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  1. Agreed. Looking forward to the Lions returning to form.
  2. For a couple of years after playing in the 2013 state championship, Kilgore played Corpus Christi Flower Bluff in Houston. Not as far as between Carthage and San Benito, but still a long way.
  3. I'm circling October 2 on my calendar!
  4. Is the Liberty Christian game at a neutral site? That's a long walk from Texarkana to Argyle.
  5. The Ricebirds of El Campo are now in region 4.
  6. Chapel Hill played four quarters, Kilgore played three quarters. That’s the difference. Congrats Chapel Hill.
  7. I had heard the same thing. Kilgore was owning both sides of the line of scrimmage and methodically scoring, especially in the second half, so staying with the sophomore gave Williams a little more time to heal up.
  8. If I remember correctly, the 2021 district matchup between Chapel Hill and Kilgore was Brisbon's first full game at QB. Riordan and company were still figuring out how to best utilize a young, but talented quarterback. By the time they reached the third round against Kilgore they were as hot as a two-dollar pistol because Brisbon and Stewart were now very known quantities and the coaching staff had everything flowing in the right direction.
  9. For the fourth consecutive year the region 3 championship will between two teams from District 9.
  10. Didn't Kilgore and Henderson play at Pine Tree for the regional championship a few years back?
  11. I heard that Kilgore had 391 yards total offense. 263 yards rushing.
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