickoff, kickoff return, punt and punt return. I understand its hard to go both ways when others in that classification aren't but conditioning is conditioning 1A-6A. I do agree that Jville numbers are down but I have always believed that your studs should play both ways period 1A-6A. I know of a 2a school that prolly cost themselves a state title trying to play one side of the ball. If numbers aren't changing then conditioning needs to. Just my opinion
  17. Webber was there when Quitman won those titles and went to the Regional Finals and lost to state champs Newton. He was then the OC for the two years they played for the district title. He came back after being gone and put back in a run heavy offense and gave his kids a chance to compete instead of the constant 3 and outs in 35 seconds and give the other team the ball right back. Like Valhalla said people can say one dimensional all they want but isn't any different running spread with kids that aren't capable of running it. If you have a qb with a good arm like harmony has in the young seahorn kid you can still throw from under center but still got to have wrs that can catch and a line that can pass set.
  18. Harmony isn't loaded with athletes! They are loaded with strong, disciplined, hard working kids. There is a huge difference! What is the difference in a team being under center pounding the rock being one dimensional and a spread team slinging it being one dimensional? Difference is throwing can be a quick 3 and out. You want to talk about one dimensional? Gunter, Newton, Franklin, Liberty Hill, El Campo, Waskom, SHINER, and China Springs who was very run heavy in the spread had zero problems being "one" dimensional. Everyone thinks you got to go spread to be successful with your 75 percent comment. You got to run what you think is best for the kids you have and I believe Coach Russell did that. Want a comparison to harmony? Quitman! Same type of kids. They used to have hard working disciplined kids and for four straight years they won a district championship and played for two more. They went spread and they became the worst team in the state of Texas 1A-6A cause they thought they had to go spread like everyone else. Coach Webber has come back in and established an offense that is better suited for those kids and they won more games this year than they have the last 10 combined. People have the misconception that you can't throw under center and that is far from true.
  19. I can understand your point but in my opinion its the participation trophy mentality and it hurts today's society. If you want in the playoffs and your in a loaded district then get better. I understand that is harsh but its true. If you aren't the best 3 then sorry your not going to the playoffs. You will have to see those guys again in the 4th round anyways. You want in in a tough district than beat the guys in your district. Because loveofthegame said it very well. MAJORITY are lopsided victories and your just running the risk of injuries but we all have our own opinion
  20. Overall #1 seed (which is your district champs) verse your #4 seed 5A-2A was 111-17. Which means 4 seeds only won 6.6% of the games. 3 seeds had 51 wins which is 19.9%. Used to be the top 3 seeds went and before then the top 2. To me in my opinion the 4 seed will see an occasional upset or two but at 6.6% the four seed addition is just a way for more money to be brought in.
  21. Oh I totally agree that is everyone's goal and I hope for you and the kids it happens but what I am saying is if yall go from 2-8 to district champs in a year..... yall better give this new coach a pay raise!!!
  22. Compete for a district championship???? Is yall's district down or something?
  23. I don't see anyone beating Timpson in the regular season. Only thing that will stop Timpson between now and playoffs is themselves or covid.
  24. Winona gets it figured out and takes out their frustrations. Give me Winona by at least 14
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