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  1. Sad thing is there are posters on this thread that actually believe that!
  2. I can’t believe King and Barry didn’t check Smoaky at halftime to figure out how to win.
  3. Take a look at the rosters on those other city teams when they were really good. In all their sports. Girls and boys. Always funny when LE and TxH posters point the finger at PG.
  4. If you’ve ever sat five minutes inside an LE classroom you’d head north, too!
  5. I think it worked out well for the best statistical QB in program history. Kid had almost 100 touchdowns from that boring offense. PG mauled folks up front on both sides from ‘17-‘19. That’s the difference now.
  6. Pretty sure toward the end of the half the announcer said it was his daughter working the camera. She won’t be getting a gold star in her fourth grade project.
  7. I’m pulling for the Hawks but what are their impressive wins to date?
  8. And they’re MUCH bigger, faster, and stronger than when the tough guys played.
  9. I think Mr. King is a little smarter than to shoot all his bullets in the first duel. Obviously he felt confident with the run scheme to wear then down over four quarters but I’d be surprised if there weren’t a few aggressive wrinkles if they were to meet Lancaster again.
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