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  1. One thing for sure Marshall will be road tested with only 4 home games and only 2 home games in the first 7 weeks of the season.
  2. I guess agree to disagree Rocketpop. Yes i have seen Rawls throw. Last year in 7on7 at Evangel he messed around a little at qb. Had a pretty good arm tbh. And i know he played some qb his sophmore year at Jefferson. And with Savion at least we won district and went to the playoffs. I would take that and a 1st round loss over not even making it. I have a VERY hard time believing Rawls wouldnt play qb. Even his mother in the stands was talking about how they needed to have him on offense. I am 100% not bashing Burris. He did the best he could and did better than most ever thought he would includ
  3. Good luck Nac! Pulling for our district and fellow east texas teams! I was impressed with your qb last night, he showed great poise and touch even when we put pressure on him. He will need a monster game to have a chance vs Huntsville.
  4. But why not try? We would never know until we plugged somebody in there to find out. Look what happened with Savion last year and Rawls even had qb experience when Savion didnt. The guy just commited to Okla St so hes a bonifide stud. You have to put the ball in your playmakers hands. Just look at what he did with his ints this year and at wr last year. When your ol is struggling you need somebody that can make plays with their feet and Lord knows Burris was not going to do that. Burris deserved his shot and im glad he got the opportunity he worked hard. But as a coach you have to play who giv
  5. Griedl's refusal to change qbs at any point is the reason why we will be sitting at home. Yes the ol has struggled but we could have done so much more with a dual threat like Rawls at qb. Hope he made the school board/donor dad happy and it was worth it for him.
  6. I agree the o line has been terrible but its completely different blocking for a mobile qb and a pocket qb. Defenses wouldnt be able to key on the rb and rushing the passer. And Burris has missed so many passes tonight when the line did give him time.
  7. Not gonna happen as long as Griedl more interested in making burris school board dad happy than whats best for team. Im sure brent is a great kid and he is a sufficient qb2 but hes not varsity starting qb material.
  8. Rawls should have been qb from day 1 of the season. He has experience from his days at Jefferson. He has shown his athletecism during his int returns and he couldnt be stopped last year at wr. There is a reason he is being recruited D1. It would be so much more difficult for defenses to contain a true dual threat qb. Can you imagine him at qb, Dom at rb and DD as the motion slot wr. These coaches just arent taking advantage of the personnel they have.
  9. SOFT! When you get your behinds handed to you by PINE TREE theres no other way to put it. SOFT!
  10. Burris having an off night. Just cant get anything going. We have a good size advantage need to go big and run it down their throats.
  11. Mav D holds PT 3 and out. Strike first 35 yd td burris to kelehen. 7-0 marshall
  12. This one could be a high scoring shootout with the winner earning the right to play Texas High down the road for the district title.
  13. To be fair LoboFan, they were missing their starting qb and 2 starting ol. Then during the game their starting rb, backup rb and te were injured also. We did not get their best by any means. I still think we out score them as they couldnt stop us but it would have been much closer.
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