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  1. 2A, 3A, and 4A all in one https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/state-finals-2020/
  2. Coach X obliged with this Timpson vs Shiner This is a tough pick. Is this the year region 3 finally beats region 4 in 2a? Been awhile and timpson is really talented and athletic this year but them Shiner boys are tough. Probably because they drink that dark fermented water from the Spoetzl natural springs that runs through Shiner. Everybody always says what's in the water down there. Well I am telling you malted hops and yeast and it's all mixed together by a man named Al. Alfred Cohall great man has inspired some of the smartest men to do really dumb things. Shiner I have always said y
  3. 4A https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/4a-semifinals-120820/ 3A https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/3a-semifinals-120820/
  4. https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/4a-week-4-playoffs-120220/
  5. https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/12/3a-week-4-playoffs-120220/
  6. Yes sir hope to see you there!! Come say hello! Looking forward to a playoff doubleheader!!! Gonna be cold for the second game.
  7. https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/11/4a-week-3-playoffs-112520/
  8. https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/11/3a-week-3-playoffs-112520/
  9. https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/11/3a-week-2-playoffs-111820/
  10. https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/11/4a-week-2-playoffs-111820/
  11. That’s going out on a limb!!! Hope you aren’t eating crow Saturday morning!
  12. Us too, really looking forward to seeng some Bears fight some Tigers in Emory on Friday
  13. https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/11/4a-week-1-playoffs-111120/
  14. https://lonestargridiron.com/2020/11/3a-week-1-playoffs-111120/
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