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  1. i am hearing there might be some video evidence of this actually being the case if anyone see's it send me the link.
  2. yea your right must be some funnybusiness going on.
  3. one team had 15-20 kids on the same team in the next 2 years with 4.5 and below speed that really couldnt happen could it.....well i dont think so thats just my opinion person must have been crazy for thinking such thing.
  4. bryant may end up back here for awhile not to work but to stay they still have a house here or back home in carthage.
  5. people tried to help this kid he was a excellant reciever for us and was one of several starters who chose not to accept the new coaching staff even after they tried all they could to help him there are several others who are headed down this same path.https://www.ktre.com/2022/03/08/police-seek-teen-wanted-corrigan-camden-high-school-threat/
  6. i stopped at 56-44 dont know what the final was.
  7. fairfield was down by 4 but went ice cold in the second half and i mean ice cold.
  8. think franklins gonna blow the doors off who they play.
  9. 80-49 ckt held the ball most of the 4th quarter.
  10. crockett 72-36 5 minutes to go in the 4th ckt trying to dribble the game out havent really scored in the 4th but rogers still trying to play hard.
  11. crockett and franklin will struggle against a team with a active big man in the playoffs.
  12. hopefully our 6'6 guy will get his head on right next season and be back if he plays yall wouldnt stand a chance but we wont face yall until late in the playoffs next season.
  13. ckt fans just voicing there opinions about some sketchy calls from the stands and getting tossed.
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