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  1. Who wins this game at Quitman? Edgewood won by ten last time.
  2. Edgewood was scared to play Caddo and Faith becuase they knew they would get beat. So they came into the district they are in now because they knew they would excel. Orange80, quitman had a great football team this year. They rushed for over 3,000 yards. If you are from edgewood tell me how exactly did edgewood do in football this year. I don't think they even made the playoffs in football. Even if they did it was in third. They left quitman's district because they knew they would get hammered. Quitman beat them on edgewoods home field last year with a team that wasn't even average. I hate to know what Quitman would have done this year.
  3. Alba don't know how to win with class they have been losing for so long that they forgot how to win with class. Nobody runs their mouth about cory clark the bottom line is that alba's role players stepped up and some of quitman's didn't. I guess shack's shooting was a fluke last friday.
  4. Quitman lost to Pittsburgh 14-7 last night in Pittsburgh
  5. i'm trying to say you don't sound intelligent at all so maybe you need to learn how to talk so people won't be questioning your intelect
  6. I don't believe quitman has ever really gotten home cooking. You could tell that by the way Billy Mack Steed complained every game which he did all the time. Nobody likes quitman for some reason and i have witnessed bad calls against them at their home court. But i believe quitman and alba's role players will have to step up and they will make the difference.
  7. well thanks onthemoney i was just going by what i heard. any how can the kid say baseball is boring... baseball is the greatest game and if he is so good at it he would play even if it was boring. i think you are making it up.
  8. I heard that it was a very good turnout since it was quitman's first.
  9. maybe you should work on your grammar before you post again ladevious.
  10. i agree with jackuup8 and i also want to know how there gym stinks
  11. haha i don't it on either one:notworthy:
  12. last game everybody else on the team maybe combined for ten and clark had the rest when these two teams played last those are facts.
  13. Middlebrooks is the real deal i look for LE to win another state title. Middlebrooks has signed with A&M. Am i right about that? I heard he was punting for their football team to.
  14. They beat quitman by 2 last time thanks to seven three's from cory clark. Quitman had a plenty of chances to win they just turned the ball over late in the game when they could have pulled even or pulled ahead. Quitman has never had home cooking that i know of.
  15. Quentin Richardson-Quitman Mass-T.Chapel Hill Cory Clark-Alba
  16. I have seen trevor boles play before and unless he has gotten a whole lot better i think someone needs to remove their post about him.
  17. It was a good win for Quitman. They finally got back on track after struggling to play well the past three. They should have won by more but they started slacking off in the second half. They quit playing hard defense and started turning the ball over and let Hawkins get some shots.
  18. I have no problem with the kid i was just telling you the facts so get off my back
  19. Matt Johnson has a shot at getting the MVP. Hit over .500 last year as a junior
  20. Broker must be frosch or a friend of his....and i'm not counting frosch out buddy... i'm just saying the kid has quit three sports in the past 2 years hopefully the kid will play this year and be an asset to the team. The kid can be a good relief pitcher i believe. and he needs to be able to pitch because i believe shackelford is better behind the plate than on the mound or anywhere else....
  21. Summer Hudleston and Briana Williams will probably be pitching for quitman this year....and i'm not sure but i hear erin cole will being stepping into the catcher's role
  22. last time i checked their district is 20 2A. And even if you didn't know they changed in the spring... that district was 16 2A before that.....:smileybanger:
  23. frosch is not quitmans number two.... right now it is shackelford. and frosch just flat out quit last year. I have a friend that went to quitman last year and he told me the story. The kid doesn't have that great of an attitude he gets down a lot of the time. He can be an asset to quitman if he stays with the team but i wouldnt talk him up like that.
  24. Well its playoff season for baskeball but yea its baseball season woooooooooooo.......... i agree baseball season is the best..:clap:
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