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  1. Dem Bears is gonna put it on dem Carthrage Dawgs!
  2. This should be GOTW for sure. Two evenly matched teams. This is a toss up in my opinion. So much so that I'm having trouble deciding who wins. I'm pretty sure this game will stay close throughout, or at least end up that way. Lindale does have the home field advantage, but Kilgore has looked really good the last couple of weeks on both sides of the ball. Lindale is Lindale, though, and they have looked good, too.
  3. I know it takes 11 guys playing together to make stops, and that will nullify, or at least limit, any speed advantage somebody may have. That's called DEFENSE for a reason. If you can limit that one guy it's not going to matter how much speed he has.
  4. Fortunately, he doesn't play for any team we will face....
  5. I do agree that Coach Metzel doesn't roll the dice often enough, nor does he try for the big play often enough. Not dissing him, it's just that sometimes in tight games you have throw caution to the wind and trust your guys to get it done.
  6. So do we! Y'all already have a trophy case full. We need a few more for ours!
  7. I just want to add one more thing to this conversation. Lindale is big, has good talent, is disciplined, and well-coached. The whole team and town is a class act. The Eagles were absolutely NOT going to let Gilmer's Fluellen be a factor, nor were they going to let Haynes run effectively inside the tackles. You can call that excellent game planning by their coaching staff. Gilmer's best plays were when they were able to get outside and use their speed and athleticism. Tomahawk (yes that's actually Will Henderson's middle name) broke two long ones which really proved to be the difference in the game. My frustration comes to a head when we don't make in-game adjustments to the other team's game plan. The outside game was open all night, and for the life of me I have no idea why we didn't exploit it more. I'm hoping our coaches have figured some things out, and can make in-game adjustments much quicker. That's what it will take to get to the next level. I would absolutely love to see the Tomahawk as a receiver, and Haynes in the backfield. Nobody, and I do mean nobody would be able to catch the Tomahawk from behind. Just a few thoughts.
  8. I agree. I don't think there's anybody that is even close to figuring out a way to beat Carthage right now.
  9. Haha..., me, too. I don't think anybody can touch that "other" team you speak of.
  10. Don't remind Gladewater fans of those tie games where penetrations or first downs determined the winner. I remember 1984 vividly. I always told people that '84 Bear team would've won a title had they gotten by Daingerfield that year. I think that was definitely the closest they came to a title. I think it was the best team they've ever had in my lifetime, although you could make an argument about the 2014 team.
  11. Gilmer Buckeyes 2022 Football Schedule Scrimmage 1 GladewaterScrimmage 2: Pine TreeWeek 1: Chapel HillWeek 2: KilgoreWeek 3: ParisWeek 4: LindaleWeek 5: To Be AnnouncedWeek 6: OpenWeek 7: Pleasant GroveWeek 8: Liberty EylauWeek 9: North LamarWeek 10: Spring HillWeek 11: Pittsburg We're still looking for a Week 5 opponent.
  12. Folks, I guess I will chime in and give my thoughts on this game. China Spring is obviously the real deal this season. We will have to be on top of our game in all aspects to win this one. We can't keep making the same mistakes we have been and expect to win against a team the caliber of China Spring. Do I think we can win? Absolutely! We will need to get quite a few stops defensively, and find a rhythm early on offense. Without silly penalties and turnovers, and we do the aforementioned, we will win. Otherwise, CS will make it extremely tough for us to accomplish our goal. I'm hoping for our best outing of the year, and that's likely what it will take. Will the Buckeyes rise up? We will see.
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