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  1. Hooks catcher is pretty good but is he really the best in the area i know there is some pretty good ones is there any that compare or come close this includes arms, blocking the ball, and hitting.
  2. They were just released since the bulldogs are now out of the playoffs great run by the way. They are as follows MVP- Matt Johnson - gs Defensive MVP- Hayes Peckham - quitman //should have got pitcher of the year. Offensive Player of the Year - Dillion Weaver - ewood Pitcher of the Year - Kyle Thompson - gs and don't understand that Peckham was ten times better Honary MVP - Austin Dixon - ewood 1st team pitcher Blaine Shackelford - quitman Shane Thompson - winns. Will Hogan - ewood Newcomer of the Year - Hayden Hawkins - gs Coach of the Year - gs Blake Bennett was first team catcher and that is all i know so far
  3. Im pulling for hooks woodville has the least amount of sportsmanship i have ever witnessed
  4. No one is trying to run Coach Hardy off you tard. All fartlick runner was sayin is that Coach Hardy didn't do it all by himself and some people are trying to say that the only reason that the bulldogs made it as far as they did is because of Coach Hardy himself. Fartlickrunner is right we have won at every level we have ever played that is why losing that series and not advancing was so hard.
  5. beenthere here is some advice that you need to take. "It is better to be quite and let people think you are stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt."
  6. Coach Strong is one fo the best basketball coaches i ever had. He taught me so much about the game when i was in junior high that has made me the player i am now. Beenthere Kilgore will be very lucky to have Coach Strong.
  7. Good point hitnrun but gs losing to LE shouldn't count against them. LE is ranked in top 10 in three A. but if your going to rank gs what about quitman they bet gs once in the season and lost the second one a close game but i guess a losing record doesn't help you get ranked. But maybe everyone should consider who they played.
  8. wow jackuup8 did you come up with that all by yourself or did someone have to help you lol just giving you a hard time.
  9. Quitman is playing Paris Chisum in a one game series cause they lost the coin toss. They will play Friday night in Sulpur Springs at 7:30 good luck to the dogs.
  10. Quitman's peckham has to be on her he has 118 strikeouts and his era is real low so is shackelfords but he doesnt have near as many k's as peckham. The kid deserves to be on the list
  11. i know everybody can be beat. But ray martin said that mineola would never lose which means it doesn't matter the circumstance mineola will win no matter who it is against. Like i said Carthage will be hard to beat i have seen both play and Carthage has the upper hand but Mineola has to get past LE first.
  12. Dang what happened i thought the great ray martin said that Mineola would never lose. Wait till they play Carthage if they make it that far.
  13. quitman came out very flat in this game the last time the score was 11-0 in five innings. They just werent ready to play. Thought it was a blow off wrong thought to have.
  14. Yea quitman lost the title to grand saline it was a great race though. Congrats to both on a well fought title race. I think qutiman plays paris chisum and i know grand saline has a bye.
  15. jackuup maybe you need to pay more attention in class and you would have a higher GPA lol. But quitman didn't play last night like they were out for revenge. They played flat even though they did have people out of position but they still didnt play well. and hope you sound like an idiot i just proved that i knew the situation so that little comment about me needing to know it just shows your ignorance. and after last night quitman isn't on a streak so u opened your mouth a little to quickly and it came back to bite you in the butt.
  16. Well winnsoboro is still tied for second so they really aren't against the ropes hope. You need to know what situation they are in first. They lost two games last week but like i said they are still tied for second. I look for this to be a good game. I believe quitman will come out playing better than last time these two teams played.
  17. he didnt pitch all over the place against gs. and it isn't so bad to through wild sometimes it gets in the batters mind and they don't know where it is coming.
  18. last time i checked baseball was a team sport. after the great game friday i hear that peckham gave credit to his team on a great defense performance so it isn't just him on the mound.
  19. quitman did hit the ball real well. that just couldn't put the hits together at certain times to score more runs. and i recall several times that some of there players hit the ball hard just right to people.
  20. Grand Saline hitters have a lot to do with it. They do the little things right. Quitman has to play there game and play defense and concentrate on pitching and hitting. And don't say matt johnson isn't going to be a factor......some say he may be the best in east texas....i know that is true when he is behind the plate and he has a stick. Grand Saline has a dominant player yes but they arent one dimensional so don't try and say they are. They play as a team.....the right way. Still pulling for the underDOGS though.
  21. Ill say this...... I hope quitman players are tired of losing and come out fired up. The most important thing is to have fun. Nobody expects quitman to win and that should make them want to win even more. Grand Saline and everybody else thinks they are a joke. I am pulling for the underDOGS
  22. for one thing ladevious has never predicted one right lol. But Quitman struggled hitting the ball. They hit good the first inning and then the bats went away for them.
  23. Quitman came to play. They brought the sticks this time to. Peckham hit a homerun. Mauldin had a hit, Lisenbe went 3-4, Jeff Clark went 3-3 and hit by a pitch, Jade Bates went 2-4, Colten peek had a hit or two, Shackelford went 1-2 with three walks, and Dusty Taylor i think had two hits, and Frosch came in and hit one. Coach Hardy has given this team a long speech i look for them to turn things around.
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