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  1. Henderson-Jacksonville is week 3. Not sure on arrangement of others yet. Jacksonville under stadium renovations, so if we're there this year, it will probably be at Bullard or Rose.
  2. I changed it today to a bomb, even though both are long passes. I'm learning
  3. Hey, they finally got one right. Started 0-5, haha.
  4. Don't know what that means. Either you're better or worse than the other team. Pound for pound? Maybe Bulldog for Bulldog?
  5. I don't they're the best in Texas among all classes. When I was leaving the game down in Nac 2 weeks ago, Carthage fans were talking about bringing on Katy and Highland and how they could beat anyone. But I doubt that. In 4A yes. In the state? I don't think so. Deal is when someone like Highland Park or Manvel pounds at you and pounds at you, and their back gets tired. They simply bring in another DI back. They've got first teasers and second teasers that are Division I. Not just 1 player.
  6. Yes, they finally came into the game with 5 minutes left. The TV guy just said pound for pound the best team in Texas. Really? They just won the state title. Duh! They're the best team in the state.
  7. That should put him over 300 now for sure. That was almost a 40-yard TD pass.
  8. He's one of the top 10 coaches in the state. I do agree there. Curious how much longer he'll stay though. They were talking about that earlier in the telecast I believe.
  9. I'm curious to see how Capps does next year with all his weapons (Colbert, Bowens, the Ingrams) all graduated.
  10. As I said, Surratt won't show any mercy. Never does. He's going to score however many and however way he can, even if it's a bomb with the game already wrapped up.
  11. That's a big first down...er never mind. Sure looked like a catch and down by contact.
  12. It doesn't matter if it's a SC game or the first game of the year. You should never run it up.
  13. It was over before it began. Surratt will keep on scoring and probably put up 70 if he has a chance.
  14. Been moving the ball at will all day. Why call that?
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