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  1. I don’t think Pitt’s depth was an issue like everyone thought it would be. Legs looked pretty fresh at the end of the game.
  2. That was an awesome game. Congrats to PG on their win. Congrats to Pitt on a fantastic season. That was what a show of what makes East Texas football the best in the state.
  3. While depth does favor PG as far as personnel, a closer look at the stats seems to show Pitt holds their own in the second half. While Pitt has allowed 152 points in the second half, Pitt has scored 226 points during that half. Pitt has been out scored 3 times this season. Only 2 of those were loses. Of the 3 games Pitt failed to score in the 4th quarter, only 1 was a loss. Yes, Pitt has several playing both ways, but you have to have your best athletes on the field to win football games.
  4. As fans, we obviously have our own opinions about who should and shouldn’t be on the field. And while I get frustrated with how an athlete may be performing, it’s completely understandable to me to stick with the ones that have gotten you to the 14th game of the year. Have there been times this year where I felt a change needed to be made? Of course!! All I know is, since the PG game Pitt is allowing 17.8 points a game. They held Lorena’s offense to 21 points (there was a “blocked” punt returned for a score also) even though Lorena was averaging over 40 a game. Seems to me Pitt does a pretty good job over covering up any defensive weakness they may have.
  5. #19 has been victimized several times this year, I agree. The kid that subs for him occasionally is smaller than him, so that leads me to believe the coaches feel like 19 gives them the best effort at that position. Whether it be better technique, size, or effort, the coaches have a reason they have stuck with him. To his credit, he has stepped up on several occasions this season to make some plays. Best example was a 4th and 6 for Lorena late in the third quarter at mid-field. They tried to throw a 10 yard out to his side and he broke on the ball and deflected it away from the receiver. I believe the score was still tied at 28. Had that pass been completed we might not even be talking about a game this week. While I agree that every defense has a weakness to exploit, most of the time it comes down to just a handful of plays that can make or break you. So far nothing has happened to break Pitt yet (or #19) because they are still playing.
  6. Yeah, I went back and checked. Pitt only had 13 rush attempts against PG the first time for 93 yards. That’s 7.2 yards per carry. That is Pitt’s 3rd highest average per carry of the whole year. That obviously shows that Pitt had to abandon the run due to score. Since the PG game Pitt has averaged 47 rushes per game!!!! Huge philosophy change!!! Also, Pitt’s #6 only had 2 carries that game. Don’t know if that was intentional but that has definitely changed since then also.
  7. Thought I might leave a few thoughts about the previous matchup between these two teams. 10-12-18 Final score PG 45 Pitt 20 Halftine score PG 28 Pitt 20 Total yards PG 393 Pitt 372 So why the 25 point difference? Turnovers! Pitt threw 3 interceptions, all in PG territory. 1 was in the end zone on a 1st down play that could have put Pitt up 21-7. The other 2 were intercepted at the 23 and 27 respectively. Pitt’s next possession after the 1st interception went 3 and out, but the snap on the punt went through the punters hands and PG recovered at Pitt’s 12 yard line. PG scores on first play to tie the game at 14 then scores on the very first play of their next possession which came after a Pitt 3 and out. PG had a short field again on the next possesion due to a 11 yard punt by Pitt and scored again to make it 28-14. The second half saw Pitt turn then ball over on downs 2 times and throw their last 2 interceptions, but all possessions ended in PG territory. Bottom line from the first game...take care of the ball!!! These teams were evenly matched across the board except for turnovers and starting field position. So what has changed to make Pitt fans think the Pirates have a chance? Since that game (6 games ago), Pitt has thrown just 1 interception and lost only 3 fumbles. Pretty decent. And how about the Pirate defense since that day? Allowing an average of 17.8 points per game since then. Shutouts on the season? None. But I don’t think PG should brag to much about those either. They shut out Chape Hill (1-9), Spring Hill (2-8), and Gilmer (in a torrential downpour). Do I expect this week’s game to turn out differently? Idk. That’s why they play the game, nobody knows what’s gonna happen. While I know everything mentioned is part of the game and it all counts to the outcome of the game, part of me wonders what the outcome would be if both teams played a clean game. Good luck to both teams!
  8. The stats I saw showed pitt only ran 53 total plays. 13 rushes for 93 yards. 21/40 passing for 279. The big rb for Pitt only had 2 carries that game, he has had several games since then with over 30 carries. Not saying it will be any different this week but pitt’s playing style has completely changed since the pg game.
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