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  1. people around town did not want the prom to go on but since they were not listened to others suggested having it outside but were ignored so now we are here at this point and there are some #### off people in the community i can tell you.
  2. From a maskless prom..why would you do this when you have had deaths from covid at the school.
  3. kinda wanting to see our new scheduled next year lol this coming year will be the same unless the new ad drops some of the games from last season heard the 22 one will be alot tougher but we are looking forward to it.
  4. One of those guys was a freshman
  5. i was gonna keep that a secret but that kid is gonna be a beast i could see him at reciever for 2 years then going over to qb for his last 2 we already got a 6-4 soph qb thats darn good as yall already know. simon and jones could both go for 1000 yards next season recieving.
  6. would have loved to have seen a few carthage assistants come on down with him we could have had a blue dog red dog reunion we were in the same district for 2 years i think we split games i know we won 43-7 or something like that one year.
  7. you can sticky this if he has success or let alone make or win a state championship here he gone straight to lufkin bank on it this may be a good hire but it is a double edge sword if he wins he gone if he looses he gone.
  8. i wanted the off coord from charthage but the sup did not oh well we shall see.
  9. glad no ones listening to that dam cult member greg abbott.https://www.ktre.com/2021/03/02/east-texas-schools-respond-gov-abbotts-lifting-mask-mandate/
  10. Mask seem to be working you got to be a dam fool not to wear one in public.
  11. wouldnt it be funny if crockett and lorena meet lol..
  12. you just answered your own question now go ask the people who applied you not getting it from me.
  13. lol....dude you have no idea what you are talking about if you knew tha caliber of coaches and coordinators that have showed interest in this job you would fall out.
  14. this one has 3 years left also he ran some in the last game. http://www.hudl.com/v/2ED3eE
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