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  1. Quitman came together and played hard against alba. Maybe they have decided that they are tired of losing. Peckham struggled with control on the mound at times against winnsboro. But the 4th and 5th inning he looked real great shutting down everyone that came to the plate.
  2. i know quitman has mineola first round thursday at four. Big rivalry there. Quitman should have everybody back so maybe they will make less errors.
  3. What does everyone think about this tourney.
  4. baker is a great looking pitcher. Is he there ace because i heard that jackson was.
  5. quitman had no chance of beating carthage because i don't believe they would have ever hit the ball but without the errors peckham holds carthage to a 1-0 ball game.
  6. i think he was talking to softball man since he knows so much about the sport and could probably beat most major leaguers.
  7. Hey softballman just stick to the girls sport of softball and let the real men deal with baseball. How bout you worry bout winnsboro and not quitman. Cause any player from quitman could out play you any day of the week, i have seen them play.
  8. quitman looked pretty good after the first inning i heard. After canton dropped six in the first quitman settled in to a 13-7 game with peckham getting the win and shackelford getting the save. I look for quitman to get a better start tonight does anyone know who is on the hill.
  9. who is in it and what do the matchups look like
  10. sayitanitso you said it perfectly i couldnt agree more. That is crazy to think that clark is better than waters. He shoots a little better but he isn't better than waters. He is an outstanding player but he aint better than him.
  11. your right pantheralum1504 it is hard to hold your tongue espcially in football. It is probably the hardest sport to hold your tongue in.
  12. I'm not running clark down. He is a great ball player. And quitman is the same way crossfire i agree 100% with you. If yall have takin it that i have put cory down i apologize. The kid is a great ball player.
  13. I look for Mass and T.J. Riley took take control. I say C.H. by 10+
  14. not outclassed. I'm pretty sure mister MVP canidate himself got a technical foul. I know that clark was probably upset but that kind of hurt his team because he fouled out when they needed him. congrats to clark on a good year.
  15. No it was a boys game and it was mount pleasant chapel hil not the 3A chapel hill.
  16. Prayers to the family and friends of the family. Prayers for edgewood and the community.
  17. rosenblatt i wasn't talking to you when i said talking bad about hard working athletes like quentin. I apologize to you for that confusion
  18. I agree that is why is said i hope frosch can handle it. Do you think kirby hayes will be any good on the mound this year since he didn't play last year. At least that is what i heard is that he didn't come out last year. I heard the kid was a descent pitcher when he played.
  19. Well my bad i heard that peckham had pitched five innings and frosch pitched 2 and a half. Thanks for clearing that up. And i heard that they both did pitch well. That is good because i heard Quitman needs a number two pitcher. I believe frosch can do it once he gets his confidience built up.
  20. Broker i was going back about what you and whodat was talking about. I was just agreeing with whodat. And about the Frosch kid he pitched two innings and peckham pitched five. Don't get me wrong the kid pitched pretty good. I also said in the previous post that frosch could be good as long as he don't get his head down like he usually does and quit the sport like he did last year. And i also said that he needs to be able to so little shack can stay behind the plate where he feels comfortable.
  21. Celtic Pride and Broker yall really need to get yall's facts straight before yall get on here and show everybody just how ignorant you are. Q has dominated since his soph year. It doesn't matter who was on his team the kid got rebound after rebound. He doesn't have to score 30 a game just to be a dominating player. Whodat is right the ball didn't bounce off of q's leg so maybe you should keep your mouth shut about that. And rosenblatt shackelford doesn't shoot near as much as jackson or q when it comes to man to man. The kid knows his role. He avergaes about 6 shots a game against a man. And he is also averaging about 8 or 9 a game i think. Those are some facts for you guys. I also want to know what makes all you people want to put down a hard working athlete like quentin or any other player from quitman.
  22. Edgewood is not good enough to get to stephenville. Unless they get lucky or have an easy 3 games to open up the playoffs. They are no where near the caliber of Troup, Ponder, or Rivercrest.
  23. Apparently you weren't at the game. Quentin Richardson shut cory clark down once he was moved to him. If clark is so dominating he would have had more than 10 points on richardson. clark is good but yall are making him sound like some kind of god. And what difference does it make how q scored. Tip ins is part of his game. Scoring is scoring right.
  24. Peckham looked very good on the mound after the first inning of work. Fastball looked very explosive. Hardy is a great coach
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