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  1. Nice Pic... but I saw you more as a chartreuse colored fellow!

  2. hey been long time you should post more lol

  3. You know Lhorn, you may not realize this but passing that stuff on to your son might tell him something about you that he never knew. When my dad passed away, he kept a locked drawer full of stuff that we thought we knew would be but turned out to be something that surprised us entirely. I told you he went through VietNam and was a Ranger and we thought there would be stuff about that but there wasn't. There were pictures of him and me hunting and fishing and him teaching me to shoot when I was really small. There were pictures of my cousins that he always complained about spending the night with us. My dad was big into hunting and fishing and he had a couple really big deer heads that he had killed but he didnt have that in there, he had a picture of my first bass I caught and my grandpa's fish. Nothing he had done. It was really amazing the stuff we found about him and meant to him. To me, it showed me what mattered the most to him. I got both of my grandpa's Bibles and in them are highlighted the verses that meant the most to them. The little notes in the margins and stuff and you know, it show's more about those men than I realized I would ever know. So maybe holding on to that stuff for your son will mean more to him than you realize. Just from some of your personal comments, I can tell you are both very close and he must follow in your footsteps like I did my dads. I saw a picture Five0 put up of him and his son and it reminded me of me and my dad. So I guess maybe I'm saying your doing the right thing by holding on to that. Maybe your doing more for your son than you realize right now.
  4. that'd be the smart way to go! Especially when some of those cards don't have a reserved bid. I've seen some Mantle cards on there that were really cheap and authentic, not reprints. I had a 62 Topps Mantle/Mays managers dream that I sold in the early 90's for like 120. And it had a pin hole in it. I've had some really great cards in my time but most of them passed through my hands when I was young, dumb, and full of well we all know how that goes......lol I did not figure out saving cards until I got into my 20's. Wish I would have known that sooner!
  5. Who is your college team if I may ask? Yes, TCU does get the most out of less than anyone else.
  6. My dad was born in the 40's I think and he told me one time about having some 52 Topps cards and they used to put them on the spokes somehow of their bikes when they rode and used it to make noise. Or sometimes they would just get a pack for the gum and throw the cards away.....Can you imagine doing that? I asked him if he had a Mickey Mantle rookie and he said he didnt know but they could have!.....ahhh man! I mean I have wanted to just find a way to go back in time just once and find me a T203 Honus Wagner.....oh man! If I ever win the lottery, I swear I'm buying that card! I had a chance to buy a T203 Joe Tinker from a guy in longview one time for like 50 bucks and I just couldn't do it to him. I told him about the Tinker, Chance and Evers quote putting those three guys in the Hall of Fame and so he raised the price on the card....lol
  7. I don't really collect them anymore but yes they are. It's like 5 bucks a pack now! Some of the Upper Deck stuff is really cool cause they'll take a piece of like a bat that Babe Ruth used and put his autograph with it and that particular card would be worth thousands!
  8. LOL....Ok Typer...guess we'll be at odd's over our favorites playin each other this year...hehe
  9. Well your not supposed to share it....lol
  10. Whoa, graded 9???? Actually graded by BGS? that thing is worth like 3500 at least! I think you could probably get 1200 off the Fleer! I got a bunch of Shaq's cards and Lebrons but I'm not sure they'll pan out like Jordan's. I would kill for a Pete Maravich rookie card!!!! One of my many dumb moves but when I was a kid, I had a Nolan Ryan rookie card and I traded it for a Dwight Gooden...How was I supposed to know he'd end up snortin the white powder.
  11. Oooooookkkkkk Hope you have a Happy New Year!
  12. It's funny that you make that point because it just seems like a kid from a universities home state is much more appreciative to be there than one from somewhere else. I know that most kids from Ohio either want to be a Buckeye or a Wolverine. There's just something special about that and I think that Texas kids are the same way with Texas schools. You grow up being a Longhorn or an Aggie and when you make it, it makes you want to work harder for the school you play for. I don't know, I stayed home for basketball. I did try out for a couple schools out of state and I appreciated the opportunity they gave me but it wasn't home.
  13. Oh I wasn't putting down TCU or Texas. They both do fine with their recruits. I was refferening to the fact that some folks in Texas consider folks from other states "foreigners."....I thought that was amusing. Me and my ex one time went to see the original home that inspired Tera from Gone with the Wind. Well the tour lady started explaining how General Sherman burned Atlanta and really started cussin "yakees." So my ex says to her as she's stepping away from me, he's a yankee!...lol I swear to you, that lady was rude to me for the rest of the tour...lol. She kept saying stuff like, being a yankee, I guess you wouldn't know anything about that?....lol
  14. I think you were right about the college scene comment although why he enjoyed it is beyond me. I think I read somewhere that he was very arrogant to his assistant coach's by limiting what they did because of his pro experience and that was also part of what hurt his teams. Just saw on Sportsline that they hired him.
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