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  1. Stream isn't working for me. Whats the game look like
  2. no, it worked very good for me no it worked very good for me and was easy to complete
  3. If you want to just listen to the game, you can hear it at KMOO.com, this is free to listen to.
  4. Mineola ISD just posted the game will be Live Streamed on NFHS, https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/mineola-high-school-mineola-tx/gamdee3c8a022
  5. Ok, So we know Tatum said they are streaming the games, will anyone else be streaming any of the other games?
  6. I hope all schools did this so they all can be live streamed Yes. A football contest that takes place on any day during the playoffs may only be telecast live if you have permission from the UIL Media Department and FOX Sports Southwest. FOX Sports Southwest may sub-license its rights to broadcast stations in markets across Texas interested in televising playoff games either live or tape-delayed. More information can be found here: UIL Football Playoffs TV Guidelines
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