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  1. yeah i edited it just for you i was in a rush didnt want to be late to class lol. but it is men like you and the other coaches that i am the man i am today. when i wanted to lay down and quit cause things werent going how i wanted them to or i was tired, yall pushed me harder and im better for that today. Yall were always on my back and i took it because i knew yall just wanted the best
  2. pizz was a good coach and so was 44 stack these guys were also influential men as well. Spent many many hours around these guys and never a dull moment. This is typical small town politics little johnny dont get to play cause he isnt good enough but mommy and daddy dont realize that that is the reason they just want to blame the coaches. Here are some facts: in 2005 quitman went to the regional finals and that year graduated 17 seniors off that team. The next year Shack gets the job and takes a team with a lot of sophomores that needed more jv time but couldnt cause they had to step up and took them to a 4-6 record and they competed in every single game. In 2007 he takes that young team from the year before adds more young players and they go 8-3 and played for the district title. The very next year in 08 he takes the team that in junior high won 4 games their whole junior high career to 8-3 again and once again competed for the district title. So with the kids that went 4-16 in junior high he mixed them with the other kids and that group when 20-12 overall the next three years. This past season he yet again took a team that lost a lot of seniors that played core positions to 4-6 ok you may say that is a bad record but i went to the games and the team competed in everyone if you dont believe me call the winnsboro coach up and ask him if he expected the score to be 20-6. Coach Shack and his coaches are very good coaches to lose them would be a shame. You cant just look at wins and losses because you arent going to have great talent every year you have to look what shack and his coaches do with the talent they have and i think they do an exceptional job. Its men like shack, miller, weber, johnson, 44 stack, pizzchips and the other coaches that have influenced my life that im following their footsteps into the coaching field. I can only hope to come anywhere near the coaches they are.
  3. i dont think those girls need luck. they have plenty of talent and should make it all the way to state. it will be interesting to see if they continue to beat opponents by wide margins as they climb up the ladder. i know they did last year and came up short in the finals. i dont think the same thing will happen this year
  4. trust me im in no means givin them the title they have been past three years and gotten beat but somethin is different this year. They seem determined im not a fan of them at all but im just giving dues where it is needed they are good and i see them goin all the way to Austin
  5. much as i hate to say it i dont see anyone standin in the raiders way to a state title
  6. You cant go off an alumni game. Alba may have a chance to be decent in baseball this year. But i think if they make it it will be because the other teams in the district are down but they will have a hard time beatin winns caddo and lone oak for a playoff spot.
  7. bamaboy thats the best you could come up with really thats an old sayin :thumbsup: but pizz chips really man i dont know much bout the baseball team this year just know they lost lots of seniors
  8. how will quitman baseball be this year?
  9. Well i thought when you said that he was yelling at the umpires and then fell you were downing him. And yeah like i said quitman did have chances to win. They had three errors and plenty of walks so yeah they had their chances but when the game was on the line quitman fought back just like coach hardy has taught them that no matter when there is only one out left you have a chance and they fought and had it stolen from them at the end. Granted they had chances before that inning but thats part of the game to you make mistakes no one is perfect and they overcame their mistakes and fought back in the last inning only to have it STOLEN from them.
  10. He is more of a man than you will ever be. Yes Quitman had chances to win and did make some mistakes but at the end of the game the bulldogs fought back and had the game stolen from them rather you think so or not.
  11. Coach Hardy from quitman has to be one of the best coaches in the game. How many coaches do you know would put there life on the line to coach the game because they love the game and they love their players. Some people may not like him but the man has heart. He has to coach with an oxygen tank because he has trouble breathing how many coaches would do that. HE puts it all on the line for the game and for his team. Now the other night the quitman bulldogs watched as there coach fought for them when they got a game stolen from them. He yelled until he couldn't breath anymore. He was already having trouble breathing but yet he yelled and fought for his team. No matter how you feel about the man you have to tip your hat to him. He loves the game and his team.
