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  1. First. If you are going to quote me, don’t add something that I didn’t say. I never said he was a bad coach. I never said he wasn’t in coaching for the kids. He has not been in coaching for 35 years. Baca just didn’t communicate very well with the kids. IMO, he didn’t try to get the kids out to play as well as other coaches do and couldn’t keep the lower grade kids out. Stiles is the jr high coach. It is amazing what he has been able to do while being short handed. In short, the program was not doing well.
  2. Without a doubt the numbers had fallen by a lot under Bacca. I think the new coach will bring excitement back to the high school and the numbers will increase. Had Bacca stayed another year we might not have fielded a varsity team. Pitt will be competitive next year and will make the playoffs. Not deep. It will take the new coach 2 to 3 years to compete for district. But, it will happen. The numbers in jr high are good. Athletes are really good. Stiles does a good job but needs some help. Time will tell.
  3. Coach G has interviewed twice. Coach Abron has been here twice. Don’t know about Coach Atterberry. Rumor has it that Coach Castle has been interviewed. BB from all over is not in the mix.
  4. So your saying it wasn’t defensive holding? Just for the fun of it I will watch the game again. But you do have a right to be wrong on the PI on 19. It wasn’t.
  5. The offside call should never have been made How does Linesman make the call from the 45 when the other official on the 40 doesn’t make the call? PI on #19 was a terrible call and that change the drive completely in favor of PG. was a great game and congrats to PG and their adopted stripe extended family
  6. I know he is the coach. He is on the field more than Dennis Alexander ever was
  7. Two interceptions in end zone. Pitt didn’t have a runnng game but does now. Snapped ball over punters head. Pretty much let points on field and gave points on bad snap. Wasn’t a kick as some might think. Could be tonight but first game was closer than score. We are thin.
  8. You are only as good as your last game and anything that happened last year doesn’t matter. But if it makes you feel better then that is ok.
  9. You have to try and stop whatever any offense does best. But, your correct. Pittsburg’s (notice no h at the end) secondary will have to keep the receivers in front of them and not give up the long pass.
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