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  1. From the Kilgore paper. https://www.kilgorenewsherald.com/sports/wanted-top-dog-kilgore-narrowing-search-for-football-coach/article_5e748282-a85b-11eb-9d9e-d330e6a8f5c2.html
  2. That new high school looks nice.
  3. I wonder when Kilgore is going to show up on the Mavs schedule again?
  4. I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing that this thread is so much longer than the Kilgore open thread.
  5. Over 2,000 yards rushing and passing in 2020.
  6. You must have missed last season.
  7. Current high school coaches with Kilgore connections but currently not in Kilgore: Phil Castles Chris Vallery Clint Toon any others?
  8. Phil Castles was a Kilgore grad.
  9. I thought Lindale would start passing knowing Argyle would load the box.
  10. One more Argyle TD before a Lindale score and I’m going back to watching recorded episodes of Hogans Heroes.
  11. Holding on Lindale. Where was that call in Nac a couple of weeks ago?
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