  12. District 20-2A Baseball QUITMAN - Dusty Taylor belted two home runs and Jade Bates allowed just one hit in relief as the Quitman Bulldogs took a key District 20-2A win over Winnsboro Wednesday. Taylor was 3-for-3 with three RBIs. Blaine Shackelford added a two-run homer. Bates came into the game in the fourth inning with the bases loaded and one out with the game tied 3-3. He got the next two outs to keep the game deadlocked. Winnsboro 010 201 0 - 4 4 3 Quitman 102 053 x - 11 13 3 Hensley, Baxter (6) and Bennett. Layne Lisenbe, Jade Bates (4) and Blaine Shackelford. W - Bates, L - Hensley. 2B - W: Hensley, Q: Hayes Peckham, Bates. HR - Q: Dusty Taylor (2) (first, solo) (third, one on), Shackelford (fifth, one on). RECORDS - Winnsboro (5-2), Quitman 12-5 (6-1). NEXT UP - Quitman at Alba-Golden, 6 p.m. Friday From the tyler paper, www.tylerpaper.com
  13. Hey jackuup8 last time i checked you have to win by at least 10 for the game to be over before 7 innings. Young is gone homer haha jk just busting your chops. The score was 10-0 with quitman and gs squaring off next week.
  14. yeah layne threw a no hitter and he was two walks away from a perfect game. quitman hit the ball well and played defense. taylor hit a homerun the first inning first batter of the game. they batted around the first and second inning. peckham did play he started at first and he played well he is seven for eight right now on the season batting.
  15. CCRider i appreciate as well of the rest of my team for the respect that you and your team gave us. No matter how bad they were beating us marshall never mouthed. It was like the two teams went out and decided to just play the game and have fun. To not disgrace the game and just play it. Even though they spanked us to me it was the most enjoyable game that we played. And CCRIDer we would love to come to Marshall and play any time we enjoyed it.
  16. Quitman beat henderson in the first game 7-6. Then turned around and came from behind to beat crockett 7-6. They lost to livingston that afternoon due to errors 5-1. THen turnded around saturday morning and played a very good marshall team and lost. Quitman hit the ball well but it seems that they ran out of pitching quick. I heard that one of their starters hurt his arm and that the kid that was supposed to pitch against marshall had to pitch that night against livingston. The boys seemed to have a good time and played pretty well. Good experience.
  17. yeah i forget pizz sory i should have remembered from junior high and my freshman year that your always right. and come on jack you have known her long enough to know it doesn't matter if she was playin she wouldn't have known haha.
  18. no problem jack but you should know by now not to listen to her.
  19. Quitman played new boston in the opener and they won because they had 8 runners to third and new boston only had 6. They lost 2-1 to sabine in the second game and then won 15-5 to get third place against the tournament holder harmony. Trinity and Sabine played for the championship and Trinity won 8-0
  20. Y cant u and everyone else just give farmsville their due. Man they beat a team that was in line to win their third straight state title. Tatum was and is one of the best teams ever and guess what they lost to the farmers u and no one else can change that. The farmers got what they deserved why can't everyone just congratulate them. They went out there and fought just like tatum and they won. Congrats to both teams on a great season.
  21. How does this district turnout. Grand Saline Quitman Como Alba Edgewood Hawkins Winnsboro Who wins the district and who makes the playoffs and what team goes the furthest in the playoffs.
  22. im not tryin to start #### or take anything away from young im was just trying to bust jackuup8s chops we go way back and i know him well i was just giving him a hard time and jackuu8 thats a bold statement sayin he is like AJ u forget ive played against AJ and young AJ was harder to takle but who knows
  23. We all knew that jackuup8 was going to like this it dont matter if young would have been knocked out or fumbled the ball bout 10 times he would have loved it any way cause he is in love with young
  24. Beenthere its cool Orange80 dont know anything he is just mad that his home town got beat by the dogs last year so he is just talkin to be talkin
  25. Hayes Peckham from Quitman should be on there for pitching over 150 strikeouts and helped his team make it to the regional semifinals. Colten Peek should also the kid can make plays at the two bag boys.
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