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  1. Appears to be a shoulder injury. Might need surgery. He is #10.
  2. No Longhorns taken in the NFL draft this year. Did you think you would ever see that? Any Longhorn fans care to weigh in on the reasons why?
  3. It has to sting that the Jones boys were a big reason that LE beat PG last night!
  4. I would never want to live in the Communist state of California!
  5. So proud of this team and I love our coach. If you told me before the season that they would be 8-4 with wins over Texas, Texas A&M, LSU and Missouri, I would have never believed it. They also were very competitive in their losses except for Georgia. I hope they get a great bowl game and finish it off by winning that too! WPS!
  6. Is it true that former Pleasant Grove baseball coach Craig Jones is now on staff at Liberty-Eylau?
  7. I’m glad Mississippi State won it all. At least they earned their trip to the finals rather than having it handed to them.
  8. Pleasant Grove beats Liberty-Eylau 7-5 in an exciting game. 3 run homer for L-E in the bottom of the 6th to take a 5-4 lead. 3 run triple in the top of the 7th for PG to provide the deciding margin.
  9. It is time for a change. McManus has had some good talent at Texas High but I have felt like he did not do enough with it. It used to drive me crazy years ago when he would substitute five players at a time after a certain time in each quarter. One guy would finally get the hot hand and find his shot and next thing you know, he was coming out of the game because it was time for the next five to come in. Didn't make sense to me.
  10. Here's my take on the last inning call at the THS-NL game. First of all, I don't think THS would have scored because they haven't been able to hit all year. I too was behind the plate looking down the first base line. The runner was probably inside the line. But that is the home plate umpire's call. That is what he is supposed to be looking for on that play. The field umpire is supposed to be watching the play at first base. The home plate umpire should never have to ask for help on that play, it is his call to make. It doesn't change the fact that the NL catcher had all day to throw the ball and he took his time and made a bonehead throw. Where the runner was had nothing to do with him throwing it well into right field. If he had hit the runner in the back or thrown the ball just to the right or left of the bag at a decent height, then I would consider runner interference. But this guy took all day on the throw and sailed it into right field. You can't argue that.
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