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  1. That aint no lie! they didnt lose any of their Top 3 Players IMO!
  2. Coaches didnt make a bad snap and then push the ball up the field, and they didnt have a personal foul that gave them a fresh set of downs. Thats a 14 point swing in the game man. Stuff like the personal fouls happens every game and that has to stop.
  3. Atlanta 8th Grade QB is fast and athletic, I look forward to seeing him in high school. Jr High kids are pretty big too. I think they will be just fine.
  4. Lol we do sell cheese fries and usually have chick fil a sandwiches and that 2014 game is still one of the best if not the best high school games i have ever attended.
  5. Game day is finally here!!!!!! Lets Go Bukeyes! Hope both team teams come out of this one without any injuries and safe travels to everyone.
  6. I may be what you call a homer in a way but Coach Joey Hectorhas wona bunch of games as a head coach. Great Man and family.
  7. Congrats to Pleasant Grove!!!! Win it all
  8. I as well have seen this kid pitch from a young age and pitched against our prospect team growing up alot. Always has been a great kid and pitcher. Happy for him!
  9. I'm going with Gilmer in a 42-21 type game. Game can not get here fast enough.
  10. If the past Is every year we go 3 or 4 rounds deep in the playoffs, I will take it.
  11. There has been a few move ins to Gilmer Especially back when we were winning The State Championships for sure. When you win Like PG, Carthage, Longview etc. that is gonna happen. I know i couldn't stand when people say oh Gilmer recruited and that is why they won. I do not blame those kids parents or the kids for wanting to go play at PG. It is what it is and can not wait until tomorrow night. Go Bucks!
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