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  1. not good lol...started out ranked 10-11 then dropped like a rock lol..
  2. https://www.hudl.com/team/v2/61318/Boys-Varsity-Basketball/schedule
  3. they won anyway scored almost 50 but this is got to stop thats all i will say on the mater.yall can make little funnny remarks all you want but its plain as day as to whats going on and i will leave it there.
  4. Work..this ref thing is bad.
  5. Mabey we should opt into 6a to escape the refs this is getting bad.
  6. from the coach...there was a situation where a statement was made to me by an offical and i lost it because i felt our kids werent being given a fair opportunity in the game i apologize to the my community because i have to do alot better job of keeping my cool because i talk to my kids about it all the time.but i will always stand up and defend my kids.just give us a fair shake.theres alot of man hours and alot of time spent by players,coaches and staff to win a football game.he continued thats not to react that way and i have never been that way but i do apologize to our kids community because i felt like that had a big impact on the game.it just came down to my feeling like our kids werent being given a fair shake.
  7. Marlin fans were shocked that the freshmen and soph were holding their own against those wide outs qb had 3600 yards passing last year.
  8. If they can play like this all year they can be in every game they might not win them all but the arrow is going up for ckt.btw to the 30+ who thought they were working to hard and being too strict and chose not to play see a little hard work won't hurt after all.
  9. This game had a playoff atmosphere
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