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  1. Only from the has beens and never were.
  2. The two winningest decades in Libo history??? By FAR!!!
  3. I’ve lived off and on in East Texas for most of my life. My kids attended East Texas schools, although graduated in other parts of the state. We’ve been back in the area about three years and noticed some of the larger schools don’t do a “Meet the Whoever”. We live close to Longview and the larger schools don’t seem to do this anymore. Does Longview, Marshall, etc. not do this now or has it always been this way? I can’t believe there’s not “Meet the Lobos”. Has that always been the case or just a King era thing? Maybe I’m just missing the announcements of these events.
  4. This is a blanket statement and certainly doesn’t apply to all programs. I’ve seen more and more of a trend where head coaches make decisions to speed sub-varsity games along. Running clocks for middle school. Combine teams even though they have enough two have multiple teams. Who cares if you get donkey stomped. It’s a public school. Let those kids play. If lightening is within 200 miles let’s cancel. There’s NO reason why any sub-varsity game should start at 4:30 unless you don’t have stadium lights. I don’t think that applies anywhere. Just my two cents but have seen more and more of this happen every year. Same in the spring during the track and field season. Just should never happen here in Texas.
  5. If that ever happened I’m sure we all know whose piece of the pie would be cut come playoff time.
  6. Let’s not, though, get the football profit UIL makes confused with the financial loss football is for a VERY high majority of programs statewide. I think a common misconception is that high school football teams fund other sports. The reality is that’s not even close. But, for this argument, most schools could easily pay more for football officials based on their gate. Probably not the case for the other sports as a whole statewide.
  7. Not that hard to believe when you look at the actual rosters.
  8. Against what other teams are you saying? All classifications? Surely that’s not what you’re saying.
  9. Do you guys still dial up your trusty AOL beep boop bop boop service and sit at a keyboard when you get on Smoaky?
  10. Waaaaaa. The first games are still six weeks away. We know you’re not watching game film so find something else to do to pass the time. Those guys that put that magazine together work as hard as you do, if not harder, at their job. Nobody tries to say you don’t care about your school’s fans (your customers) when you have a mediocre season!
  11. It’s not even for profit most of the time. It’s just so they can look like their life has meaning!
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