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  1. Is Walker going to be able to play for Kountze?
  2. Norman, Oklahoma is part of East Texas. Thats at least were most of the players are from.
  3. The devil is in the details! Something for nothing.... Right!
  4. Dont worry WO Sabine will take care of Arp. If Sabine makes it past Hearne.
  5. Coach K in arp this is great. LOL
  6. And the LEGEND grows!!!! I was for sure you would have been talking trash about WO!
  7. Most coaches walk up and down the bench not on the floor! He does not have to stay in his seat just off the floor! Not just him, but any coach! This is what stupid fans do with thier time. you where doing at 12:35 am
  8. Jacket09 plays for EF. I think thats his name.
  9. I think the rules stay the same, but "at times" the officials make some calls and then at other times they let things go.... I know they are human and yes I have done it. it is not easy.
  10. And the world is now a better place. Its a poll you dont have to make excuses. it could be White Oak will win because they are at home and they play great at home or Sabine is a better team. Just vote or dont vote.
  11. I dont think a ref in the Longview Chapter would dare make the White Oak coach get off the floor during the game. The shed is a tough place to play. Good luck to both teams.
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