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  1. You are correct. I have to stop and think about which game is which.....every time.
  2. My better half is trying to talk me into it. Not sure about the rain.
  3. #8 is all heart. Good season, Lindale. Y’all are always a tough game.
  4. Thought Kilgore was going to try to draw Lindale D offside on the 4th and short.
  5. Chapel Hill's struggles during the 10 years after playing in the 'ship against Henderson has been a topic of conversation for years on this forum. Glad they're back to what everybody thought they would be.
  6. Going into next week’s games, what are two keys to your team winning Friday?
  7. Alright, Lindale and Chapel Hill, we took care of our business.
  8. Which is the higher yard total in the second half: El Campo offense or Kilgore penalties?
  9. After the El Campo timeout, it was third and fifteen with 51 seconds. They couldn’t take a knee without having to punt.
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