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  1. I'm pretty sure NL will be fighting to stay out of cellar of the district, and Pittsburg will be fighting to make the playoffs. Gilmer, Van, and PG are going to be the top 3. That 4th spot will be up for grabs.
  2. This is the ending of the 1994 John Tyler / Plano East game. These Plano East announcers were hilarious.
  3. True, and you get it. Our broadcasters, thankfully, don't go overboard on the penalties very often. The calls and missed calls have to be very obvious for them to dis the refs. Referees are human, and make mistakes, and we can all agree that sometimes they can either miss a call, or make a questionable call. It happens to every team. You just have to learn to play through the calls regardless. Referees are right much more often than they are wrong. That's for sure.
  4. He's a WHOLE LOT BETTER than our broadcast team at spotting. Heck, they even know what's happening on the field. They are a good broadcast team, comparatively speaking. With our team, if your not actually watching the game you have absolutely NO idea where the ball is, or even what's going on on the field sometimes. They have NO idea how to spot. They can be several yards off on where the ball is, and they just throw a number out there for yards on gains, losses, punts, etc., and even the line of scrimmage can be off by a few yards, and they don't even correct themselves when they are off. That's just sad. They are also a bit too homer, which I don't have a problem with, but sometimes they holler so loud when something good happens that you can't understand them, and that pushes the homerism way overboard. I understand that these guys are all volunteers, so I shouldn't complain, but toning it down a bit, and understanding how important spotting is would make it a lot more tolerable.
  5. It doesn't bother me that Coach Purcell never won a state title as a head coach. He was the ONLY one on the state championship broadcast team who picked Gilmer over Bellville. He must know something the others are clueless about...
  6. Heck, you would have to spend quite a bit of money for all those rings. Carthage has its own TV broadcast team. You could always help them out.
  7. Gilmer Buckeyes 1st scrimmage - Paris 2nd scrimmage - Whitehouse Week 1 - Pine Tree Week 2 - Chapel Hill Week 3 - Kilgore Week 4 - Lindale Week 5 - Brenham Week 6 - Open Week 7 - Pittsburg (there) Week 8 - Van (home) Week 9 - Pleasant Grove (there) Week 10 - Spring Hill (home) Week 11 - North Lamar (there) Sites to be decided for non-district games.
  8. Polls don't mean didly squat anyway. I would rather be "ranked" last and win a state championship, than to be ranked first and not win a championship.
  9. Sorry, I did not know that. I don't Facebook much.
  10. Will "Lakisha" Henderson? I think his real middle name is actually "Tomahawk".
  11. Yep, and I almost froze to death. It was in the upper 20s to go along with those 30 mph winds, if memory serves. I thought we were on our way when Justin Johnson ran the opening kickoff for a touchdown to start the game..........., then reality set in.
  12. This will be Gilmer's 9th trip to the championship game. Looking at the stats that Bellville's put up, it looks a little daunting. I'm not really sure what to expect. I feel like our coaches will have us ready. We will need to establish an offensive rhythm early, and get a few stops for sure. Just for good measure, I'm bringing some more of the tinkers dang hex with me. Go Buckeyes!
  13. Gilmer went six straight games without a turnover this year, if memory serves. But, yes, the Buckeyes will fare much better if they don't turn the ball over, obviously. We have been able to overcome them thus far in the playoffs, but we also need to cause turnovers, and get some stops defensively. Offensively, we need to be on point, and get into a rhythm early. There's no doubt we can do that. Will we? We'll see. Someone said the QB doesn't run, therefore is not a dual threat. That's hogwash. He is fully capable of taking off. We will definitely have to contain him, keep him in the pocket, apply pressure, and have a spy that can keep him from taking off. The spy must be a really good tackler. Well, I am going to have to bring the tinkers dang hex with me again this week. This batch certainly looks promising. Go Buckeyes!
  14. Speed wise, no. Glen Rose hasn't seen the kind of speed Gilmer has. I don't think any team has, but the Tigers play fundamentally sound football, and are extra good with the x's and o's by their coaching staff. The Buckeyes CANNOT afford any kind of a letdown because Glen Rose will definitely take advantage. Glen Rose reminds me a little like Sunnyvale and Aubrey. We struggled against those teams, but had just enough fire to get the job done. The Buckeyes need to set the tone early, or it could be a struggle. If Gilmer plays lights out, they win going away. Otherwise, it will be a struggle throughout. Go Buckeyes!
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